Hey Girl. {+giveaway winner}


Hey friends! Just wanted to announce the winner from the CHA giveaway. The lucky winner is……. #276 Charise. Please e-mail me your address and I’ll get that right out!


So I’ve been seeing these “Hey Girl” posts with Ryan Gosling ALL over Pinterest. I can’t help but giggle every time. Have you seen these? There are hundreds of them on this blog Handmade Ryan Gosling. Pretty hilarious!


These are a few of my faves… Hey girl.







Which one’s your fave?

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25 comments on “Hey Girl. {+giveaway winner}”

  1. I had only seen one of these previously and it wasn’t craft related. This were hilarious!!

  2. These are so funny :) I love the wreath one. He’s so cute. I keep wondering what he actually thinks of these. You know, the real life Ryan Gosling. He probably thinks we’re all super crazy & weird.

  3. LOL the Vintage button one is definitely my fav! So funny!

  4. The last one about the burlap wreath is my favorite!! Close second is the one about taking pictures of the finished dress to blog about. Hilarious!!

  5. i love these!!! one that isn’t here that i love is “hey girl, i’m sorry only 12 people entered your blog giveaway”. but that last one about the burlap wreath is awesome, too!!!

  6. LOL. the last one’s the best! :-)

  7. I have to say that they are all my favorite. I can’t get enough of this website!

  8. So funny! I love these! I wish my guy would say this stuff to me. The last one is my favorite-cuz that’s what I’m always thinking, mine should have totally won the Linky Party Favorite!

  9. Ohhhhh Emmmm Geeeee {OMG}! I have not seen these! These are hilarious. I love things like this that are just for a great giggle or two, possibly more! :D My favorite is def. the last one above about making the Linky Party Feature! I literally busted out laughing! …going to have to check out more! Ah Ha! ♥ Stepha

  10. Thanks for the laugh! Here is more Ryan Gosling just for moms of special needs kids…I love them!

  11. I love that website, it makes me laugh every time. My hubby and I have a good chuckle because he says just about everyone of them is true for me!

  12. Oh my hilarious!! ha ha These just made me laugh! Love the last one the best:) ha ha
    Love it!

  13. I love these things. And I would love to know what Ryan thinks of them. you have to admit they are funny in a really odd kind of way!

  14. HAHAHAHA! This is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time! Thanks for taking the time to make and post these. I needed the laugh today. The last two particularly hit home. Cheers!

  15. Seriously laughing so hard!!! LOL!!!! I love the linky party feature one! Dy-ing!!!!

  16. I love the last 2, too funny!

  17. The Linky Party – of course!!!! hahaha… there are some new ones up – love the one about the sewing machine!!!

  18. Oh my gosh! These make me laugh sooooooo hard! It makes my day when I find a new one to laugh about! I can’t even choose a favorite, but have you seen the one about the JoAnn’s app? I saw that the same day I had actually downloaded that app! Yes, I am that dorky! This was the first time I saw the vintage buttons one, so thanks for a new laugh!

  19. All of them! Swoon!

  20. OMG!! I spotted these a few months ago and they just crack me up!! I literally LOL at each and every one of them. So darn funny! I just pinned one today that said, “Hey Girl. I think it’s cute when you’re still in your pj’s when I get home from work. Tell me what you pinned today while I rub your feet.” Hahahaha. Too funny! xoxo

  21. How can I pick! I love them all!! Thanks for sharing!

  22. I LOVE these! They always make me laugh too! My favorite is the last one! My other two fav’s are – Hey girl I love how you turned that mason jar into a lamphade, and Hey girl I’m sorry only 12 people joined your blog giveaway! ha ha

  23. I definitely love the “I don’t mind finding your unfinished projects around the house because they remind me of you”. Hilarious.

  24. lol, so funny… My 14 year old son was standing behind my shoulder as I was laughing and was like, “what the?” made me giggle more, as I know my hubby would not be saying that:) but we can all dream, right?

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