Learn how to make a pinwheel w/ Free download {CCC}

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  • Hi Everyone! I am so excited to be here at I Heart Naptime today for this fun event. I have SO been enjoying looking at all the awesome projects that have been shared. I’m going to show you how to make a pinwheel for Christmas!
    My name is Kiki and I blog at Kiki Creates.
    At Kiki Creates I love to share projects, printables,tutorials and the inspiration where it all comes from. I also have amazing contributors who share tips and tricks on Fashion/Makeup, Photography, Health/Fitness and Cooking! I’d love to have you come on by!
    In addition to my blog, my etsy shop, 3 kids (and one on the way..just under 5 weeks to go!), and my husband, I keep super busy, but all these things also keep me inspired and happy! This is the best I do for pictures these days..(except add sweat, heavy breathing and a frazzled brain!)
    I LOVE Christmas. I love the smells, the decor, the sights, the overall feeling that the holiday brings. Everyone seems happier and willing to help others out. I LOVE IT.
    Today we are going to make a little something that can be used in several projects this holiday season!
    In trying to make something simple and quick (because that is how I will have to roll this Christmas season!)…
    { How to Make a Pinwheel }
    The supplies you will need are as follows:
    • Download the free printables at the end of the post..print and cut them out!
    • Brads
    • hole punch (I use a really small one!)
    • spray adhesive (if you want a double sided pinwheel)
    The fun thing about these pinwheels is you can make them double sided (just print on nice and thin paper..I did a 32 lb paper) OR you can get more bang for the buck by just using one sided paper (for these I printed on a 100 lb cardstock). If you are doing a double sided pinwheel, start out by using spray adhesive to glue together the front to the back.
    Cut on the designated line starting at each corner.
    Looking at this diagram, use your hole punch and punch a hole where each of the stars are.
    Then take your brad and working clockwise, gather up the sides where you punched a hole..then simply put the brad through the center hole and secure it!
    There are so many ways you can use these…Here are a few ideas:
    LOVE how whimsical they are on these gifts. Because they are so fast and simple to put together, you can make a bunch up at once and have them for last minute gift wrapping!

    I also love the idea to use them as ornaments for your tree.. Just add a punched hole and ribbon, string, etc. to hang:

    Later this season, I will be showing some other ways to use these as well!
    Thanks so much for having me, Jamielyn, and Merry Christmas to everyone!
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