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I was so excited when I found out that I would be doing a review/giveaway with Monkey bar storage! Over the past few years our garage has seemed to bulge at the seams. Even after garage sales and cleaning overhauls, it always seemed to find a way to overflow. We have boxes and totes piled to the ceiling, paint supplies towered as high as can be, and tools and yard supplies smashed to the side to try to keep enough room for a car to park inside. Sound familiar?

We installed the Monkey Bar garage set in about an hour and we began to test it to its limits
with all of our precious and very necessary junk. The wait capacity for each four foot section is
1000lbs! I was always worried about a wobbly shelf that we had in our garage and I was afraid
to put anything on it heavier than bubble mailers in fear that it would come crashing down one
day. But with a 1000lb capacity this will no longer be a problem. The construction is really
solid and the metal frames have a feel of durability.



The hooks and other attachments are very impressive. At first I wasn’t sure how I was going
to use some of the attachments but we found that they are all helpful in organizing and cleaning
up. My son was the one who found a good use for a long netted bag as he initially used it as a
basketball hoop while I was rearranging some things. Then when he was done, the balls stayed
in the basket perfectly and they were easy to get out with the opening that runs down the center.
I thought that all of the balls would come rolling out too easily but they stay there until I, or my
son, goes to get them out. It is easy to get the ball out that you are looking for without having to
take all of the other balls out as well.

We finally have a place to hang our broom! We have struggled to find a good place to hang our
broom for years now. It has rotated from leaning against a wall corner to hanging poorly on a
nail (which didn’t work very long) to lying flat somewhere in the garage. Now, with the monkey
bars there is a perfect hook that allows easy access to the broom while keeping it out of the way.

I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to have monkey bars in my garage. They have been
amazing so far and I know that the ways to clean and organize the garage are nearly endless.

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Monkey Bars offers shelving, cabinets, flooring, overhead storage, hooks, and multiple accessories. They provide you with experts to install each of our products so you know that the job has been done right. They also offer professional organization services to help you organize your garage and maintain its organization later.


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