The best way to eat double stuffed oreos


The only way to eat an oreo… with a FORK! Kind of obvious right?! Then why for all those years was I trying to cram my hands in a little cup of milk. Lol!

double stuffed oreos

 In college me and my roomies would eat double stuffed oreos when we were having one of those nights.  To be honest I still do that. ha! Anyways I remember one night sharing a cup of milk with my friend probably because all of our dishes were dirty and she was all “get a fork!” I yelled out GENIUS! No more sticking your hands in the milk…  you just stick the fork in the oreo and let it soak in the milk.


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double stuffed oreos

Seriously… YUM! No wonder oreos have been around for 100 years… they are dang good!

double stuffed oreos

Now go get a fork and eat some oreos!! ;)

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12 comments on “The best way to eat double stuffed oreos”

  1. i love to eat my oreos like this! I am so happy to see you sharing this! I feel people dont know about this hidden jem! happy bday oreo!

  2. Clever! I’ll have to try this!!!

  3. This is one of those totally brilliant, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that things. I love it! Going to have to buy some Oreos now… you know, just to test it out… ; )

  4. Favorite way to eat an Oreo… although fried oreos are yummy too! Have a great day!

  5. Genius! I’m so trying this next time.

  6. I totally do that too! It’s the best way to eat them. I’m so glad to know you do it too! Most people just laugh when they see me eating Oreos that way. :)

  7. HA! I do the same thing!

  8. LOL!! I have never ate an Oreo with a fork!!! I must try that!!! It looks so fancy!!

  9. Great idea!! I LOVE Oreos..and am so excited about Spring time oreos!!

  10. Darn … I wish I had read this before we just polished off that package of Oreos! The fork is genius.

  11. How funny! I suggest chopsticks for eating Girl Scout Thin Mints.

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