How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers


Today I’m going to show you how to make tissue paper flowers. They are so easy and inexpensive to make. I learned how to make these from an old Martha Stewart magazine. These diy tissue paper flowers are a great way to dress up any party! There are so many colors to choose from. You can customize the look for any party!

DIY tissue paper flowers

Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial

Here’s what you’ll need to get started…



  • 1 pack of tissue paper (with 8 sheets) -found mine at Walmart for $1.99
  • Scissors
  • Floral wire + scissors


  1. If you’d like LARGE pom flowers like the ones above there is no need to cut your tissue paper. In the step-by-step photo below I folded the stack of tissue paper in half and then cut an 8×8 square. So there were 16 layers of 8×8 squares.
  2. Next I folded the tissue paper in accordion style (about 1 inch for each fold).
  3. Then I cut a small piece of floral wire and wrapped it around the center.
  4. Lastly, I cut a round tip on each end of the tissue paper. After that I pulled each layer of tissue paper out  to create the flower. Fluff as needed.

I wanted my flowers really full, so I used 16 layers, but you could certainly use less. To determine how big to cut your flower just divide it in half. So for example my 8 inch squares created about 4 inch flowers.


How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers

These flowers really are super simple to make and make a great addition to decor. Stick one on a cake stand like I did below… or dress up a cheap bag like the one above.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Hot glue a flower onto a utensil holder…

Diy tissue flowers

You can also make a fun flower wreath with these flowers. ALl you need to do is wrap a foam wreath with fabric or ribbon and then hot glue the flowers onto the top of the wreath. Then hang it up on the door with ribbon. Easy peasy!

DIY tissue paper flower wreath

The possibilities are endless! There are so many great uses for these tissue paper flowers. Get creative with colors and sizes.

So have you made tissue paper flowers?

Thanks for reading.  :)

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22 comments on “How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers”

  1. Yes, I just made some last night for a party! Turns out, I hate to make them because I usually end up ripping the tissue paper. These call for patience, my friend! :) I love the look, though and with just a few of these, you can add a pop of fun color to any gathering!

    • Lol! I should mention that… patience is key! I tried getting my hubs to help me make them one time and he did not have the patience. I was crafting with my friend when I made these, so it was fun! :D

  2. My daughter’s 16th birthday party is next month and she wants the whole house decorated for it. This will be so fun to make and hang all over!! Thanks for the tutorial!!

  3. How could i make a full ball, like the large pom-pom shown? and to fluff them, are you just pulling pack the layers? thanks!

  4. I made my flower and it looks great. a bit big about saucer size. but I love it.

    Martha Lofton

  5. Great tutorial, thanks so much! There are several online but yours was especially clear, and I appreciated the tip on calculating the finished size. I’m making these for our granddaughter’s 13th birthday party. Her favorite color is orange, so I’m using orange, hot pink and yellow. They’re really a joy to make! BTW tissue paper at Hobby Lobby was $1 for a pack of 10 sheets (20 x 20).

  6. I’m making these for a bridal shower later this summer. I’m making several in larger sizes because I want to hang them in a cluster from the ceiling over the cake/food table. So far, the two I’ve made look great EXCEPT for where the sides come together. Is there a technique to make those two places look more polished? Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. Hi, Thanks for the tutorial, but how did you make it into a wreath? Did you buy those craft wreath? Please explain. Thanks in advance! :)

    • Hi Joyce! All you need to do is wrap a foam wreath with fabric or ribbon and then hot glue the flowers onto the top of the wreath. Then hang it up on the door with ribbon. Easy peasy!

      • Hi, its great to get a good tutorial on making paper flower. but how did u make the sharp globe-like looking flower on the pics?? its too nice. please tell me the procedure ! thnkx !

  8. We really appreciate all of your hard work and effort

  9. Wow! Tanx for this tips, i would take clues for my blog.

  10. Great pin

  11. Hello
    I’ve just found your website and love this simple  way to make beautiful tissue paper flowers. I’m definitely going to make these. 
    They would make very effective (and inexpensive) decorations for the ends of church pews at a wedding don’t you think?
    I’m delighted to have found this site! Thank you

  12. Great paper flower tutorial!  Never seen a wreath like that before going to try it!

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