One of those days… {Nap Time Diaries}


Today was one of those days that was a little tougher than usual, but as I look back on it I just can’t help but smile.

I’m smiling at Carson who stamped his chubby little toes and left footprints all around the house.

I’m smiling at Emmalyn who had the cutest grin as she dumped baby food all over the clean floors.

I’m smiling at Carson who “colored” mommy on the fridge.


I’m smiling at Emmalyn who dug through my pile of folded laundry.

I’m smiling at Carson who learned how to pour a glass of juice.

I’m smiling at Emmalyn as she waddled across the floor.

I’m smiling at these two as they lay fast asleep.

(Photo done by the talented Brittany from Momentology Photography)

At the end of  “one of those days,” all  I can do is look back and smile. 

My kids are truly the greatest blessing in my life! 

What made you smile today?!

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11 comments on “One of those days… {Nap Time Diaries}”

  1. They are the most beautiful children. I can see how you would just have to smile. Merry Christmas

  2. I am grateful,but also feeling a little guilty, to have read this post. Grateful because at some points, my day was much the same. Guilty because I didn’t just smile. I found myself over reacting and getting angry and irritable. This was a good reminder that some day I will miss all those crazy little moments and I need to be thankful for each moment…and just smile.

    • Thanks for your comment Heather! During the day I’m usually not smiling at these things… especially when there was sticky juice everywhere. LOL! But it’s true one day we will miss all these crazy moments through out our day. And at the end of the day I just couldn’t help but laugh as I told my husband all these stories from our day.

  3. I had one of those days yesterday also!(something in the air, maybe?), but after a day like that, this morning was a little bit hard, I walked out of my room and in the living room sat my husband and teenaged daughter, talking. That never happens in the morning and other than making sure my daughter is up, I do not see either one of them before I leave the house. It was very nice, made my day, until as I went to leave, I said “good bye my family, minus one(kinda stuttering on the minus one).” My son is a freshmen in college and I am having a hard time with it….My husband looked at me, knowing that this could possibly be the melt down that him & I have been waiting for for a couple of weeks now!!!! He said to me “he will be home in a week” as I said, “I miss my boy”. Yes, there were tears, but no melt down(yet), just a reminder that I CAN DO THIS. Our children are the most precious gifts and no matter how or what they do to add to the excitement of our days, or how fast they grow, we so need them as much as they always need us. Your children helped you to make great memories yesterday. My family this morning, made me realize that no matter how bad a day(mine was work), that there are always reasons to smile. Thanks for sharing your smile story. Sorry I rambled on, but the tears have dried up and I texted my son and got a (love you Mom)text back. I’m good!!! Merry Christmas.

    • Thanks Lisa for sharing your story! I agree our children are our most precious gifts. They do grow so fast, don’t they?! They I love you’s sure make it all worth it! Hope you have a Merry Christmas {so exciting your son will be home!}

  4. Love the picture of your kiddos! My oldest son who turns 6 today made me smile today!

  5. Oh my. I had one of those days too!! My 1 year old daughter screaming hysterically because she’s got a cold. And then my son dumped 2 jars of my Martha Stewart glitter ALL over the family room and kitchen. THEN drank a whole bottle of red food coloring. He looked like he had a flouride treatment.

  6. Beautiful photo.
    I often have one of those days.

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