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Hanging picture frames are always a chore at our house. ESPECIALLY if the frame has two holes. It always take me a couple tries to get the nails in the right spot. Has this happened to anyone? Well my friends… I think I have figured out the easiest way to hang a picture. It’s so simple, I’m wondering why I didn’t think of it sooner. Okay secretly my husband actually had the idea and after doing a quick google search, it looks like several other people had the same idea. I thought I’d share it with you in case you haven’t seen this tip. #Genius. Give it a try… you’ll thank me later!

** Reader tip: I put the tape on my level, then mark the holes on it..then on the wall. That way I can make sure it’s level before I drill =)

P.S. Those are not my hairy arms! I was the photographer. ;)


Now try it…go hang a picture or two!

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37 comments on “TIP Easiest way to hang a picture”

  1. Thank you for this! I’m hoping to do a gallery wall so this will come in handy!

  2. I have done this very thing many times and it works well only if the two hanger things are level. Trust me, I have purchased things at hobby lobby and they are not level. Next, as you said, always use a level when putting the tape on the wall to transfer the measurement.

  3. Jamielyn this is brilliant! I have such a hard time hanging things. THank you so so much!

    rae gun ramblings

  4. Wow – that is a total “why didn’t I ever think of that” moment. I will have to remember this! Thanks so much for sharing

  5. Mallory Nikolaus Reply

    I just did this yesterday to hang a dry erase calendar! It really is the best way!

    xoxo, Mallory

  6. I hate hanging pictures too, so I wait until my mom comes over to help me! She got a really cool level for Christmas one year that has adjustable holes so you can make them the size you need them, make sure that they are level and then mark where you need to put your nail or screws. It is so cool! I think it is Black and Decker!

  7. LOL.. MY daughter & I ‘invented’ this idea about a year ago :-)
    seems we ALL had that feeling…………gee WHY didn’t I think of that before !


  8. AAAAH!! So that’s how it’s done. Enough with the guessing- no more lopsided shelves!!! Thanks!

  9. Thanks for sharing this tip! Getting ready to put up some framed photos around the house and this will come in handy!

  10. Bahahha! I figured those hairy arms belonged to Mr. Nye ;)
    Great tip, Jamielyn! I am guilty of drilling more than 2 holes for one frame! LOL

  11. I’m confused as to why putting the tape between two holes is helpful. I don’t see how that would make it hang straight.

    • by putting the tape between the two holes, and then putting that same piece of tape on the wall, you are marking where your nails should go (or the distance b/t the two nails, however you want to say it). This is just a shortcut, easier way rather than having to measure the picture & then marking the wall. This method will make it easier, but it won’t make it level. That’s why she mentioned using a level.

  12. Yay! thanks, Jamielyn, this is so smart!

  13. This is going to work great. Drives me crazy to try to get wall hook & picture hook to line up.. Thank you.

  14. Genius! I will never hang a picture the same way again. Thank you!

  15. Thank you so much for this tip! I actually am redoing my kitchen and have two pictures to hang with the two holes. Now I know the easy way to do this in one shot. Awesome!! Thank you!

  16. There’s actually an App for that!!
    We used a cool app recently for the iphone and ipad called “Hand-a-Pic”. Made it super easy to hang a series of pictures across the wall without having to figure out where the nails go to make things even. We used it a couple of times already, once for hanging pictures and the more recently to hang 4 plates on the wall. Walks you through through the steps and tells you exactly where every nail goes for evenly spaced pictures across the wall. Worked perfect and made it really easy! The app did all the calculating for us!

  17. YES … why havn’t I seen this any where before. You don’t know … I make 2-3 holes in the wall before I ever get the picture perfectly straight. lol Thank youuu …

  18. Robert Brantzeg Reply

    Great suggestion!

  19. I love it. Thank you. I have had more than enough holes in my wall from me thinking I nailed it in the right place only to end up with crooked photos. I’m adding this to Pinterest so I can refer back to it.

  20. Hanging a picture can be such a daunting tasks. It is fun to see how people have figured out how to best tackle the “Honey Dew” list!

  21. Awesome tip. To make this even easier, use Simply Hang it. They show the exact location of the nail in 3 secs. Yep!

  22. Gotta say – it looks like the example is hanging a toilet tank, rather than a picture frame or photo of any kind… it’s weird.

  23. Why not just use a ruler to measure the distance between the holes? Or better yet if you’re using a level too, use one with a ruled edge.

  24. You did not think of this idea. This has been cut and pasted thousands of time on the net. The least y could do was give credit to the last place y cut and pasted it from. 

    • Hi Sherrie! My husband had thought of the idea as we were hanging pictures and then we googled it and a bunch of people had the same idea. I would definitely give credit if I knew who came up with it first, but everyone seems to have come up with the idea on their own first. :)

  25. There are more instructions needed here. Where do you line up the tape on the back of the frame/box? What is the relationship between that piece of tape and the tape you stick on the wall? How does sticking a length of tape on the wall translate into a level frame?

    If you measure a piece of tape equal to the distance between the hanger holes, then use that same piece of tape to stick to the wall, and use a level to make it level, and then drill your holes for your hangers/nails in that same piece of tape, and then hang your frame/box, etc., then that makes sense.

    As you have it, it makes no sense.

    • Hi Jim! At the bottom of the post I mention that I put my tape on the level and then mark holes on it to makes sure that it is level before I drill. Hope that helps! :)

  26. That is a really good idea. Makes it easier to put nails and pictures  in the right place on the first try.

    Some people just have to be critical and find fault with anything and everything. Just wanted to say you handled your replies very well.

  27. Loved the idea for hanging pictures – is so simple – I will never fight with hanging a picture straight again – Thamk you !!!!!

  28. Great ideas.

  29. All I can say is a resounding DUH! I always struggle with this and I can’t believe this did not occur to me …what a great idea. Thank you!

  30. Great tip!!! Thanks!!!

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