Must haves for when the kids are sick…


First off thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my mom moments post. I loved reading all of them. I wish I could respond back to each one of you, but my computer time has been very limited this week. Just know how much I appreciate you. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

It’s hard to believe my kids are sick still after 10 days. I keep thinking they are better and then sure enough one of them is throwing up that night.  I’m not going to lie… this has not been my favorite week. My hubs has been working long hours and gets home after the kids are in bed, which is tiring. I’m convinced all the single mom’s out there are SUPER moms. They amaze me!

I feel so bad for my babes too…especially Emmalyn. Three of her molars are coming in right now, which is very painful. Poor girl, it is no fun being sick.  I finally called the doctor today, to see if we should come in. The nurse said there wasn’t much they could do for the flu and to keep giving them pedialyte, bland foods and yogurt. My husband has been saying not to do dairy this whole time, but I thought what the heck. So I gave them both yogurt this morning… hoping it would fill their tummies and sure enough it didn’t work.

We headed to CVS pharmacy to buy some more pedialyte this afternoon and just as we pulled back in the garage, Carson unbuckled his seat belt, stood up and threw up all over the console. It went down every little crack and crevice you can imagine. Throw up is definitely not my favorite. Let’s just say I’m grateful for this little green machine… what would I do without him (yes we named him greeny)? He’s been my LIFE saver and has been used many many times this week. Thank you little greeny!



Some other must haves for when the kids are sick (in my personal non professional opinion)…


Ritz crackers… seems to be the only thing they can keep down. Poor Emmalyn wants to eat and eat.


Culterelle… DR recommended this today. Hoping it boosts their immune system.

Lots and lots of snuggles…

Lysol wipes and Lysol spray…

The laundry machine… what would I do with out her (yes we named her too). She’s been working long hours this week. She’s ready for a break  too. ;)

Lots of resting (isn’t he precious?!)…

Good movies…

Chocolate for MOM (thanks Amy). And look what the message said… “Take a moment, enjoy what you have.” What a sweet little reminder that was (remember the quote from this post).

I hung this little message above my desk. :) Always love the Dove messages!

So I’m curious… what are your must haves when your kids are sick?

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25 comments on “Must haves for when the kids are sick…”

  1. yep… doing this tonight.. up with my sick girl :(

  2. I hope it all ends soon for you!! I totally crave chocolate when I’m in crisis mode. I always have it on me and have a stash at home. Curious. Where did you pick up the culturelle???

  3. New must have: bucket in the car…

  4. I hope they feel better soon! It is so hard with the stomach issues in your little ones. Good luck!!

  5. My little one is sick today! I can always tell when they feel really bad cause they want you to snuggle more! I love their snuggles, but hate when they are sick.

  6. Bleach, it’s the only thing that kills the stomache flu. The Clorox wipes usually don’t contain bleach and most likely won’t kill that kind of virus. (read it in Good Housekeeping).
    Also Gatorade, believe me, my daughter was hospitalized last year for dehydration from the stomache flu!
    Good luck, I feel for ya!!

  7. Have you tried a homemade pedialyte recipe? I would think this might be a little bit more budget friendly, especially since all of your kiddos are sick!
    Hope they get to feeling better and you get some rest!

  8. My daughter is 7 months but has had tummy issues since she was tiny tiny! We use culturelle daily! It is great! We switched to Nutramagen formula and culturelle at the same time, so I don’t know which one made the largest impact… But I can tell if I miss a day without culturelle!

  9. campbells chicken noodle soup is a staple at our house when the pukes come around. that and saltines. and popsicles (just not red ones). sprite is a favorite for my kids. they think it’s a “sick treat” and it usually helps settle tummies. as does gatorade. :)

    my kids hate throwing up, but if they make the bucket or the toilet and i don’t have to clean it up, i pay them $1 per puke. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!

  10. Ohh. My heart goes out to your family. I have a sick baby at home right now too. One thing I would add to the list: reinforcements. I am so blessed to have my parents near by. My mom came over today to help me out. She is snuggling my baby on the couch while she naps, and I am answering emails, doing laundry and running errands today. It helps me feel like I am in control of something when I feel so out of control not being able to take care of my gal :(


  11. Oh…I hope your babies get to feeling better soon.

  12. Britney Gulbrandsen Reply

    No fun! I’m so sorry! These are good tips :) My baby has never had the stomach flu before. And he’s only been sick twice. I’m hoping that streak lasts for a long time…but I’m guessing in two months when he starts nursery that will all begin to change.

  13. I hope your kids feel better soon. It’s rare my kids get sick but a lot of your must-haves are our must-haves and we add chicken noodle soup, or just the broth depending on how sick they are!

  14. Oh, I am so sorry your kiddos are still sick! I hope they feel better soon! I My Girlie was sick two weeks before Christmas and we had to do a ER visit for dehydration…no fun! We do Saltine crackers, chicken broth,instant mashed potatoes,gatorade and sprite/coke.

  15. We are quite familiar in our home with some of what you are going through and I do feel for you. Homemade chicken noodle soup, made with real stock is about all that is wanted here on days like this. I read in a cook book years ago about preparing simple unspicy foods for gastric problems and nausea and follow their principal of small simple meals prepared and served well. I find they do help to improve the appetite, such as it is. I rely very heavily on the strength and comfort of God to get me through these times, I pray that you will find strength and comfort to get you through this too.

  16. One thing I noticed when my kids were little was that apple juice was something they would drink easier.. And if they did throw it up it wasn’t as harsh tasting. Good luck..

  17. I’m sorry, hope he feel well very soon… you doing great. When my little Cha Cha,(daughter’s nickname, cute huh.) get sick with the work of a fever, a headache, coughing, running nose, a sore throat, body ache and throwing up profanity, ugh! I usually get out the thermometer, Vicks VapoRub, Vicks Ultrasonic Humidifier, a trash bin with tons of paper towels, trash bags and gloves for me, Gatorade (she doesn’t like Pedialyte), Culterelle (when needed), Kleenex Cool Touch, Triaminic product (she only like the cold or fever medicines) Jell-0, Toasts with a touch of honey (her favorite), homemade Chicken Rice soup ( her favorite), her sickly blanket-ly (only used when sick, was mine when I was little now it’s passed onto her), her favorite stuffed animal bear and of course rental Disney movie(s) plus doing laundries for all those so-called sickly messes… as for free time, I take a nap as soon as she does cuz she’s not a good sleeper when she is sick, no candy for me… Do I wish. LOL.

  18. when my kids are sick with a stomach bug (we just went through it again, between Christmas and New Years), we stick with mostly bread-like foods, no dairy, no meat/chicken based products usually, until they feel better. We do rice – white or brown, with some cinnamon for flavor, maybe a touch of butter. I find it easy to cook couple cups of rice, put it in the fridge and i have it ready whenever it’s needed. We also do pasta with a little olive oil and sprinkle of dry basil, maybe a little pinch of parmesan when they start getting stronger. Toast with cinnamon – not as boring as plain toast. Definitely crackers, apple sauce. I find that dairy and meat/chicken foods are harder to digest and seem to come back out quite frequently. Chicken broth/soup is great for colds and regular flu, not the stomach flu though. I hope your kids are better soon, and the Lord would give you strength to endure.

  19. There is a diet for children with vomiting. It is called the BRAT diet. B= bananas, R+rice, A=applesauce and T=toast.. Dairy prodcuts should be avoided. I am not a physician. I am a mom of 4 and grandmother of 6. I learned about the BRAT diet 30 yrs. ago when my oldest was ill and then hospitalized for dehydration. I pray your little ones get well soon.

  20. A few things I give my kiddos especially this time of year–lots of extra vitamin C and vitamin D! My kids love the vitamin C chewables and we do vitamin D drops to help boost their immune systems. When they have a cold and/or cough they get raw honey which seems to work great! Raw honey is also known to help upset tummies, too. All the best to you and your sweeties–hope they feel better soon!

  21. Poor kiddies! I wish them a speedy recovery. The 1 thing I make sure I have in my freezer are homemade “sick” pops. It’s popsicles that I make myself in toddler size portions. Kids love it and they are so easy to make.
    I usually make them with Kool Aid or something that they normally don’t get. Usually they get these:

    It’s always heartbreaking when kids are sick and hope they feel better soon. Also hope you get a break!!

  22. Sara @Mom Endeavors Reply

    Man, it’s no fun when the kids are sick–especially with a stomach bug. YUCK! We have the Culturelle here too and I always use it when the kids get any kind of intestinal bug. Hoping it does the trick for you! Good luck!

  23. oh girl! i hope they are almost done with this!! so sorry! i had my 2 boys (2 1/2 and 8months get a NASTY bug this past fall…) and they passed it to us while still sick themselves OMG! one of my bffs is a single mother – i pray for her everyday – she’s got to be a SUPER MOM for sure!

  24. Justina Nadolson Reply

    Don’t forget 7-up! A staple in our house.

  25. I love the pedialyte freezies, my kids are not fans of pedialyte. Wouldn’t you know it, last time my kids were sick my few-week-old LG washer went on the fritz. It was a dark, dark time period of my life…

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