One of those days… {Nap Time Diaries}

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  • Today was one of those days that was a little tougher than usual, but as I look back on it I just can’t help but smile.

    I’m smiling at Carson who stamped his chubby little toes and left footprints all around the house.

    I’m smiling at Emmalyn who had the cutest grin as she dumped baby food all over the clean floors.

    I’m smiling at Carson who “colored” mommy on the fridge.

    I’m smiling at Emmalyn who dug through my pile of folded laundry.

    I’m smiling at Carson who learned how to pour a glass of juice.

    I’m smiling at Emmalyn as she waddled across the floor.

    I’m smiling at these two as they lay fast asleep.

    (Photo done by the talented Brittany from Momentology Photography)

    At the end of  “one of those days,” all  I can do is look back and smile. 

    My kids are truly the greatest blessing in my life! 

    What made you smile today?!

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