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Hey Naptime friends! Hey! My name is Tausha & I blog over at Sassy Style Redesign.com. I am excited to be visiting Jamielyn. I have the opportunity to know Jamielyn in real life, and she truly is fantastically talented and very kind and sweet.

I know that Halloween is almost 2 months ago, and a lot of you are thinking of going straight to the skeletons and witch hats. Well, it’s still 90+ here, and I just can’t embrace the ghosts and skeletons just yet.

I am hoping that if I make and put out some fall decor, the weather will be inspired to change to fall. I love Fall! I adore leaves on the ground, the cold mornings and a reason to have soup for dinner.


This project is simple, not too expensive and takes under a half hour. Easy, cheap and quick. My kind of craft. Probably yours as well, right?

Onto the tutorial- First off, you need to gather your supplies.

I got the Styrofoam and raffia from the Dollar Store. The skewers were in my stash and the basket was from the thrift store. The apples are from Michaels-you need 2 1/2 bags. Each bag is about $7. I used coupons so I got them both for the price of 1. Wa-hoo!

First step-

Put the Styrofoam in the basket. I used 2 square pieces. I just cut the 2nd one to fit. All the pieces fit pretty tight, so I didn’t need to glue them into place. If your pieces are a little loose, you might want to glue yours down.

After the Styrofoam was in the basket, it was time to put the apples in.

I used 3 sizes of skewers.  Short size for the apples in the front. Middle, for the edges and the longest ones for the apples in the center. You just start shoving your apples in.

I did figure something out. It is best to put the raffia in first, rather than try to push in between the apples. When I finished the front of the basket, I added the raffia before the apples, when I did the back. Does that make sense?

When I did the back, I used a lot less apples. I figured no one was going to see it, so I didn’t need to use a ton more apples. I am sometimes known to be a lazy crafter. This is example would be case in point.

I am not a big fan of perfection when it comes to creativity. I like to make my creations all unique.  So, my placement is kind of wily nilly. I am kind of like that. I like to be different. How you choose to put your apples in, is totally ok with me.

See what I mean? A little random..:0)

My basket is still needing a little love. It needed a sign of some sort. I had some cute chalkboard signs that I got from Pick your Plum. Perfect!

Because I have an addiction to Washi Tape-I added a little washi love for some extra detail.

I wanted to add a little fun touch,but I didn’t want a regular, old bow. I like to be different, what can I say.

So, I went through my stash (yep, I am one of those crafting, hoarding types) and found an old belt, some tan and white rope from Canvas Corp & Bakers Twine.  I told you I liked to be different in my crafting. Who would use a belt? Who would save a belt? Yep, that would be me.

All done! I love the simplicity of it. So simple and easy to do. Plus-this little project will keep your house looking spiffy until you are ready to pull out the skeletons and witches!
I blog over at Sassy Style Redesign.com

I blog about everything from DIY, Crafts & projects, and my crazy addiction to spray painting. I like to talk about my love of any painting of any kind. Here are my three favorite posts. :)

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I am a mom x3 (all girls) and wife to a fantastic man who fully supports, most of the time, my need to redo, redecorate and shop the thrift stores on a weekly basis. Visit me at Sassy Style Redesign.





How cute is that?! Love it!  Thanks Tausha for visiting today!

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7 comments on “Fall decor {DIY apple basket}”

  1. Love this cute, colorful original fall decor! Thanks for the helpful tutorial!

  2. Love this idea. The bright green of the apples isn’t always a color that you see in fall decorations, so that makes it even more fun. I think it would be lovely with some yellow or golden apples thrown in too! Thanks for sharing. Nicely done!

  3. You did a very nice job. I love the decor!

  4. So cool, love the ideia :)

  5. I love it! Great idea and budget friendly too!!

  6. Love this apple display, Tausha! I need to get my fall decor out, but we’re still at 100 degrees!

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