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Hey everyone! It’s Abbey here from The Cards We Drew and I have a simple and fun project to share with you today as part of I Heart Nap Time’s Hello Summer series! I thought I’d come up with a fun little project for my son this summer…taking care of a plant! He’s only four, so I find that it’s good to give him simple responsibilities and it’s even MORE fun to make it kind of fun and silly. So I decided to make our own little Family Plant Friend!

Family Plant Friend from The Cards We Drew

Maybe you’re trying to decide if your children are ready for a pet or can handle the responsibility? Why not create your own little Family Plant, give it a name and a face and leave it’s care up to them?!

The idea is simple…here’s what you need:



Small pot from Target’s Dollar Section

Chalkboard paint or spray paint


Spikey Plant (I got one from Lowe’s that fit PERFECT)

family plant friend pot tools

I started by spray painting the little galvanized pot I bought and letting it dry completely. From there I took a nail and hammer and nailed a hole in the bottom so that the plant can drain.

After that, I potted my plant easily and watered it.

potted plant

Finally, I took some chalk and drew some faces on my plant…you can even add bows to your plant’s “hair” and more to decorate it and have fun. Let your kids show their creativity here!

Plant Face Ideas

I drew some different faces on my pot and we had a good chuckle about our new family friend!!

Hopefully your children will learn a little bit about taking care of plants this summer along with some responsibility!!

I hope this simple little craft idea got you inspired to stop by my blog, The Cards We Drew, and check out my other project ideas! You can also find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter! Thanks for having me Jamielyn!


THANKS Abbey for sharing this fun project during our Hello Summer Event! Click HERE to see more ideas from the event.

Hello Summer copy

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5 comments on “Family Plant Friend {Hello Summer}”

  1. What a darling little project for kids. I know the kids I nanny would love this!

  2. Okay…my kids and I made these the other day and we are having so much fun changing the faces! What a cute idea!

  3. I’m so making this for my grand kids to watch and change the message as they watch the plant grow

  4. What a cute idea!! I love the idea of having chalk paint so the kids can change up the face whenever they want!

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