How to monetize your blog

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  • Did you know that mom’s are making money online blogging about their hobbies? Seems crazy huh?! Many of my friends are even making a six figure income. I get so many e-mails asking me how to monetize your blog, I thought I would write an entire post about it to hopefully answer some of your questions.

    how to monetize your blog

    When I first started blogging I had no idea you could even make money writing a blog. It never even occurred to me. It was a hobby and a way to share what I love doing {{creating}}. Then after about 6 months of blogging someone contacted me and asked how much I charged for advertising. Then all the sudden I thought “WOAH.. some one wants to pay me to blog?” The idea seemed kind of nice for all the hours I was putting into the blog. I also thought it would be nice  to pay for all the projects I was making. ;) SO for those next couple months I took on a few other private sponsors. Then someone mentioned I should put up google ads. For the first few months I think I made pennies… if that. Then slowly over the first two years I started making a little more each month (not much)! Finally, 3 years later I make a full time income. It really is all about patience. As your blog numbers continue to grow you will make more money off your ads. It’s simple as that. Don’t get discouraged! You will get there!

    I have to laugh because I get asked all the time “how much money do you make blogging?” For me that’s kind of a personal question… but yes it is true, I make a full time living off my blog, which has been a huge blessing while my husband has been in medical school. The sky is the limit. Brands are realizing that mom bloggers have a huge impact, so they have been investing more money into blogging campaigns and advertising.

    I do want to say that making money blogging is HARD work. Do not start a blog to make money… you’ll find yourself disappointed for that first year. Start a blog based on your hobbies and passion to share with others. If you work hard and consistently post great content you will find great opportunities come your way…in time. I do have to say it has taken me two years to replace my income I made doing hair (which I no longer work in a salon). The best thing you can do for your site the first year is focus on publishing great content and networking with other bloggers. In time, opportunities will come. It’s also important to always remember your readers first. Do not underestimate your value and influence.

    Ad networks

    One of the main ways I make money blogging is from Ad Networks. There are hundreds of different ad networks out there: Google, Blog Her, Food Buzz, Rivet, Federated Media, Glam Network, Izea media, Advertising to name a few. You can make anywhere from .50 to $15 per 1,000 page views. So say your blog generates 50,000 page views a month and you were getting paid $2 CPM, you would get $100 for that one ad. However some ad networks are based on CTR (Click through rate), which is calculated on how many clicks the ads gets. It’s important to know which method your ad networks uses. I like CPM rates better because you know you’re guaranteed an x amount of dollars per 1,000 page views. Make sense? I personally use a few different ad networks such as Google and Blog Her. I also offer private advertising for small businesses as well at a discounted rate.

    Sponsored posts

    Another one of the main ways I make money is from sponsored posts. I work with Social Spark, Mom It ForwardCollective BiasTap Influence and private advertisers as well. You can make anywhere from $50 – $1000+ for writing sponsored posts…depending on your traffic. Again do not sell yourself short and do not work for free!

    I also make a good amount of my income from freelance writing gigs. I also write posts for Baby Center twice a week, BHG once a week and Lowes once a month. So that definitely brings in a nice chunk of my income. I feel that my time away from my family or while the little ones are sleeping is very precious. Writing a post spotlighting a company usually takes around 2 hours, so I need to be making it worth it. Most of the offers (75% of them) that come through I deny simply because I do not feel they would be a good fit for my blog. I try to stay to true to my values and only promote products/companies I would personally endorse. I feel that simply doing a product review is not worth it for me as much as I love free product.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Another way to make money is through affiliate advertising. The main affiliates I work with is Silhouette and Social Spark but I know many bloggers have had great success with Amazon and Share a Sale. Basically with affiliate advertising you make a percent off of sales made from your site.

    how to make money blogging on

    Here are a few other ideas on how to monetize your blog:

    • Start an etsy shop
    • Write an e-book
    • Magazine features
    • Ad networks
    • Sidebar advertising
    • Sponsored and giveaway posts
    • Consulting
    • Affiliate networks
    • Public speaking

     For more great articles on how to monetize your blog read here:

    If you’re wanting to invest a little… I would definitely check out Laurie’s workshop. You can see my review here.

    Everyone will be indifferent on this and I encourage you to try different options. If one way isn’t working for you it’s okay to move on and try something new. One thing I have learned is you don’t want to depend on one source of income with blogging. Have several different sources, so if one door closes another one opens.
    With the amount of hours I put into my blog now I have to make money to compensate my time. The amount of time I spend on my blog ultimately determines how much money I make blogging. One last thing I wanted to mention is blogging isn’t cheap…especially once you move over to wordpress. Every time I want to fix something on my blog I have to hire someone to do that. It also costs a good amount of money to host my blog every month. I’ve also been working on building another site, so I have been putting a lot of my blogging money into that. So no, I’m not making a fortune, but enough to support my family. ;)
    Blogging has been one of the greatest blessings for my family. I love being able to stay home with my kids! It’s SO worth all the hard work to grow your blog. Btw, I still find it hard to consider this work… it’s so fun and more rewarding than I had ever imagined! Also just wanted to give a HUGE thanks to all of my readers who keep this blog alive. I sincerely appreciate all of your support, comments and shares. XO
    I know many of you have had questions… so if I didn’t answer them don’t hesitate to ask in the comments or e-mail me!
    Have a great day! {hugs!}
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