Monday meal plan


Hey there! Hope you had a great weekend! I’m SO glad I’m back to meal planning. It just makes life so much easier. Don’t you agree? Here’s what on my menu this week. I’m trying to eat somewhat healthy. Yeah I know cheese crisp and pizza roll ups aren’t exactly healthy but my kids are PICKY! So it is what it is… ;)

Breakfast options:

Green smoothie, cereal, Homemade granola, Yogurt, Toast, Eggs, and/or fresh fruit

Lunch options:

Sandwich, salad, protein shake, pizza roll up, cheese crisp, leftovers, fresh cut veggies and/ or fruit


Monday: Greek yogurt Pancakes with fresh fruit


Tuesday: Avocado BLT subs

Wednesday: Pasta salad with rotisserie chicken

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Chicken and vegetable stir fry

Saturday: OUT

Sunday: G-ma’s hosue

For more recipes make sure to visit my recipe box.

So what’s on your menu this week?

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8 comments on “Monday meal plan”

  1. Great menu! I’ll be grilling this week and making homemade pasta.

  2. oooh i hope you like the greek yogurt pancakes as much as we do in our house!! the texture is almost eggy which i LOVE. :) thanks so much for giving them a try!

  3. Yay! Thanks for some easy ideas to get me through this week!

  4. Hey Britt,
    Thanks for trying the avocado BLTs. We just had some for dinner tonight, hope you’ll like them. :)

  5. I really need to get back to meal planning! Sounds like a yummy week for you.

  6. I like your meal options. I actually don’t have a strict menu every week for I fluctuate a lot, but one thing I make sure is that the meals are balanced.

  7. We had the BLT’s last night & they were awesome! Thanks for the ideas!

  8. Wow amazing meal plan indeed.. I am rigid on the meal plan on weekends, on weekdays it is more spur of the moment recipes. After work if i have the zeal to make something time consuming then I am all sport else it is just quickie recipes.

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