NOEL Free Christmas Banner

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  • Hello again I Heart Naptimers! Soooo happy to be making designs for the Christmas season! I LOVE this time of year and wish it could last just a little longer. This month’s printable is a little different than my usual print and frame designs so I hope you enjoy this free Christmas banner (don’t let the number of steps scare you, it really is easy to make).


    To make your own free Christmas banner:

    Download all the papers HERE, print (you can e-mail these prints to OfficeMax, Kinko’s, etc. to save on ink, I also recommend cardstock) and cut out each piece (4 banners, 8 strips, 4 circle letters).

    The main banner piece was used from Altered Artifacts fabulous free vintage Christmas music papers.


    For the pinwheel:

    Fold the strips like an accordion

    Staple (glue or tape) the 2 same strips together to form a circle, with the color on the outside.

    Push the middle of the paper down to make your pinwheel.

    Glue one of your circle letters in the middle and put something on there while it dries so it doesn’t pop back up (I used a stapler).

    The glitter is optional but I love the extra sparkle it adds. If you want it, now is a good time to put it around the edges of your pinwheel.

    After all your pinwheels are made, punch a hole in the upper corners of your main banner pieces.

    Glue your pinwheels onto the banner.

    I just found some scrap fabric I had and cut them into 1 inch by 12 inch strips to tie my banner together.

    You can get creative here. . . ribbon, burlap string and weave it through as opposed to tying each piece together.

    You are done! You have yourself a nice and free NOEL Christmas banner.


    Feel free to stop by and visit me over at SugarTot Designs for more free printables!

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