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During the holidays we typically do a lot of traveling. All my extended family lives in Utah, so we usually do a road trip up North. With all the traveling it usually means no internet access. Ugh… what’s a blogger to do? ;)

I was excited to learn about Net Zero 4g hot spot which allows you to get internet access on the go.


With this one hot spot you can connect up to 8 different devices (phones, computers, iPads, etc). So pretty much your whole family can be connected to a super fast connection all at once. Pretty sweet, huh?! NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband gives you a fast, secure connection, and is currently available in 80 cities. It’s also protected so all your information will be kept private. Check if your city is available here.


One lucky winner will get a 4g hot spot device + $800 in NetZero products, including a one year subscription. Wahoo! Enter below.
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Disclosure: I am part of the Mom It Forward blogger network. Mom It Forward and NetZero partnered in support of this campaign. NetZero compensated me for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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183 comments on “Stay connected with Net Zero 4g hot spot +Giveaway”

  1. Betts Kleinhans-Stevens Reply

    Wow! this would come in handy!

  2. Would Love To Win This…

  3. Coverage when I’m waiting on the kids!

  4. 4g hot spot would be great

  5. Wha Who, internet any where!

  6. I’m excited to try it because I could roam any where and surf!

  7. my husband would love this!

  8. Net Zero is not available in my area but I would gift it to a family member who does have access to it.

  9. This would be great for traveling so I could work in the car!

  10. This would help with our homeschooling!

  11. This would be awesome while traveling!

  12. This would really come in handy! We have family all over and it would be wonderful if the kids could get the internet on their I-pods in the car. I’m sure it would make the long trips go by more quickly!

  13. I would love this – it certainly solves the wifi problem for someone who is not yet in the 3 or 4G world yet.

  14. This would be fantastic!!

  15. This looks like exactly what I need!! I really hope to win it

  16. This would be so handy to have!

  17. This would be great to win I have to go the hospital every week for 5 hrs and I can’t log in with the hospital’s net thank you for the chance to win.

  18. Would love to win this.

  19. I could really use this while I am waiting for kids every day!

  20. I love this… anytime I travel and visit family, I’m always on the hunt for wifi. Problem solved. :)

  21. This would come in handy because we are always on the go!

  22. This would be great while away from home and would make vacation so much easier.

  23. I could use one of these so bad, hope I win :)

  24. It looks promising! I’d love to try it out to see if it’s a good option.

  25. We travel a lot to see our family as well! To Ohio and Peru where my husband is from. This would be fantastic for us. Thank you for this opportunity!

  26. I’ve been wanting to try a different internet service.

  27. We plan to make many road trips to Dallas next year and having internet access during our trip would be great!

  28. Sooooo exciting! Thanks for the info! This would open a whole new world to me at my children’s sports practices.

  29. I’d love to try netzero especially when we are at my in-laws house. there is very little or slow internet service in the sticks. this would be awesome

  30. This would be great to have internet anywhere. I live in a small town that’s still catching up technology wise. Having my own hot spot would be fantastic especially when in town all day running errands.

  31. Wow how exciting would that be to have internet access on the go! Always on the go and have relatives all over the place so it would be awesome to have this!

  32. This would be amazing to own. Our last major family trip we ended up renting a mifi to have on the car ride but it only connected 5 devices. We also have a long commute and are away from home (and good wifi often). This would be certainly tempting to see if we could go without paying for data on our devices and go just with this service!

  33. I would love to have internet on the go especially on my wifi only ipad!

  34. This would be awesome since I all my devices are wi-fi!

  35. I work in a small school without internet access. I can sit and think about all the possibilities I could have with this little device!

  36. So cool! Thanks for the opportunity!

  37. Michelle Brannan Reply

    I checked and it’s available in my area which is crazy because i live in the toolies lol. Thanks for the opportunity!

  38. I would love to have netzero on go so my family and I can surf internet while on trip..

  39. I love the idea of staying connected. I don’t have a smart phone, so I am at the mercy of finding places with wi-fi. Love this hot spot idea.

  40. How cool is this? I could definitely put this to good use. Thank you for the chance to win.

  41. We have a lot of traveling to do, too….and that device would totally rock!

  42. I would love this! It would come in handy with my work… most of the clients dont have wireless internet if they have internet at all in home health care! yes this would be awesome!

  43. We don’t have smartphones – still with tracfone. We have lots of laptops, ipod, and tablet. This would be great especially for trips!

  44. I would love this giveaway! So handy in the technological world we live in!

  45. Love the idea of having the internet while traveling, since I don’t own an iphone. :)

  46. How great for road trips!

  47. i’m excited about this product because it will come in handy for all our road trips with the kids!

  48. I love the idea of having internet where ever I go. Would be so handy!

  49. I would love this– I could get work done anywhere!

  50. Internet anywhere, Whoo Hoo!

  51. I have used Net Zero before. They have wonderful products. Who wouldn’t love the access and freedom of a hot spot anywhere. I would so use this at our consignment shop. ..Thanks for the chance to win :)

  52. Would love this gadget

  53. I would love this for my IPad and my sons iPod! Awesome! :)

  54. This would be great!

  55. This is great!

  56. Wow! To be able to go online when I’m in the kitchen or helping kids with homework or watching them play outside!

  57. I would love to win this! I will give it to my husband as a gift, he will be so happy!!

  58. my husband would love to try this and i think it would be great for our road-trips.

  59. being able to be online anywhere! That’s huge. I get so tired of looking for wifi. Thanks for a chance to win.

  60. Most of my relatives do not have wi-fi, and on extended visits it would be really nice to be able to take my laptop and have access to the Internet. Thanks for this generous giveaway! :)

  61. Sure could use one of these.

  62. Wow! My own Hot spot!

  63. This would be great for when I travel.

  64. This would be SO helpful for when I travel… which happens to be a lot with family in 4 different states!

  65. This would ve great carry along with My iPad and have internet access anywhere! Pretty awesome

  66. With 7 kids and many devices it would be nice to stay connected on the go!

  67. I’d love to try their service out. The HotSpot would be perfect for when I am out running errands and I need to look up something and would rather check it on my tablet vs my phone!

  68. internet anywhere sounds great, plus fast!

  69. This would be great for travel. I could see myself using it in the airport or at a hotel.

  70. I would love this! I have two boys who are being homeschooled. There are days I feel tied to the house simply because all their lessons are online. With this service and their laptops…oh the possibilities. :-)

  71. That would be awesome to have!

  72. This would be great traveling to see our son and daughter-in-law!

  73. I would love to have Internet access anywhere!! Especially with my wi-fi iPad.

  74. This would be awesome. We travel a lot and it would really help on the long drives.

  75. I am SO excited to try this service because during the holidays I travel to my grandparents house–without anyway to connect to the blogosphere! This way, I would be able to! What’s a girl to do without her blog world?!

  76. This would be great when we are travelling or on the go and need to check something out!!

  77. This would be awesome on family trips as well as long evenings sitting at lacrosse practices. I could be so much more productive!

  78. This would be so helpful with baking!

  79. I had never even heard of this before! How nice that would be to have service for my Ipad!

  80. It would sure be nice to have when traveling.

  81. I like that I can have my Internet on the go! I am covered where I live too!!!!!

  82. I am on the go constantly and am so frustrated when my ‘smart’ cell phone can’t provide the details that I need at the moment. A net zero hot spot would be a great solution to my connectivity problems! PICK ME!! Merry CHRISTmas everyone!

  83. This would be so awesome to be able to have internet anywhere on multiple devices!

  84. I would love to have a Hot Spot!!!
    Thanks for the chance!

  85. I would be excited, except I live in So Utah and the service is not available here.

  86. This would be great when taking trips with the family. Staying connected is key

  87. We camp a lot and my husband, as a programmer, usually has to find a place with connection to check on how things are going at the office.

  88. Our area and the areas we sometimes visit have a lot of dead cell phone areas. I would be so excited to have the net zero to keep in touch with everyone. Thank you for the chance at winning.

  89. WOW- What a great giveaway! I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance to win!

  90. This would definitely come in handy during PTA and committee meetings at the school where we don’t have public wifi!!!

  91. What cool technology! I would love one of these.

  92. 4g hotspot would be great.

  93. I would never miss a post if I won this!

  94. Blogging on the go!! :)

  95. For when I am waiting for the doctors, my kids can play, and i can check facebook.

  96. This would be great, especially when traveling with teens!

  97. Having 4gb of Internet available while traveling would rock my socks!

  98. Definitely something I can use!

  99. I would love to win this so I could use my ipad anywhere. I don’t trust open wifi and I would love to be able to use my ipad more places! What an awesome giveaway!!

  100. WOW! what a great give a way! i love your site!

  101. NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband is available in over 80 cities across the U.S.

  102. I don’t have a smart phone, just a normal phone and an ipod touch, i would LOVE this to be able to feel like I am more part of the world of internet anywhere I go.

  103. I’m always struggling to find wifi on trains and planes so this would be amazing for my many travels!

  104. This would be great for when visiting all of our out of town family!

  105. I would love to have internet on the go! This would mean so much to me while my husband and I are trying to start a new business on a shoestring budget!

  106. On long trips, this would be a lifesaver! Thanks!

  107. I’m always game for new technology (this probably isn’t new, but is to me!).

  108. How awesome to be able to connect anywhere!!

  109. I would love to try this out for when the family is travelling with all the ipods & such.

  110. I feel like I’m always on the go! This would definitely come in handy. :D

  111. I’ve heard a lot about netzero, and have always been intrigued. We go to a little town in Wisconsin in the month of July to get out of the Arizona heat and apparently live in the Bermuda triangle of phone/internet swervice there. This would be awesome to try there. Thanks for the chance to win!

  112. wow! what an awesome give away- we live in a small rural area, it would be great!!!

  113. Want one!

  114. My Internet access is a significant problem in my life. I live in a rural area where we can’t get cable or DSL and the only option is satelitte or dial up. Sad, but true.

  115. We cannot afford wireless right now, so this would be awesome!

  116. We cannot afford wireless right now, so this would be awesome~!

  117. I would really love this and what makes it great is I can share

  118. This would be so fantastic! I am so absentminded that it would be great to have internet on the go to look up things that I forget to do before I leave the house, AND this would be a great way to save on bills with a new baby coming this year!

  119. This sounds like a great product!

  120. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for a great internet provider in our area. There are not many providers in our small town!

  121. Well darn…it’s not availabe in Arkansas! Not Happy! :(

  122. I would love to be able to take the internet anywhere with me!

  123. I like that you can get 1GB of service for only 19.95 a month!

  124. I want Internet on the go!

  125. I would just Love this! There are so many times when I am away from my home when it would be handy to have an internet access that was also secure!

  126. i had no idea that this was available!Thanks for sharing.

  127. I often have to wait out naps in the car because of my toddler who puts up quite a fight at nap time. It would be nice to have wifi at my fingertips to keep me occupied!

  128. It’s available in my area. That’s exciting!

  129. I’ve just recently heard of this, and it’s only because my Uncle bought one. I would love to have one for myself, especially on those days I’m staying with my grandfather. He doesn’t have Internet services, so I’m unable to get online while there. Since I stay with him several days each week, this is a hassle. I’d love to try the service in order to stay up to date on blogging, email, etc. while visiting my Grandfather’s house. Thanks for this chance to win!

  130. Karen Tecklenburg Reply

    It would be great to have wifi any where you need it.

  131. I am always on the go and I do craft fairs. It’s difficult because not all venues provide internet service. This would definitely take care of the problem. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  132. This would come in handy the next time the power goes out!

  133. This would be great for traveling so I could work in the car!

  134. it would be very helpful for getting homework done!

  135. This would be great! My husband is always lamenting over the newest hotspot technology compared to our expensive and sometimes slow internet. This would be a great way for us to do freelance work outside the house as well and enjoy traveling without sacrificing an internet connection.

  136. I would love to try this because when we travel, we are constantly trying to stop somewhere that has free wi-fi and this would help so much!!

  137. This would be great!

  138. We visit our family’s cabin in the woods and they don’t have internet connection there. This would be so great to have to be able to access my email and blog from!

  139. Now this would be an awesome prize to win! Thank you!

  140. this would be great for travel

  141. I love that there are no plan commitments, so I can go month-by-month and change my data purchases depending on my requirements that month.

  142. I’m excited to try this because I’d love to have internet when I go out of town!!

  143. my family travels a lot and three of us are in school. this would be great for doing hw on the go!

  144. Very Very cool!

  145. This could be a wonderful thing for making sure that you stay connected regardless of where you are.

  146. Wow that would be so cool!

  147. Interent anywhere…anytime!! LOVE!!

  148. This will definitely come in handy with the kids and I all wanting to be on the net at the same time.

  149. THIS would be fantastic !! What a terrific giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  150. This is so cool! We carry our ipads everywhere, but we only have wifi, so it’d be great to have internet wherever we go!

  151. No contracts, no committment…YAY!

  152. This would be great to have internet anywhere on the go!!

  153. love to roam and surf anywhere at all

  154. I would be excited to have internet on my laptop wherever I go!

  155. I’d love for all those place with no wifi!

  156. You can try it out free for a year and it provides secure, mobile, super-fast 4G Internet access

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  157. There is great coverage near my house and it would be great to have on the go.

  158. I’d love to try this out because I have unreliable internet at work…and it would ALWAYS be good to have internet available on the go!

  159. I am excited to try it bc our regular internet is not great! It would be nice to try something new.

  160. can I just say “LOVE”????

  161. Ohhhh…..this would be so awesome! :)

  162. I don’t have a smartphone, but would love to access email and the internet on the go, so this would be perfect. I love that so many different types of devices can connect.

  163. This would be great to win!

  164. I would love to have internet where ever, but I would be gifting this to my mom instead. She is currently without.

  165. This is awesome!

  166. I’m excited about this because my current internet subscription has ran out and now it going to be really expensive compared to this

  167. I will be able to take voice lessons via Skype if I have internet access. :)

  168. I’m excited to be able to blog on long road trips over holidays.

  169. Wow! I’d love to have this for my tablet. It would be super useful when we travel.

  170. To be able to GO, as we do so much, would be awesome! Traveling between coasts where our families live and keeping everyone happy in between! Thanks!

  171. Being able to access the internet anywhere, anytime would be an amazing tool for my photography business!

  172. I am excited about it because it’s so cool and convenient to have 4G anywhere – and connect safely and securely! Besides, they are available in my area, yay!

  173. I love being able to connect my PC to the internet from anywhere!

  174. I need this so I can be more mobile rather than wired to a desk.

  175. I would love to be able to have internet access anywhere and stay connected with all of my favorite blogs anywhere anytime! ;)

  176. This would be very useful! :)

  177. This would be something really convenient to have!

  178. I love the price they offer for connection speeds

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