Mom moments… just keeping it real


So I realized from the survey some of you took last week, that you’d like to see more posts about ME keeping it real.

I think sometimes readers get the perspective that bloggers have the perfect lifestyle. It may look like we spend are days baking cookies, crafting, have perfect kids and always have a clean and beautiful home. The reality of it is, that’s not true. Of course we like to post the best pictures of our home and the pictures of the cookies we didn’t burn, but we all have our days…you know the ones.

We all have “rough” days. Yesterday happened to be one of those. My husband just started his OBGYN rotation (he’s in his 3rd year of medical school) out in Mesa, which is an hour away from where we live. With traffic, it’s usually longer. Usually by the time he comes home I’m ready for a “mommy break.” It’s not easy raising a 2 year old AND a 1 year old. They both have such different needs… and well LOTS of energy! I feel especially grateful to my husband who gives me that time when he comes home. He always takes the kids outside to play while I make dinner and get things cleaned up around the house.


Yesterday that didn’t happen. He got home around 6:30pm (after leaving around 7am that morning) and was able to grab Carson from the bath as I was getting Emmalyn out. He was sweet to read Emmalyn books and lay her down. I had a hair appointment coming at 7pm (I do hair out of my home two evenings a week). So 7 o’clock rolls around and the Doctor he’s working with calls him back into the hospital. It was one of those “on call” nights. So he rushes out the door and drives an hour back into Mesa.

(Photo taken by Momentology Photography)

Emmalyn was down, which was a relief and Carson was watching a show while I finished applying color on my client. While her color was processing I laid Carson down and then came back to finish her style. I had another haircut after that, so by the time I was done it was 10 pm. It was a long day and I was ready for bed. As they were walking out the door I hear Emmalyn starting to cry. I let them out and walked back into her room to find she had thrown up EVERYWHERE. It breaks my heart to see my babies sick.

So I took her out of the crib, bathed her, got her in new p.j.’s and laid her down on the floor while I put new sheets on her bed. Poor girl just laid there so tired. I sang her a few lullaby’s and she was back to sleep. 12 am rolled around and I heard her crying again. She had thrown up again and we repeated the same process. By the time I got her back to bed it was around 1:30am. As I was finally dozing off around 2:30 am (it’s hard for me to fall asleep when my husbands gone), I heard my 2 year old son starting to cry. So I got back out of bed and went to go check on him. Looks like he had caught the bug too. He was throwing up everywhere and we repeated the bathing and sheets process all over again.

So I finally got back in bed around 3:30am. Then I heard Emmalyn. I thought, “man this is a vicious cycle, isn’t it?” I went in her room and luckily she had just lost her pacifier. I don’t think there was anything left in her. She went right back to sleep and then Carson was up again. I thought “here we go again…”

So it was 4:30am at this point. A few minutes later I heard my husband pull in the garage. He comes in bed and we both said at the same time “Long day?” {sigh}


I was amazed that I was able to have one of those sweet mommy moments of joy last night. I had this overwhelming feeling that brought me to tears. After I had been puked on numerous times that day, changed who knows how many messy diapers I had one of those sweet moments of joy. As I was rocking my baby back to sleep, she held on to me so tight. I could tell she was comforted. I thought, I am blessed. I am so lucky to be a Mom.

Last night was probably one of the hardest yet, because I didn’t have my companion there to help me. But I realized my kids depended on me. I also knew they loved me, I could see it in their eyes and that’s what turned last night into one of those moments for me.

I realized I can do this…

I realized the power and influence I have as a mother…

I also realized the love and support I have from my Heavenly Father and husband.



This is one of my goals this year… to choose joy. With all the havoc and craziness my life sometimes brings, I’m trying to find joy in the journey.

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Jamielyn Nye

Creative director and founder of I Heart Naptime. Jamielyn aspires to reach women, get their creative juices flowing, and to genuinely inspire. When she’s not creating, Jamielyn loves to chase her three little monkeys and snuggle up on the couch with her man.

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52 comments on “Mom moments… just keeping it real”

  1. What a great post that I know I can very much relate to!! **HUGS**

  2. Wow, it’s nice at least that your husband gets to come home on call nights. When my husband was in med school, they had to stay at the hospital during call nights, I was surprised to see yours didn’t have to. I’m sure different schools/hospitals run call differently though. When my husband had call, he was there from 6:30 or so in the morning ’till 9 or 10am the next day, then he’d have a post-call day after that. It totally does stink that his rotation is at a hospital that’s so far away though! My husband had one rotation an hour+ drive away while he was in school (his emergency rotation) but most of them were here in town at the U. Now that he’s in residency, they are all at the U, but his hours are MUCH longer. This rotation he’s on at 6:30am & hasn’t been home before 8pm yet. *sigh* Plus he only gets 3 days off this month, and none of those days are a weekend, so we don’t have any days off work together. I seriously feel for you having to go through this med-process with kids. I can’t even imagine. We’re waiting ’till he’s in fellowship to have ’em. Sorry for the super long comment…. :) Hang in there!

  3. Thank you for being so real!

  4. This is one of my favorite posts of yours. Your real like you’ve always been lol. But it allows me to connect with you, because I’m a Mom and I’m married and since we’re Military we seem to be everywhere. I understand what it is to have to be the single parent for the night or in my case I did it by myself for a year (thank you to deployments lol). Its amazing how as Mom’s we can take and take and take and still keep giving. The Lord gives us that strength as Mothers to accomplish everything.

    I send big {{hugs}} :)

  5. Brooke @ Spruce Your Nest Reply

    I totally feel for you! I have had many of those days and they can be so trying, especially when your spouse is gone. My husband has to work out of town a lot or gets called out on service calls on the weekend or nights and I have to get it all done. It is so much easier now that our girls are a little older, 4 and 2 years, but sometimes I have to just go in the other room and scream ha ha! I am just grateful I have a helper most of the time, I don’t know how the single moms do it all…I am very blessed!

  6. love that you shared your heart today with everyone. it gives me more of a sense of who you are, and i really enjoyed reading how you are challenged and finding JOY in life. thanks for sharing your day, trials and challenges with us.

    xoxo A

  7. Beautiful post! It really is a gift isn’t it! I had a similar moment with my 8 month old a few nights ago…she had a raging fever and every time I laid her down would SCREAM! I just rocked her for over an hour, and I couldn’t help but cry as I realized how precious these moments truly are, we will wake up one day and long for them again (even though some days thats hard to imagine as a mom of 4 kids 6 and under !:) You are a wonderful mommy and so talented…thank you for sharing!!

  8. Oh you made me so emotional reading this! If I could hug you through the computer I would. Though I have i child so far I was there about a year ago with her. But I had the flu to. So she would throw up and then I would and in the middle of it all I was changing her, her bed, and myself. I hated that cry when she was throwing up. It would make my heart break. But I knew she was comforted just with me there. Our kids are such a blessing and you never want to see them hurt. But we all get through it and usually always for the better. Hugs to you and your little family and may they all be feeling MUCH better today!

  9. Awhhhh! I love this post Jamielyn. I have had so many of these moments and its frustrating. But that lil one clings to you that is all that matters. You are so right about finding joy in everything and I feel I do that but am trying to do it even more so this year. Thank you for sharing this. Happy New Year! xx

  10. Been there. YUCK. I really needed this today, not sure why, but how great is it that Heavenly Father opens our minds amid the trial and shows us the joy? Thank you for sharing.

  11. I love this post! I can so relate to long days like that. We have 3 kids, and the 2 youngest have autism. My 5 year old has trouble sleeping through the night, and I am often awake with him for hours when he can’t go back to sleep. This happens a couple nights a week. He also isn’t potty trained, but LOVES to take off his clothes, which presents some very messy situations. But despite all of this (and more!) I feel SO blessed to have these children…I would do anything for them. I am tearing up as I write this… :0) Being a mom is the best thing EVER! Thanks for sharing your mommy moment!!

  12. LOVE this post! “Choose Joy”… I think that is the perfect mantra for the coming year. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I’m right there with you. I’ve got one and two year olds, and I’ve had days like that, too. It’s not easy, but I never really expected it to be. Just got to get out of selfish mode. No room for me-centered when kids are involved. (Just the occasional pity party) :)

  14. I loved this post!! It brought tears to my eyes. It also made me laugh because I was doing the exact same thing a couple weeks ago with 3 of my kids. I like the thought of remembering the joy because when it is all said and done isn’t that one of the reasons we are here, to have joy!!

  15. Thank you for sharing this. And for reminding us all to find joy in the journey!

  16. Thank you for sharing your night with us. I hope your babies are feeling better.

  17. Britney Gulbrandsen Reply

    wow. what a hard day! I’m so glad you were able to end it with a tender mercy moment :) Hope Deric’s schedule improves! Good luck!

  18. Been there oh so many times!! And it is so hard when your child is sick and you really can’t help! Love your quote…choose joy! Many times I’ve had to mentally choose joy !

  19. That one sweet hug, smile, “I love you” when they’re able to say it makes all the heartache, pain, exhaustion melt away and fuel you for more! You have the hardest job in the world and it looks like you have a very challenging road with a dad who’s got lots of responsibilities and kids who are so close in age, but take care of yourself and you’ll have more to give your family. Take care and thanks so much for sharing!

  20. I have tears reading this…hit home. I too will try to find more JOY in the journey.

  21. Yikes – what a night! I would have been ready to throw in the towel for sure! My hubby’s usually gone a couple of nights a week and I’m not sure how we’ll survive these types of scenarios when the second baby arrives.

    An hour away from Mesa – are you in the West Valley? I’m from Peoria. My parents are still there. I miss the dry heat.

  22. Thank you, I really needed to read a post like this today :)

  23. Oh I feel your pain girl! I HATE when my little boy is sick, heartbreaking is exactly the right word for how it feels as a mom. But you handled everything SO well, I don’t know if I would have. I probably would have broken down in exhausted tears. I can understand what you’re going through though, my hubby is ALSO a 3rd year med student! His first rotation was OBGYN and for me that was the hardest one so far. {He hasn’t had surgery yet though.} He had 4 days of 24 hour call nights in a 2 week period. But his school is only 10-15 minutes away. I can’t imagine adding an hour or more commute to that! How is this year going for you? For me this is a hard transition from the 1st and 2nd years of med school. I love your blog and I’m excited to know we’re in the same stage of life. :)

  24. My dad did his OBGYN residency in mesa, that’s where and when i was born.
    I put my hubby through dental school while bringing 4 kids into our ever growing family. Like you I have had the joy to be the only one around to comfort my sick kids. One of my sons has had three surgeries, his first was an emergency at 9 months. this was a really great post. I have been thinking lately as i DIY with my new house on a dime since we just sunk into debt buying a practice. Why are so many people crafitier, and cleaner and better. But the truth is, we all burn cookies, have to clean throw up off kids, and pick up all the pieces every day. The difference is who finds joy in the journey. thank you for the post.

  25. Great post! I know what you mean about needing ‘mommy time’ ! Hope your kiddos start feeling better soon! No fun for anyone in the house when that’s going around!

  26. I’m not a mom yet but this was a beautiful and thoughtful post. I really love the honesty and the thought that such a little hug could bring so much joy. I hope I get to experience that at some point in my life.

  27. I’m so sorry to hear that you had a rough night and day! Thank you for sharing. The quote by
    Elder Ballard is wonderful and I’m going to print it out and hang it next to my mirror. I hope everyone feels better soon.

  28. Thanks for your post. My husband isn’t a med student or anything – in fact, he works only 10 minutes away and is able to come home for lunch every day – but trying to potty train a 3 year old and getting ready for #2 in eight weeks sometimes really gets to me. I appreciate your “choose joy” comment… that’s something I’ve been trying to work on too. Good luck, and keep it up! We’ve all been there.

  29. Well said. I have been thinking I need to work at finding joy in the journey too. I really appreciate this post. It’s such a relief to know I’m not the only one who has THOSE days…. and 3 kids (4, 3, and 1) THOSE days seem to happen more often than I’d like. Thanks, Jamielyn for keeping it real.

  30. Thank you for what you wrote. It helps to hear other moms struggle the same as I do. And it is good to be reminded to find joy in living. I am so grateful for my family, I just need to be reminded of that sometimes!

  31. I’m so sorry your babies were sick! And throw up sick is the worst! Loved your post, thanks for sharing. Hope everyone is better. Loved the joy reminder :)

  32. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I have 5 kids, 2 teenagers and 3 preschoolers. Life is ALWAYS crazy, but when any one of us is sick it tends to feel INSANE!!! 2011 was an INSANE year, and in 2012 we will start out with my hubby having a major surgery. It was so nice to hear “find the joy”. I really needed that! I named my blog Snow much fun so maybe I would be more motivated to find the “joy/fun” with my family. I too am very blessed with so much. I just need to be reminded sometimes. Once again, Thanks

  33. Jamielyn,
    I love this post. You are beYOUtiful in and out.
    Thank you so much for sharing a peace of your heart with the rest of us.

    Happy New Year Sweetheart!

  34. I am so sorry to hear about your babies, I hope they feel better soon. I really have no idea how you do it. I only have a 2.6 year old and without living close to family it is extremely hard sometimes. Thank you for sharing your adventures in motherhood and that everything seems great on pictures but sometimes it’s a different story.

  35. The end of your post literally brings me to tears. What a beautiful ending to such a stressful day! Love your authenticity and your blog.

  36. Just wanted to add that this Mommy job is the hardest job ever and never goes away. I am the mom of 2 teenagers. During the holidays, my college freshmen had the flu. Now, of course he really does not need my help any more, but I heard him up many times thru the night(as a mom does) so I got up to see if he needed anything. After he headed back to bed, I thought I would try to clean the bathroom a little before his sister who still had school needed it. As I was cleaning it, I heard my son back up, so I quickly moved out of the way and he said to me, “Mom, I will clean the bathroom”. Too precious. I found the joy that night. My son has grown into a very considerate and responsible young man. A post script to this story, I can not, nor have I ever been able to do “throw up”. Even with myself, I just make myself more sick, but as a mom, when my husband was on a night shift and I had mommy/sick duties, I did what I had to do, even though I would end up puking in the other bathroom. My kids to this day laugh at me, knowing that I would stand in the hallway outside their bathroom, hands covering my ears, asking if they needed anything. As I start to help my son pack up all his stuff to go back to college tomorrow, I will so try to “find the Joy’. College is a very hard thing for me, but I now know that if he is sick while away, he will be able to handle it and more. Thanks Jamielynn.

  37. Those kind of nights are so tough. I loved the comfort that rocking my babies brought. Both for me and them. :) Hope your kids get feeling better!

  38. Congratulations and thank you for this story.
    I am a French mother and I recently discovered your blog, beautiful and often funny.
    It is true that through blogs, our lives have always looked smooth,
    while the mother’s life (i have 2 young children, 3 and 1and a half years old) is often full of surprises.
    read you soon

  39. My husband is a fourth year podiatry student (we graduate in May! Woo woo!). He attends Midwestern University in Glendale. When I read your husband is in medical school in Arizona, it made me wonder– does your husband go to Midwestern too?!? We are actually now in Michigan for him to finish up his rotations (podiatry makes you do externships in different states), but we lived in Arizona until last June. The fun life of being a medical school wife, right (and I have a 3 year old and a 2 year old so we really are basically in the same boat!)? I really enjoyed reading more “behind the scenes.” Love the blog!

  40. Thank you for posting that quote by Elder Ballard. I need to print it out and keep a copy in each room. I know we all have those crazy and hectic days (and nights) and this is a wonderful reminder.

  41. Thank you for writing this post…it has been one of those days and this has made me smile and really see what is important. I love being a mom and having the opportunity to stay home with my children and I need to remember joy in those frustrating and discouraging moments. Thank you so much again.

  42. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I have had many crazy, hectic days and no matter how insane it gets one hug from my 2 yr old is all it takes to melt my heart. Or lately, just a cute face or question. :) I am so thankful to have her and those moments are the most precious in the world.

  43. God Bless you. And you could find the best in a bad situation. Children are a blessing and they grow up so fast so enjoy every moment, good or bad.

  44. Thanks for sharing and for finding joy in those messy mommy moments :)

  45. totally understand where you are coming from!!! i’m just impressed that you actually BATHED your kids after they barfed in the middle of the night! I usually just use a wipey to clean them up and bathe them in the morning. ha!

    one time my husband was working out of town, and my son (who was an infant at the time) started crying very early in the morning …maybe at like 4 AM? anyway, only being half awake, I walked straight into the wall and missed the hallway to his room. I ended up with a huge headache and a swollen a bruised nose. that was amazing. lol. ;)

  46. I’m so sorry your little ones are sick! You first deserve a special sparky crown for having a 2 and 1 year-old! I am trying my hardest with just one 3 year-old and she is kicking my butt!! I needed your perspective this morning though to choose joy!!

  47. You have such a sweet attitude! I’m not looking forward to sick days (haven’t hit any yet, but she’s only 3.5 months old and I’m sure she has a lot up her sleeve!) but I am thankful, like you, to be able to be there for my family. God is good, and He will help us through the sleepless nights!

    Hope you are all resting peacefully and enjoying lots of cuddles today!

    ♥ Bethany

  48. Hey Jamielyn,
    I had starred this post of yours in my emails for all this long and finally today I sat to read it and Oh God I felt so happy reading it, it’s like You telling My story. :) My husband is doing his residency and is in his 2nd year right now! I know how it is! And with my 2 year old sometimes I have crazy days like these.
    Thanks so much for sharing all that experience and making me feel better :)

  49. I love this post. I actually cried at the end. :(
    I know exactly where you are coming from about the long drives and not having your companion there at some of the “worst” moments due to their job. Michael (my husband) works CrAzY hours and sometimes I wouldn’t know what to do without my Heavenly Father that hears every prayer and my sweet parents. Yes, I still have to call them when things get tooooo crazy in the Hyder Hut. Like last night for example, I went by mom’s office just to see if she could keep Daven for about an hour just so I could clean our den b/c he destroyed it and I just needed a break. Goodness…any Michael is ready for another baby. Yikes…that’s a whole different story. But, I love reading your post. I read your blog when I have “me” time. I became a reader in January so, I have a lot to catch up on. I will say this, you my favorite blogger. You are real, beautiful, talented, and inspiring. May God always bless you and your family! ♥ Stepha

  50. Sorry for the huge review, but I’m really loving the new Zune, and hope this, as well as the excellent reviews some other people have written, will help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

  51. Wow that brought tears to my eyes! Its amazing how we catch those moments in what seems like utter chaos!

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