Ice Cream Parties


Okay you know me and icecream… I just LOVE it! I found a fun round up of ice cream parties and just had to share! I love all of these ideas!

Ice Cream Parties



So I saw this cute sign on P-Interest and it got me really in the mood to have a ice cream party! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to, but now I’m really trying to think of excuses to throw one! Gosh I love ice cream.. could you guess?! lol!

Check out all these AMAZING ideas to throw your own ice cream party!


Cutest ice cream party ever!


Ice cream topping carousal


Ice cream cone party hat


Toppings Station


More Toppings.. so cute!


Fun treats


Fun Party favors + free printable


Ice cream cone favors


Yummy dipped cones


Cutest ice cream sandwiches


Ice cream cone cookies

Someone please invite me to there next ice cream party!! Pretty please with a cherry on top! ;)

So what’s your favorite ice cream?! Mine’s Blue Bell Strawberry! YUM! It’s almost midnight and I think I’ll go scoop myself a bowl of ice cream now.

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32 comments on “Ice Cream Parties”

  1. I Love mint chocolate chip…or peanut butter chocolate…or moose tracks…or (I take a loonngg time to decide at an ice cream shop!) These are great pictures!

  2. Favorite ice cream? That’s like asking which kid is my favorite – I love them all! I actually own that ice cream toppings carousel. The kids love it when I bring it out. Great pics! I love that ice cream cone party hat! So cute! Thanks for sharing.

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      haha so true! ah i’m so jealous you have that carousel… totally on my wish list now. it is darling!!

  3. love this post!!!! ice cream parties are just so so fun!

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      thanks! :) I know.. well I’ve never actually been to one, but I have a feeling one’s in the near future. ;)

  4. We have a huge backyard party every July before the 4th. This year, I decided it would be fun to do a pie and ice cream party–because what’s more American than pie AND all-you-can-eat ice cream? I discovered that you can actually rent soft-serve ice cream machines! I’m so doing it. It will eliminate so many of the hostessing duties if people can just run up and get their own ice cream. And the kids will go bananas….I’m so excited!

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      ohh yum!! where do you live, i must come!! ;) several of my friends rented soft serve ice cream machines and then just set up really cute toppings stations. so fun, and everyone loved it!

  5. Favorite ice cream? Mint Chocolate Chip or any kind with nuts. It’s 7am. Can I have ice cream for breakfast? I love all these cute ideas. Haow are you? I miss talking with you.

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      haha yes thats okay in my book. :) I know I miss talking with you too! I’m doing pretty good, just a little crazy around here. How are you?! You need to hop on twitter so we can chat!

  6. Love this ice cream party! I have been wanting to do one for some time now. Thanks for all the additional ideas! I’ve been swooning over the Cuisinart soft serve dispenser in PINK! I think that’s going to be my next kitchen necessity. I just got a pink Kitchen Aid so I have to wait as to not push my luck! D

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      ohh yes i totally should of added that in the round up. i really want one of those, but really have no where to store ONE more kitchen gadget. oo how i would it though. :)

  7. The ice cream sundae cupcakes are just the best!! I have to find a reason to make those!

  8. LOve ice cream:) favorite….hmm ALL! this was so darling!!!!

  9. Wow! What an adorable roundup of ideas! I’m in the mood for an ice cream party now, too!

  10. AHHH, my daughter turns 2 tomorrow…and I have a huge, fun, adorable ice cream themed bday party planned – was for this Sunday, but with less than desirable “ice cream eating” & “park playing” weather in the forecast, I’ve postponed it until June 5th…cannot WAIT to blog about all the fun crafts I slaved over, in preparation for this party!! There are just too many cute things that go along with this theme!!

  11. There should be an ice cream holiday. I love Hagen Daaz Raspberry Truffle ice cream. To. Die. For.

  12. We just threw an ice cream party for our daughter’s 2nd birthday a couple of weeks ago! I’m working on the blog post and hope to get it posted next week!

    It was a lot of fun and huge hit with both the kids and adults!

    Her first birthday was a Sweet Shoppe theme. Another huge hit with our guests!

    Here’s a link to our Sweet Shoppe Party :

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      oh how fun!! i’m thinking i’ll do a sweet shoppe party for my daughters first since it’s almost november. off to check out your party!

  13. I’m not due until mid-July with my second and am already planning the 1st birthday party — ice cream themed! I am filing this post away. Thought you might like this attached dipped cone post from cookies and cups as well. They also have some ice cream themed stuff at our Hobby Lobby that I snagged. Poor child, already planning his life away….

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      oh my goodness those are so cute too! haha I love you are already planning, that is so something I would do!

  14. Love this round up!!! Pinning it and debating whether I need to throw one!

  15. OMGSH, YUMM-O! let me wipe up my drool here! fun post and perfect for summer parties!
    thumbs up :)

  16. You cannot go wrong with ice cream..sweet party ideas. I love mint chip!

  17. So adorable! What a clever idea.

  18. So many adorable, sweet and inspiring ideas! I love the favors in the ice cream containers. The topping bar in the wine glasses would be a great idea for a brunch yogurt parfait bar as well!


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