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Hi everyone! My name is Kiki from over at Kiki Creates.  I blog about anything and everything that I can create with my two hands and the inspiration it comes from. I often have free prints to download on my blog as well as an etsy shop filled with fun and fresh prints for your home! I am so excited to be here at I heart naptime!  I have loved Jamielyn’s blog for such a long time… it is such an honor to be here.
Today I am super excited to share with you a project that I have been wanting to do for awhile.
Awhile ago I picked up this magazine from the store:
I found so many fun projects in it, but one stood out to me. They gave the idea to make over a lamp by using a paint marker on it.  So that is exactly what I did!
Sounds a little TLCish right?!
First, I found an old lamp at a thrift store in town.  It was perfect for the makeover…good shape and super ugly!  It took just a few steps before I had my final product, which I am in LOVE with!
I taped it up with painter’s tape and  spray painted it a nice yellow.
Then I took off the tape (it’s amazing what a little spray paint can do!).
I found some paint markers at Michaels.  They weren’t as thin as I would have liked, but they did the trick.  Do you love to doodle on paper?   Then this project is perfect for you!  You simply start at the top (so your hand doesn’t run over the drawn design as you are working!) and work your way to the bottom.  Draw any design. I drew a simple flower and added some swirls and lines to finish off the initial part of my design. I decided it needed a little oomph, and the gold seemed to do the trick.  By simply outlining in gold paint, it came out just the way I was imagining.
Enjoy some of the details:
Some things to note:
*Don’t be worried about messing up.  Can you really mess up a doodle? Just keep building on to it. If you are really worried, sketch some designs out on a paper and then go at it!
*Work slowly and keep your hand steady.
I opted on a design that wrapped around one side and added a little design around the top to add a little visual interest.
Isn’t it so fun? I have been looking all over my house since to find other things I can paint. I think I have found a new fun hobby!:)
Thanks for having me, Jamielyn.  See you all soon at my blog!
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5 comments on “Lamp makeover w/ kiki Creates”

  1. Love the lamp! So incredible!

  2. Wow, it really came out nicely. I am truly impressed. Lovely site by the way. Will get the RSS or otherwise I get lost and miss things I like.


  3. nice! i love to doodle, too! i’ll have to try something like this…what a great idea!

  4. I saw 3 lamps just like that at a yard sale last weekend. I sat and looked at them, thinking about what I could do to them. And I left them. I guess I shouldn’t have, because this is FABULOUS!

  5. LOVE this lamp! i’ve been obsessed with doing lamp re-dos, ie my blog today!! This is totally next on my list. xox

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