Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world…


Okay… so do you ever just have one of those ‘off’ days? Wednesday was totally one of them. I was scheduled to do two (not just one) TV segments and was totally not prepared. My kids had been sick all week (if you missed those posts see here and here) and I just hadn’t had the time to prepare. Luckily the segment was on headbands…. and I love headbands!

So Wednesday morning rolls around and  I was totally rushed. It was 11am and I hadn’t showered or figured out what I was going to wear. Which btw, I was supposed to be there setting up at 12:30pm and it was at least a half hour drive. Luckily my mom came over and was able to help with the kids. At about 12pm, I threw everything in the car and rushed out the door. At 12:30 I pulled in the parking garage and gathered all my stuff. I stuffed it all in a huge laundry basket so it would be easier to carry the block I had to walk. I was running late at this point.


As I started rushing to the studio in my tall pink shoes carrying this huge laundry basket, I felt a bump. That bump took me all the way down. That dang speed bump!

My first thought was… dang it I should of worn the boots! Me second thought was…are you kidding me?!! My heels caught the bump and I literally fell crashing down. Literally a big FAT wham on the gravel. It was on a hill too… so it was not a delicate fall.  Luckily my basket caught me so my hands weren’t too beat up, but my feet got the worst of it. I remember all week thinking oh crap I’m going to get sick while I’m on the show (due to my kids)… now all I could think about was “oh crap I’m not going to have anything to show. It’s all broken.” Thank heavens nothing was.

I looked down and my legs were bleeding. My favorite heels were pretty much ruined. That wasn’t the worst part. My feet were very banged up. They hurt. It felt like I had just hiked the grand canyon up and back in those dang {super cute} pink heels. I walked slowly to the studio and sat down as soon as I walked through the door. The nice receptionist brought me a couple of bandaids, which I didn’t have time to put on while I walked onto the set. I felt so flustered and really couldn’t feel any pain at this point… I was just worried about what I was going to say. Oh crap….really…what was I going to say?! I hadn’t had any time to prepare anything. I just kept thinking, “oh crap.”

Well luckily the host guided me along and I felt like it actually went okay.

But seriously… the shoes…the fall…my feet….what a day! It was all pretty embarrassing, but actually pretty funny to look back on. OH and if you realllly want to watch the segment you can see it below. :)

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”
― Marilyn Monroe

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39 comments on “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world…”

  1. Oh! You poor thing! That sounds awful! I hope this week treats you better and I mourn with you for those cute shoes :(

  2. Great job on the TV segment! You did great.

  3. Aw! What a rough way to started that day but you did awesome and no one watching the segment would ever know!! What kind of glue gun is that? It’s cordless right? I need one! ;)

  4. Awesome segment! Do they just contact you whenever they want something crafty on their show?

  5. wow! What a rough start to a day in general let alone before you go on TV! Thanks for keeping it real and sharing such a story! You would’ve never known by your presentation! :-)

  6. Awesome you did a great job!

  7. Sorry you had a rough morning :( thats never any fun. But your segment was great! :)

  8. Ow, ow, ow! Your poor legs! Your poor shoes! But you seem so poised on the clip, no one would ever know what just happened. Way to keep it together!

  9. I loved watching the video and you would never know that you were in pain or hurt. Fabulous ideas — so cute for little girls. So sorry you had such a difficult time — I hope you are healing well. Ouch!

  10. Chantelle @ The Fridge Door Blog Reply

    So it’s not just me having an off-week eh?

    Bad news – I don’t think the shoes are going to make it. The good news is – at least you have an excuse to buy some new ones! Better make it two pairs just in case ;)

  11. Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts Reply

    that was quite the fall! sounds like something that would happen to me!

  12. I agree with the other comments…you did great. without knowing the story behind the scenes no one would ever known. The quote is perfect. Sorry you had such a tough week :( You conquered though!! YOu are awesome!

  13. Oh, sorry that you hurt yourself (I saw your little cut on your finger in one of the video shots) :-( You were wonderful, and your sweet girly headbands and clips were perfect. Congratulations!
    Hugs, antonella :-)

  14. So sorry to hear about your tumble. I can sympathize, I have been there as well. God, Bless Grandmas for their help. I am now a Grandma myself. I thought your segment went really well. The bows are soooooo cute. I only have two sons so I never got to make cute stuff, and now I have a grandson so still no cute stuff. I enjoy reading your blog and wish you the best.

  15. You would have never known that you were in such pain, you did a great job. I wish we had craft shows in our area of Ohio. Keep those videos coming.

  16. Love the quote! And you did fabulous, you wOuldnt have ever known you were hurting!

  17. Aww you look so cute in the segment! You did a great job & I totally couldn’t tell the kind of morning you’d had. Great job sticking with it!

  18. So sorry for your day. But you did a great job. :)

  19. Oh, Jamielyn, I can’t believe that happened to you right before you went on the air! You looked great and it looks like it went fine:) It looks painful and your poor shoes! They are adorable!! Have a great weekend:)

  20. Oh my, you poor thing! You did a great job anyway, mind over matter. I hope all your scrapes and bruises heal quickly. I did that last year and ended up with some icky scars.

  21. With out knowing the story behind it . You would have never known your day/week had started out that way. You came off professional and well spoken. Sometimes shooting from the hip is the better way to go as opposed to a scripted plan. Great job and as always great ideas!

  22. Ouch! That looks so painful and those cute shoes. Oh my! You did such a great job though. I would have been a mess. I hope the kiddos are feeling better.

  23. Oh no! That looks so painful! Thank goodness you didn’t mess up your outfit or injure your face. You did well on the segment! Good job!

  24. Oh no! I’m so sorry you had a bad morning. And I hope the injuries are healing. I LOVEd your segment. I need a little girl to make bows for.

  25. What a day! Hope your injuries are healing well!. You looked fab on the show though. Such a natural!
    Jenn :)

  26. Oh Ouchie…You were so composed after that terrible spill!

  27. Oh I hope those legs of yours feel better soon! But on a side note, I have those exact same shoes in black! You looked fabulous on the show, you would have never guessed that happened to you! (and the bows are adorable too!)

  28. Girl I follow you on instagram and saw the damage then. I felt so bad for you, but you did awesome on the show! So sad for what happened to your shoes. That stinks!!!

  29. Mallory Nikolaus Reply

    Okay, you are seriously superwoman! You did not seem flustered or anything! YOU”RE AWESOME and the headbands are all adorable! Any secrets on how to make a baby girl!? haha jk jk! All I seem to know how to make are boys! Gotta love em!

    Love ya!

  30. Great show! You do awesome work!! And your poor legs!! Next time….wear gym shoes into the studio=)

  31. oh no. i would cry – for the pain…the pain of ruining my shooooesssss! time to go shopping ;)

  32. you really carried that off beautifully. one would never guess what you had just endured much less that you had been nurse-in-chief for the past week

  33. Holy toledo what a bummer about your shoes (and legs! Ouch!) You looked like a pro though ;)

  34. That video was fun to watcy, you were very composed after the big fall! Luckily the table hid your legs;)

  35. What a great and informative segment! I always wanted to know how they made those cute flower clips and you finally gave me the secrets! Thanks!

  36. Oh. My. Goodness. You are so good on camera! You are an inspiration!

  37. You are so cute!!!! I love the segment, so great! Those are some major scraps, OWIE!!!! Oh and your shoes!!!! How sad! Send those on over to the shoes hospital…wherever that it. I can’t wait to see you again at SNAP. We will definitely have to hang out. If you are ever in Utah soon, let us all know and we can go to lunch!

  38. You did a fabulous job, but that is no surprise! Hope your boo boos are all better now.

  39. Britany Betenson Reply

    I still can’t believe that you did that!!! Well, your segments were great and you didn’t seem flustered at all. You are getting better and better at being on tv girl! Good job, and I am crying about your shoes:(

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