FREE Football Popcorn Bag Printables

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    Enjoy these fun and FREE Football Popcorn Bag Printables for your next game day!

    FREE Football Popcorn Bag Printables on

    Hi Friends! I will be the first to admit that I don’t follow football. AT ALL. I don’t know what team is good and I know precisely two professional football players’ names. I don’t get the rules and I can’t sit through a game. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the sport though. Millions flock to the games each year, so there’s got to be something to it, right?

    FREE Football Popcorn Bag Printables on

    You could definitely get me to a tailgate party for the food. If there’s food, I will be there. That’s why I created these fun popcorn bags with football printables! They’re cute enough for me to like them and manly enough for my husband to enjoy them.

    FREE Football Popcorn Bag Printables on

    You’ll need:

    • Printable (download below)
    • Brown Paper Bags
    • Scissors
    • Small Clothes Pins
    • Tissue paper (I got mine at Target)
    • Paper Straws (optional)
    • Hot Glue Gun (optional)

    You’ll need to cut the paper bag so it’s about 4 inches high. Open it up, then place the tissue paper inside. Cut out the printables with scissors, then clip the touchdown printable to the front of the bag. You can glue the “Go Team” printable to a paper straw.

    FREE Football Popcorn Bag Printables on

    If you’d like to make the paper straw field goal, cut a straw in thirds, then cut another straw in half. Hot glue the thirds together, like pictured, then glue the half straw to the bottom. This just adds an extra cute touch to your popcorn bags!

    FREE Football Popcorn Bag Printables on


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    Which team are you rooting for? I’ll just root for whoever wins ;)

    Find more free printables on my blog! It’s fall, so I’m gearing up for Halloween for the next two months!

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