Olympic Snack Ideas

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    Olympic Snack Ideas… edible torches, rings, metals and Team USA pretzel bites!

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve been super excited to watch the upcoming Olympic games. My whole family has been anxiously awaiting the day they start, so we thought it would be fun to make some treats together to watch them on TV.

    My favorite to watch is the gymnastics, of course. I could watch them tumble all day long. So much amazing talent!

    Olympic Snack Ideas... perfect snacks for watching the Olympics with your family!

    Before the opening ceremony my kids and I dreamed up some delicious ideas for the Olympic treats and then headed to our local Kroger to pick up the ingredients.

    They had way too much fun filling up their carts. (I love that they have the little ones they can push.)

    We originally went into the store planning on making one thing and the next thing you knew we each wanted to make something different, so we put together 4 different snacks. Isn’t that how it always goes? ;)

    Olympic Snack Ideas... gathering the elements!

    We thought it would be fun to make our favorite pretzel treats with a yummy twist by adding peanut butter and red and blue candies to support team USA.

    We love the Kroger peanut butter and go through that stuff like crazy. It is so creamy and delicious! It added the perfect flavor to these pretzel bites (recipe below). Kroger has so many awesome private label brands we love.

    Olympic Snack Ideas... Team USA rolo pretzel bites!

    I was excited to see the red, white and blue candies still out. Perfect timing to make these treats!

    Olympic Snack Ideas... these Team USA rolo pretzel bites are so delicious!

    My kids also thought it would be fun to make candy gold metals, torches and rings out of fruit.

    Love these snack and dessert ideas for the Olympics! So fun!

    For the metals we used the pull apart licorice and golden OREO’s to make them. All we did was pull apart the red, white and blue and then flatten it out. Then we took the top cookie off and added the licorice to the middle.

    Olympic Snack Ideas... easy to make gold metals using OREO cookies and twizzlers!

    I think they turned out adorable (and yummy)!
    LOVE these Olympic Snack Ideas... these delicious gold metals made out of OREO'S and twizlers are so fun!

    We also made little torches with ice cream cones and Cheetos. These were my kids favorite. We never buy Cheetos, so this was an extra special snack.
    Olympic Snack Ideas... love these edible torches!

    We also wanted to make a healthy snack, so we placed fruit inside bowls with the Olympic ring colors.

    Olympic Snack Ideas... Olympic "rings" made out of fruit

    We all had a blast enjoying the opening ceremonies together and enjoying our yummy snacks!

    Olympic party snack ideas and desserts on iheartnaptime.net

    I want to hear… which is your favorite sport to watch?


    Olympic Snack Ideas... edible torches, rings, metals and Team USA pretzel bites!

    Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Kroger.

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