Naptime Diaries: Little Hands


Something hit me the other day as I was snuggling with my little boy. Now mind you.. snuggling is a rare occasion for my busy 2 year old… so when he’s in a snuggly mood I drop everything and take full advantage.

So as I was sitting on the couch my son walked up to me with his monkey in one hand, blankie in the other and a big cheesy grin on his face. He crawled right up into my lap and said “mama hold you!?” Of course inside I was SCREAMING YES … but I had to calmly say yes, so I didn’t ruin the moment. As I held those little hands so tight it suddenly hit me that these hands won’t be so little much longer. At that moment I wanted to freeze time and hold his little hands forever. It’s selfish for me to say but I don’t want this little boy to grow up. It scares me to death! So for now I’m just going to keep holding these little hands every chance I get!


Do you know what else I realized while holding those little hands? I realized I was completely in love with this little 2 year old of mine. I completely forgot about everything those little hands had destroyed that past week… Maybe that was his plan after all… ;)



The baby powder he dumped ALL over my entire kitchen…


The shampoo he dumped ALL over the bathroom…


And the YEAST he dumped ALL over the floor…


Gosh he has busy little hands (remember here). He definitely keeps me busy and drives me crazy at times! But I sure love that little 2 year old of mine… let’s hope he keeps holding his mamas hands!

AND I have to say that art easle from IKEA was hands down the best purchase ever! It keeps those little hands busy for at least 30 minutes a day (which is saying a lot).


And we can’t forget about these other little set of hands… oh how I LOVE her tiny little hands and scrunched up little nose. Let’s pray her hands don’t get into as much trouble as her brothers. IMG_0463

And can we talk about her outfit?! She is one stylish little girl! Look at those shoes!! The little red bows on the back made them too cute to pass up!

So tell me mom’s.. how are you keeping your little ones hands busy this summer!? We’ve built over a 100 towers, colored every picture imaginable, watched more TV than I care to admit, swam our hearts out, built puzzles, smashed play dough… I’m running out of ideas here. I’m ready for Fall… we miss the park days!

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43 comments on “Naptime Diaries: Little Hands”

  1. What a sweet post! Your children are precious. Looking forward to perusing the rest if your blog.

  2. Oh I can’t wait to see how people are entertaining their little hands! I am about to have another baby and so am wondering how we will cope with what seems like such long days when we’re all home together (I have been working full time). We don’t watch TV either, so the days feel TWICE as long. I hope someone has some great ideas. I don’t, sorry lol

    • I agree.. and the summers make the days even longer! Kids are up earlier… staying up later and we can’t go outside! Ugh! Congrats on your baby. Good luck with everything!

  3. Oh I love little hands! Though since my 2 year old’s hands are quite girly we have spent the summer having tea parties, brushing each other’s hair, playing with Barbies, coloring, swimming, and playing dress up. Oh and of course more princess movies than I care to mention. :)

  4. This is such a precious post! You are so right to take every precious moment that you can to celebrate these stages in their lives – good and bad. My precious little boy leaves for college this weekend. Time flies. You have such a beautiful blog. I’m going to be following along with you. It’s so happy over here. Thank you!

  5. That was very sweet! your a kids are very sweet. Sure they are keeping you busy.

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  6. What a great post! I also have a two year old and I know exactly what you mean in every aspect. I don’t remember my daughter getting into as much but my two year old little boy is into EVERYTHING! Thanks for the reminder to savor it!

    • haha I think it’s just a boy thing.. I’m hoping at least! Sometimes I do wonder when this stage will end… but then at the same time I love the stage he’s at. Two year olds say the CUTEST things!

  7. So precious! Love! Ps. I’m having fun catching up on posts I’ve missed :)

  8. I ADORE snuggle time with my two year old. Like you know, those days are far and few between. They are too busy for their own good :)

  9. This is like the cutest post ever! I love it! I already know my peanuts little hands are going to be TROUBLE! But all well worth it. She already has brought so much joy to my life. Can’t wait to read more of your blog

  10. How very sweet your babies are. I always miss the little people my older kids were. They grow and change and you never get to be with that little person again. Now that I am balling, have a wonderful day. I have a very busy 3 yr old girl that equally keeps me on my toes. And my toes are tired.

  11. Oh, I am glad I read this! I was thinking the same thing about my (sob) soon to be 5 year olds hands last night! I love squeezing them and thinking of what they have already accomplished!

  12. My little boy turns two this Sunday! Oh how I wish I could freeze time, too. ;) Thanks for this post. :)

  13. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times lately I’ve posted about me not wanting my kids to grow up. The girls both had birthdays and my boy started kindergarten. Too many beginning that are making me feel so vulnerable to time. But at least I have no regrets. I have spent every day, every summer with those little ones and I’ve tried to give them the best of me. Your baby girl is ADORABLE! Trendy just like her mama! :)

  14. My husband and I are going to start trying to concieve at the end of the month and we already bought that Eddie Bauer highchair that your adorable daughter is sitting in. LOVE it. You kids are just so cute I can hardly stand it and those little hands… melt my heart why don’t ya!

  15. oh my gosh, her outfit is perfection! so cute :)

  16. I have a very active and mobile 1 year old and I have been trying to keep her entertained with lots of outside time – she loves slides!

  17. Your blog is fantastic! I especially love the fact we both have 2 yr old boys. Your post really spoke to me as well because as I get closer to having my second son this winter I am constantly reminded to just live in the moment with my son and soak it all up. He is my heart and like you said, when you see those hands and you feel their hug, you simply forget all the things they got into during the week. SO glad you visited me today so I could find your blog!

  18. I know EXACTLY how you feel.. i wish they could stay little forever too :(. My little girl will be 19 months old in just 3 days and i just cant believe it! (Luckily my next one will be here in a little over a month but still!) I have recently in the last few days noticed how fast my little girl is grown.. her vocabulary has increased by at least 20 words in just the last 3 days and its really starting to scare me and her daddy.. i mean we knew she was gonna grow up but who said it had to be this fast!?! To keep my little one entertained we take her outside a lot.. she loves all sorts of animals so we bought a membership to the zoo.. we don’t ever seem to have the time to go though but im sure she’d love to go every day lol. I also just bought some stepping stone kits from Michaels when they were 50% off and am getting ready to make one of her feet & hand prints so that i can remember how small they were lol. I love to do art type stuff with her Im getting ready to make her some flash cards with my cricut. And when she was only about 2 months old I bought a kit to do 3d castings of her hands and feet and framed them in a shadow box.. I must say if you don’t have these yet (3d castings of your babys hands and feet) you should definitely get some.. they’re easy to do, safe, and fast… and they make for such great memories you’ll always have their hands and feet :). I got mine from a store online but I also got the 3d gel from Michaels and then you fill it with plaster of paris. Oh and since your 2 year old seems to be into making messes (which believe you me I have my fair share to clean up too lol) Maybe something he would really enjoy is some sort of projects with you.. where you can have fun, make a mess, and teach him something pretty cool at the same time.. Like building a volcano and using baking soda & vineager to make it “blow up”… any sort of science type of project like that I think he would enjoy and it would keep him busy too.. you could start out by sculpting the volcano with clay with him (making sure to leave an empty area in the middle for the baking soda etc).. and then you guys could let it dry and paint it.. and then do the project. Some other ideas are.. mentos + diet coke, making the tornadoes with 2 liter bottles, making goup (that slimy stuff that is made with corn starch and some other things), making play dough, painting a bird house or something like that and letting him feed the birds :), or even baking cookies, or making pop cicles, all sorts of fun stuff.. OH something I saw awhile ago (but im sure you could still find it) a dr susess cook book.. it has fun and really simple recipes that are fun for kids to make.. :) theres also all sorts of kits and such at places like michaels and joanns and maybe looking at those could spark some ideas. Best of luck :D

  19. I have to admit I was more than a little teary-eyed reading this. I really do need to slow down and enjoy all of the sweet hugs and kisses I get from my “baby” girl and boy, they are 7 and 4 now and with one more sweet blessing on the way….I am afraid I am looking too much to the future and less at what I have right in front of me. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the little things…like those sweet little hands :)

  20. We just bought that IKEA art easel for our 4 yr old and I have to agree – best purchase ever!!! It is amazing how long it will keep them busy and it gives them opportunity to learn too!

  21. to keep my kids busy i hand them some spoons, send them in the back yard, turn on their sprinkler toy and let them play in the mud as long as their heart desires. keeps them busy, gets them tired, and keeps the inside of the house clean. winning all around. :)

  22. Lots of book reading, swimming, popsicles and day trips!!!

  23. My baby is 25. And I so regret not getting down in the mess he made and playing with him in it. For he was only trying to help me….. :) I was too busy being a mom to be a good mom.

    Little hands aren’t coordinated, but they try to help us cook. They try to help us put baby powder on the baby, and they try to help us get pretty flowers from THEIR “store”. Enjoy….

  24. Thank you for sharing your stories. It makes me feel like I have a normal two year old! Let’s just say, his little hands get into a ton of stuff. I have cleaned up poop off the floor more times than I can count! But of course, you have to love those little moments when they do snuggle. Sadly, it seems I only get a snuggle when he gets hurt but I always get a hug and kiss before bed! Enjoy your little ones, they are absolutely adorable!!!

  25. I love this post! I teach two year olds at a preschool and it reminded me of all the little reasons I love two year olds so very very much. Enjoy your babies they grow up too quickly!

  26. I love your blog. I love that you sometimes take breaks from the amazing craft and food goodness to mention your super cute kids. I come read you all the time.

    I also love that I found a local blogger. I live in Mesa too.

    • Thanks Noelle your so sweet!! Yay! I love AZ friends. :) We’re having a get together for some AZ bloggers next month, it would be fun to have you there. I’ll keep you posted.

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