20 household tips to make your life easier!

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    At the begining of each year I have the sudden urge to PURGE (pun totally intended) and organize my house. I’m always looking for cool tips and things that make my life easier. Send any great tips you have my way! :) Today I’ve rounded up 20 household tips to make your life easier. YEA! Are you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Yeah… I was too. ;)

    20 household tips

    Click on the source to find original tutorial.

    Use a piece of tape to make hanging pictures a breeze. (source)

    Keep all your BAKING measurements & tools in one place! Great idea!

    Keep all your BAKING measurements & tools in one place! (source)

    Shower Hack

    Use an over-the-door shoe organizer in the shower -brilliant! (source)

    How to cook corn on the cob in 5 minutes flat! #tips

    How to cook corn on the cob the easy way! (source)

    Create a magnetic command center in your kitchen to keep organized. (source)

    Place a rubberband around a cut apple to keep it from turning brown. (source)

    Use a curtain rod and baskets to organize under your sink. (source)

    Use a rubber band to remove a stripped screw. (source)

    Learn how to clean a dishwasher here

    Use a walnut to cover up dings in furniture. (via Apartment Therapy)

    Learn how to cook asparagus.

    Color coordinate your keys with different colors of nail polish. (source)

    Remove nail polish with a magic eraser and nail polish remover. (source)

    Fill cupcakes 3/4 full for a fluffy cupcake and 2/3 full for a flat cupcake. (source)

    Make a holder for charing your cell phone from a lotion bottle. (source)

    Remove crayons from your screen with WD-40. (via Apartment Therapy)

    Use a wipes holder to store plastic bags. (source)

    Use a cupcake holder to organize your craft supplies. (source)

    Use a cupcake liner as a drip catcher. (source)

    Create paint swatch sticks for each room. (source)

    Use baby powder to remove sand from the park or beach. (source)

    Store matches in mason jar. Add a piece of sand paper in the cap to strike the matches. (source)

    Stick a few marshmallows or pieces of bread in your brown sugar to keep it soft. (source)

    Place a bag with vinegar over your shower head to get it clean. (source)

    So many great household tips! I can’t wait to use more of these in my home. Check out more of our tips HERE.

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