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I remember when I first started this blog over a year ago I contemplated over the name for many days. It seemed like every name I wanted was already taken. Did that happened to you?

I kept thinking about it… and it finally donned on me. I Love Nap Time.  Nap time is THE only time I would have to focus on the blog/crafting… so why not make that the name of my blog?

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As much as I LOVE my 2 little munchkins I always find myself counting down to nap time. It’s a time for “me!” I can do whatever I want during nap time. Although my 2 kids naps don’t always coincide… there’s usually about a 30 minute break I have to myself. And trust me, I need that 30 minutes. If you’re kids don’t nap anymore, consider doing a “quiet” time where they can do puzzles, read a book, or watch a movie.


I think it’s so important for mom’s to give themselves a little “me” time daily. For me it has made me a better mom. It gives me time to re-charge my “super mom” batteries. ;)

So here’s what my nap time consists of-

I always wait to eat my lunch  during nap time. I’ll pull my computer up to the table and usually just blog surf while enjoying my lunch. And maybe have a little treat. Sometimes I get a little carried away (why are there so many AMAZING blogs?!?), but usually I’ll work on stuff for my blog or shop after  that. To me that is re-charging my batteries. :) Cleaning and doing laundry is not “me” time. My son LOVES to help out, so I try to get that stuff done while he’s awake.

Everyone has 30 minutes to spare during the day. I have to laugh when people think all I do is craft and blog all day. In another life maybe… but not in this one. I set aside time to do it… and honestly it is quite relaxing. Some people choose to read books, watch TV, take a nap… but I choose this. It really is a time for “me.” I can be myself and write about the things I love.

So how do you take time for your self?

It’s important to take some time for your self… you’ll be glad you did and I’m sure your family will be too. ;)

P.S. Here’s my kids (sick) on St. Patrick’s Day. I think they are finally over the hump! WAHOO!



It looks like I’m not the only one who loves nap time!

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8 comments on “I Love Nap Time”

  1. Kara @ Mine for the Making Reply

    I couldnt agree more! It is so important to have that me time. I am like you, I use nap time for my "me" time and it's usually spent crafting, sewing, or blogging.

    Your kids are so cute…even when they are sicky-poo. Poor babes!

  2. Life In The Thrifty Lane Reply

    You kids are super cute! I lunch to with my computer while surfing or blogging :)

  3. Happy St. Patty's Day!

    PS: We also catch up on blogs/email during nap time. It is a sacred time, isn't it! lol

  4. My kids are grown,but when I had 3 under the age of 4, I told our 4 yo daughter that it was NJ state law that everyone had to nap. I know she didn't understand that, but I guess I said it so seriously, that she laid quietly while the boys and I napped for at least an hour. It was heaven to me to have that hour.

  5. I too love nap time. My two-year-old, not so much!!! When he does sleep, or at the very least go to his room and play, I craft, read, listen to a sermon and surf the web/blogs/check e-mail, and pretty much whatever else I want that must be done. Sometimes this may mean cleaning.

  6. I love that you used ric-rac on the hair bow, so cute!!

  7. The rolls on your baby girl are just asking for kisses and squishes. My baby wasnt ever chubby so I love to see a rolly-polly baby!! SO stinkin cute!

  8. Sue from Oregon Reply

    oh your babies are soooo sweet!

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