How to paint stripes on the wall!

 So anyone who has painted stripes knows they are a lot of work! Thanks to my sweet hubby for painting the nursery. I LOVE it!
So with any paint project I’m sure most of you know the longest and most important part is the prep work. First thing First is to TAPE! Tape all around the baseboards and ceiling. We put down plastic on the carpet as well. Then paint your base color. If you already have the base color you want… skip this step… and be glad…less work for you!
After you have your base color, you need to measure and tape your stripes. Check out the DIY network for detailed instructions on this step. We ( by we I mean my hubby) used a laser to get perfectly straight lines. I highly suggest purchasing or borrowing one.
We have textured walls, so to make sure the paint didn’t seep under the tape we used a faux clear glaze. I’ve heard you can use clear caulking…but that seemed more difficult! Simply brush the glaze along the tape (to seal the tape to the wall) and make sure it is completely dry before painting your next color.

Next step is to paint your stripe. We used a semi gloss paint to make it pop a little, and I love how it turned out! It adds the perfect touch.
About an hour after you have finished painting start removing the tape. This will make sure your paint doesn’t come up with your tape.
Once you’ve removed the tape, step back and admire your new painted walls!
After we finished painting the pink stripes, our room felt SO much taller! This was nice… except for our baseboards seemed to be non-existent. I decided we needed taller baseboard…so back to Lowe’s we went. So after spending $40 and a few more hours of our my hubby’s time, we had TALL baseboards. The room feels more in proportion now, and definitely feels more complete!  I LOOVE the tall baseboards, and I’m so glad we did them! More on those later… :)
Happy Monday!
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25 comments on “How to paint stripes on the wall!”

  1. Those look great! Looks like a great start to a fun room!!

  2. Kate @ Chic on a Shoestring Decorating Reply

    Those are cute! I love the look. We had stripes in my son's room at our old house, I'd like to do them at our new place but DREAD doing it again. It's definitely not a fast and easy project. ;)

  3. wow I love it! It looks so cute!

  4. Hi!! I saw your link at Between Naps on the Porch. I love your stripes. I know how time consuming they are and to do them on textured walls is doubly complicated! Many congrats to you on a job well done. They look lovely!

  5. love the stripes and the color! Thanks for your nice comments!

  6. too Blessed to Stress Reply

    LOVE the colors!

    ~Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  7. The Hawkins Family Reply

    Love the room, it is so girlie. We did yellow stripes on the top half of Logan's old room with the white wood border all the way around the middle of the wall and then the whole bottom was sky blue, it was so cute. I love stripes

  8. The 3 Kjar Bears Reply

    I just found your blog from The Idea Room…and I'm so glad I did! You are so creative and have great taste! :) Thanks for the tips on painting stripes, your girl's room is going to look sweet =) and i love how it kind of matches your blog layout! ;)

  9. Oh Wow! That looks amazing!! So that's how you make sure the paint won't bleed through the tape… can you show a picture of that faux glaze so I know what to buy in bulk??

  10. Love it! Turned out great :)


  11. ahh i love it!! cant wait to see it all put together!!

  12. oh neat. I know that it's going to look amazing when you are finished.

  13. suuuper cute, can't wait to see the finished product! Baby's room matches perfectly with your blog : )

  14. Great tutorial, I had never heard about using glaze. I hate it when the paint runs under the tape. What a difference the taller baseboards made. Can't wait to see it all together!

  15. thanks for the pic of the glaze! Did you use it along the tape by the baseboards too? Do you have to be careful when you put it on to get a straight line? Or does it even matter? The last time I painted, I taped everything off and that darn paint seeped through all over! ugh! So I'm very interested! :)

  16. Michelle@Somedaycrafts Reply

    I just painted stripes (3 colors) in my daughter's daughter's bedroom. I love stripes! your's look great!

  17. Wow, that looks great! I've always been to scared to paint stripes!

  18. Wow, that looks great! I've always been to scared to paint stripes!

  19. The pink striped wall is really fresh & fun :-)

    Another way to prevent paint from seeping under the tape is to use paint in the existing wall colour to "seal" the edge of the tape.


  20. Courtney ~ French Country Cottage Reply

    So charming!! I have thought about painting stripes so many times- I may have to just try it sometime! Really cute! Stopping by from BNOTP! Nice to meet you! :)

  21. Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas Reply

    Oh, thank you for this post!
    I love it!
    And, the tip on sealing the paint is great~

  22. The stripes look great! I've done both stripes and a harlequin pattern on our walls (two different bedrooms) and we also live with knock down texture. (I'm NOT a fan)

    I just wanted to mention the clear caulk does work fantastic. The benefit is that you DON'T let it dry, so it may save some time.

    After taping your lines apply and smooth the caulk over the tape and wall where you're going to paint. Then immediately paint the wall. Remove the tape 5-10 minutes after painting but no longer than 20. If the caulk and paint dries with the tape still on you'll have a problem. This caulk trick is especially helpful around the baseboards when you're just painting the first coat.

  23. hope it's helpful?

  24. The results look great!

    I found a product that makes striping much, much easier: the U-Stripe It & Design tool. It eliminates the need for multiple tools – level, chalk lines and rulers. It's amazing and cut my project time in half!

  25. reminds me of Victoria’s Secret. In the store there are similar colors. I love it!

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