Please tell me I’m not the only one…


Last night as I was cleaning, I see my son carrying a few toys  into our room. My husband was in there so I thought he was bringing him a few toys to play with. Well after a few trips of Carson carrying toys and not hearing anyone talk I got a little suspicious. Silence with my son means trouble! Well turns out my husband locked himself in the the other room to study for finals and Carson had  discovered his “alone” time. He decided to stack everything he could find in a huge pile. Oh boy…


Honestly… I just had to laugh!

I’m totally the mom that whips out her camera (I always keep my phone in my pocket) to capture the moment. My mom tells us about a time my little brother frosted our ENTIRE couch with a couple tubs of frosting and she has nothing to prove it. I have tons of picture to prove it and these picture are SO going on his wedding video! muwahaha.


Look at this little trouble maker…


Flooding our house…


Throwing bits of play dough across our entire house…


Flushing anything and everything down the toilet..


Dumping laundry detergent out…


Stuffing pens in the printer…


Okay now this is him just being Mr. independent and making a “cute” mess.


Here he is almost causing another flood.


Eating yogurt with his toes…


Breaking mommy’s things…

Starred Photos5

 This boy is into anything and EVERYTHING! If I leave him alone for one minute I am in big trouble!


It’s a good thing he’s  cute… that’s all I gotta say! Winking smile

Please tell me he’s not only one…

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132 comments on “Please tell me I’m not the only one…”

  1. What a cutie! He sounds just like my boys, they are 2 and in to everything! I get worried when they go quiet or run into the room really fast, but like your little one, they are just so cute they get away with it!

    • haha I know. Quiet is definitely a BAD sign! The first time it happened I thought… Oh he’s being so nice and quiet. Little did I know!! ;)

  2. Okay, so I have to say you are a lot better than me under pressure! When my twin boys do something similar I am just so freaked out I can’t think of anything but fixing it, not getting out my camera! lol There are so many things I wish I had pictures of now, like the sofa covered in chocolate syrup. :) Thanks for sharing! Chris

    • haha oh man I don’t know about that . I definitely have to learn patience with this little boy.
      Chocolate Syrup… That would of been a good picture!! lol

  3. So not alone!!! lol What a doll


  4. Oh my gosh, he is into alot, isn’t he??? I have my first boy (just turned 2) after two girls, and wow are they different. They definitely get into more mischief. I have to say that Carter hasn’t done quite as much as your son has, but then again he only just turned 2, so I am sure he will find a way to make some big messes! I love that you took all those pictures. He is just adorable – I think I’d let him get away with just about anything =)

    • haha yes!! I think he got his mamas creativity and his dads brains. He thinks of everything! Let’s hope Carter stays innocent though. Much easier on mom. :)

  5. Thanks for my morning laugh. My niece was caught drinking, like a dog, out of the dog bowl. What does my sister do, yea, she grabbed the camera. These pictures are priceless and he is just too cute.

  6. I think I know the feeling. My daughter still 8 months old, but she can already make a loooooooot of mess. And it also the same, if she’s nice, quiet and not making any noise, I know something is wrong, and usually end up with finding a piece of paper or tissue in her mouth.
    I think I might want to get pocket camera as well, so I can capture her “messy” moment. Since I don’t know how to use my husband’s fancy camera :p

    • haha oh no my son started at 8 months to. As soon as he started crawling I was in trouble!! And ya definitely a pocket camera. Some moms probably think I’m crazy for taking pictures.. but it’ll be fun to look back on and remember this stage.

  7. Thank god i am not the only one. This is a great post. My son is 2 years he does everything same. I always used to thing capturing them…I really enjoyed the post.

  8. LOL….Nooooooo you are not alone!!! My middle child who is now 13 was just like thisw…….he had a scissor fetish for quite some time. He cut my phone line while I was talking on the phonew, cut the shower curtain in half and I didn’t notice til I got in the shower and half the curtain was gone. Cut his older brothers hair…..never figured out WHY his brother let him but it was awful. And then there was the dump phase……a whole bottle of shampoo in the shower floor…I like to have broke my neck since it was clear shampoo,

    I could go on and on as I have 5 boys….thank goodness they are old enough to clean messes they make now…

    • haha oh BOYS! My son has discovered scissors too. I have to hide them ALL! And yes shampoo and bubbles have to be hidden too! Wow 5 boys you must be a saint! :)

  9. OMG! He is so cute! That’s what I used to say about my baby girl when she would never stop crying….it’s a good thing she’s so precious! LOL.

  10. Great for photo ops — not so great for mom and dad! He is just too cute though!

  11. wow, he into a bit more than mine and I have got my hands full with a tough 2 year old. But it seems like you are doing great with it all cheers to you. And yes he is so cute!

  12. Mary@ Redo 101 Reply

    Ha! I always say God makes ’em really cute at this age because if they weren’t so darn cute, you wouldn’t be able to stand them!!! And yes, as Tonya just said, it’s totally a boy thing – everything in my house/yard/car has been destroyed. Sometimes I say, “Why do you destroy things?” but alas, he has no answer :) Thanks for sharing the fun!

  13. Mary @ Redo 101 Reply

    Thanks for hosting another great linky party! I’m all linked up and off to visit for some eye candy and to leave some comment love :)

  14. omgosh! I can totally understand the need for chocolate at nap times!!! One day we will miss this stuff, right?!? lol!

  15. You’ve got a little human wrecking ball on your hands! ha ha ha He is adorable! And no, you are most definitely not alone. Like you, I take pictures of it ALL too :)

  16. Oh my, I was right there with you on the first picture…but then I kept scrolling down, down, down. You must have the patience of a saint! But you totally deserve the “Mom of the Year” award for keeping a sense of humor about it!

  17. You are so not alone. My little man does this all the time! I have plenty of pictures to prove it. I love the first picture of your little guy! Boys are trouble, that’s all there is to say!

  18. I saw it all the time…it’s a good thing they are cute because if not…I will say that yours does get into a lot more stuff than mine do (we’ve had not real toliet issues yet) but the piling everything up into one room…happens EVERYDAY!?!? Where they find some of the stuff I have no clue…

    when i hear silence I have to say a little prayer!!!

    Have a great week!

    • haha love it! That was the first time he built a pile… and it’s happened every day since. I told him yesterday you can pile all the pillows you want to but nothing else.

  19. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! My nephew, 2 years old, dismantled the vacuum cleaner with a fork, took the batteries out of the baby’s toy (and ate them), wrote on the BRAND NEW stained-glass hurricane-proof entry door with silver and red SHARPIES, took an entire watermelon off the counter and was about to dissect it with a butcher knife at 2am when he was caught – and that was just in one week! Boy howdy, y’all have your hands full! :)

  20. You are so not alone!!! I love that you took pictures of each thing he did!!! Once my nieces unloaded a huge tub of Vaseline all over their heads and bodies….I would have killed for a picture of that!

  21. I love that you have documented all his mischief with photos! I laughed at every single image! My two year old daughter is very smart and creative so leaving her alone is like scheduling a tornado. Good luck with your cutie!

  22. OH MY GOODNESS, he is a doll! You are so not alone. I have twin boys that are now 4 1/2, and they were totally into everything when they were little. What one didn’t think of, the other one did. I was so stressed out back then because there were two of them. I wish I would have taken pictures. I never thought I would look back and laugh about everything, and wish I still had proof. Your little boy is darling, and is SO curious, I think that is a sign of brilliance :)

  23. Ahahaha!! This made me laugh!! What a cutie patootie he is!! Too funny about putting the shoes in the toilet!

    Delighted Momma

  24. My oldest is a girl, so I’m not used to boys’ antics yet. I gave birth to my second child in March of 2010, an amazing little boy. From what I hear from mommies of boys around the world… I better get ready for bigger messes, sneakier sneakiness, more crazy energy and lots of broken stuff. :) Your pics confirm all that I’ve been hearing.

  25. holy buckets. ok I take back anything I ever said about my son being ornery LOL I know that kids get into things…but I have to laugh. You have your little hands full, mama! Bless your heart about not taking it too seriously!

  26. You’re not the only one =) I think it’s totally a boy thing to take apart, destroy, test, climb, and collect a number of things. I have two boys myself, I know what you’re going through, haha!

  27. I don’t have any kids, but I thought this was so adorable! I love that you don’t just get angry and freak out but manage to stay calm and take pictures! Isn’t that how the saying goes “keep calm and take pictures!” ; )

  28. My oldest boy started walking at 8 months. I put bells on his shoes and put his shoes on every day. When the bells stopped jingling, I went running…. Saved me a lot of grief. When our daughter came along and started walking, I put bells on her shoes, too. After running a number of times when the jingling stopped and finding her quietly reading a book or playing with her dollies, I took them off. Boys and girls are definitely different… Gotta love them all.

  29. OH. MY. GOSH!!
    Thank you for sharing this!! It definitely gave me a smile; I can’t believe he did ALL that!! I love the first flooding pic of him exiting the bathroom all wet and a look of success on his face..haha! And stuffing pens in the printer and pulling off keyboar keys?!? At a certain point, you just laugh because what else can you do? :)

    Just to prove you are not alone, check this:

    • haha I know his face when i walked in was classic!! mission accomplished! haha and yes sometimes you just gotta laugh. life would be boring other wise..

  30. My daughter was only 13.5 months when my son was born (he will be 4 Wed- sad!!) She quickly learned that when I was nursing her brother, that she had free reign. One day, she coated herself and the bathroom in baby lotion. Another, she dumped a gallon, yes a GALLON of vegetable oil all over the kitchen floor. Trying to catch & remove a 13.5 month old from an oily slippery mess was like trying to catch a greased pig!! I laughed until I cried…then I called my husband to come home & help me clean up! :) Thankfully now that they are 5 & almost 4, I don’t worry as much when I’m nursing their new sister! (3 months tomorrow!)

  31. Ha…too funny! You are not alone! It reminds me of my second born…and she was a girl, so I so was not expecting it! One of my favorites once when she unrolled all the toilet paper rolls in the bathroom! We have pics of her sad face when we told her she had to roll them all back up! :) And then there was the time she decided to face paint her baby sister green for St. Patrick’s Day! It was crazy! At one point I even considered removing EVERYTHING from her bedroom, because she’d empty everything out of drawers, etc during the night! But one day you’ll look back and laugh and actually miss it! She’s in high school now and very sweet…and calm! :)

    • haha i’m hoping my girl is more calm!! that’s what i figure.. there not little very long. i try to teach him right from wrong… but he is just one exploring boy!

  32. WOW! I think that’s all I can say.

  33. Patricia Dominguez Reply

    You are not the only one, LOL>>> I have a toddler that is just as curious as your little guy! Only, he hasn’t shoved anything down any toilets lately!

  34. He is cute and no unfortunately he is not the only one! My worst one is now a mommy of her own adorable monsters and payback is tough! She did all those things and cut off her long beautiful hair numerous times…to the scalp and at the most inopportune times! Like my sisters wedding ect. Love that girl though! Good luck and remember it takes high intelligence to think of all those things and explore for the answers!

    • oh my gosh to the scalp… how sad!! i have a feeling this will probably happen in the future since i’m a hair dresser and they see me cutting peoples hair. haha and yes it definitely takes some intelligence!

  35. No wonder you love naptime! Haha! I have a 28 month old and a 14 month old. I always take pictures of them getting into messes before telling them no – probably totally confusing them!

  36. These pictures are PRICELESS!! Love it!!

  37. Nope, definitely not alone. Unfortunately the older they get the “child-proofing” doesn’t even help the little bit that it once did. I try to keep good humor about my 5 year-old doing things like that, but it tends to teach my 2 year-old that it’s okay for her to do those things too. I am definitely with you on the keeping pictures for future use! :)

  38. hahahahaha! He is DEFINITELY not the only one! My he sure is, um, “busy” though. I’d suggest putting a bell on him, but that’s just one more thing to flush. :) I think that amount of curiosity is a sign of high intelligence. :)

  39. Oh man I’m so terrified of having boys for this reason. Although I know girls can be just as naughty. He sure is cute though! He’s just active and likes the explore new things :) gosh he sure is cute…making a mess or not! You are such a good mom. I would probably be at my wits end only because I HATE messes. I’m sure my personality will change a hundred fold when I have kids lol. He will love this pictures when he’s older!!

    • lol i know seriously! I used to be such a clean freak!! I hate messes. But honestly I’ve learned to let a few things go. I tidy during nap time and then once he’s in bed. Then when he’s awake it’s just messy! haha

  40. Wow. You just gave me flashbacks. My Buddy was EXACTLY the same way. Into everything and with an insatiable curiosity, but just so dang cute it was hard to stay mad for long. He’s 15 now. That curiosity has taken on a level of intensity that’s hard to explain. Good luck and get your rest when you can. You’re probably going to need it.
    From one Been There, Done That Mom to another!

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      haha thanks i’m going to need it!! oh no… i cannot imagine him as a teenager! yikes!

  41. i am laughing so hard right now!! i keep laughing more and more as i scroll down. i keep saying to myself. done that, done that too!! i am typing on a keyboard with several missing keys!! thanks for sharing. you are not alone, and glad to know that i am not either. silence is always bad here too. my 3 yr old and 2 yr old always find messes!!

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      haha love it!! I’m really so glad I’m not the only one. I’ve replaced one computer and 2 key boards now. man oh man!

  42. WHAT A TERRORIST!!! I just scratched my face off! I keep telling myself we are ready for kids, but I am not. I probably would have lost my mind if that was my child! HIGH FIVE to you for being such a calm, positive mother….and your right – thank goodness he is adorable!

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      lol!! yes it is definitely a good thing he is so cute and has a ((sweet)) side to him! All the loves and kisses make it all worth it! :)

  43. I think you just gave me a glimpse into what I have to look forward with my son!

  44. Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite} Reply

    That is TOO funny! I just did a post about a month ago on my family blog. IT LOOKED JUST LIKE THIS! My daughter is into evrything too. AAAAHHHHH! I too have my camera ready to go…you know something’s gonna happen! I can NEVER leave her alone. Little stinkers. Gotta love ’em! :)

  45. Have you heard of the blog and book &%$* my kid ruined? You will adore it!

  46. This is both funny & freighting! I sent the link of this post to my husband with a message that said…this will be our kid one day. He was always in trouble as a little kid.

    What did he stick in the toilet? Looks like a shirt. You have your hands full! Too bad I don’t live near you & know you in real life…I would give you a break.

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      lol!! Your so sweet! Luckily he still takes two hour naps so I get a nice break. He stuck a whole roll of toilet paper in first and then a few towels. Then he proceed to flush it a few times. All the meanwhile I was chasing around a bee in our house trying to kill it. lol! Seriously 1 minute and my house was flooded!

  47. My little boy is constantly putting silverware between his toes to eat his dinner. Drives me crazy but I am glad to know that he isn’t the only one who does this. Your little ones are precious.

  48. My son used to stack up everything on our couch and say ‘Look mummy I’m playing garbage”. I think it’s the start of a creative career, perhaps engineering…..but he tells me demolition. I think it’s just like life size lego. Must be good for their development but boy it’s hard for a house proud mum to take.

    Have a great week

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      hahaha yes definitely is getting their creative brains working! He’s made a few more piles this week, and I told him he can only make them with pillows from now on. we’ll see if it works. :)

  49. I don’t have any kids, but I’d have to say this trumps my mom catching me jumping off our garage roof top into our 4ft. above ground pool in NJ (i think i was 8) … which grew to be bridge jumping in my tweens! GOOD LUCK! xo

    :D Lynda

  50. My little girl, 2 and 1/2 knows how to make a mess and make trouble, but boy oh boy is your little guy quite the trouble maker, lol! I’ve got a 7 month old baby boy, though, and he is already way more of handful at this age than his sister was!

  51. Ha ha, about half those photos look like they could have come out of our family album…love the eating yogurt with toes!

  52. Oh my gosh he is crazy adorable! I have a little terror myself…I know how you feel sister. Your daughter is too precious!

  53. Jamielyn your babies are SO CUTE!!! Carson is a cute lil stinker, that’s for sure! I have a girl and she isnt too terrible about getting into things…but I only have one! Im sure if I had two she’d get away with more … Im sure of it! I hear this is pretty normal for boys…mischievous, curious, adventurous…. I love that you take the time to take photos of his “adventures!” Memorable moments for sure!

  54. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! This is totally what my daughter would do if I didn’t keep a careful eye on her and doors closed at all times!! Ah, but it makes life so much more…interesting, and fun. I wonder what life would be like if I had a child that just sat around quiet all the time. Your kids are cuties!

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      haha I know! I have to keep a careful eye on him, but its always that one time he knows exactly what to do!! I do have a friend and her child just sits around all day… and I have to say I think I like it better the other way.

  55. My kiddies do the same. Once i found Miss 2 in the bath tub with every single towel, toy, plant, and decorative item (bar the electric ones ;) ) in the bath with her. I had stepped out of the room for two seconds which was just enough time to fill the tub. I laughed, what else can you do.

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      haha yeah… there’s really no point in yellng. I figure they’re just kids, and he’s only two! But yeah it really only does take seconds!

  56. Hahah This is good birth control! :) Cute but so glad I don’t have one yet :)

  57. Mine pulls my keys off my keyboard too… Ugh. My “E” is super stiff and I really have to proof read now to make sure I don’t have a bunch of words missing “e”s. And I no longer have a 4… awesome, right? And he just moved to a toddler bed, so I can’t lock him in his crib prison any more. I think he’s three times as much trouble now that he can get out of bed on his own!! Oh, boys! =] Love ’em!

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      haha oh no… I keep holding off on switching him to the big boy bed. he can climb out, but knows he’s not supposed to, so he rarely does. but i can only imagine when we make the switch!

  58. Shileen @ The Wonder Woman Challenge Reply

    That is exactly what I used to say to my kids especially my youngest who is now 18 … and that is…. “it’s a darn good thing you are so cute!” ha ha ha =)

  59. When my children were small they totally covered my bathroom in shaving cream, and yes, I got a picture, laughed, and then had them clean it up.!

  60. You are NOT the only one! In fact, reading this post and looking at all the pictures just made me feel a whole lot better about all the stuff I put up with! He’s flooded our bathroom more than once, actually ruining our vanity. He put a whole new bag of baby wipes in the toilet to purposely plug it so he could use the plunger to then fling water everywhere… he wrote on our couch with sharpie, he constantly piles toys and blankets and such in the hallway, he throws toilet paper bits all over the place, you can’t let him near cd’s or dvd’s, he’s pulled apart my wooden planter outside and trailed the potting soil everywhere, he took the shoelaces and strings out of all his sweatshirts and tied them together… I could go on and on and on!!! :) We should have a link party where mom’s of boys can link up their horror stories with pictures. Wait a minute. I think I’m totally going to do that. And you’re invited!
    bugaboo, mini, mr & me

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      haha oh my goodness! you have a little tornado maker at your house too! to bad we aren’t neighbors!! you should totally throw a link party, let me know when you do it!

  61. Oh my, we don’t have to worry about the toilet yet because its gated off, but everytime I leave the room my little guy (2) is into or ontop of everything. He was literally sitting on the counter one time with a sharpe, and he loves to tackle his 1-year-old sister anytime I turn around, usualy they both laugh, but when I am out of the room she is less tha thrilled :). So glad I am not the only one. Thanks for sharing.

  62. This post made me laugh out loud when I saw these pics, cause it was just yesterday when I caught my 2 year old son in the bathroom flushing his toys down the toilet. Trust me, you are NOT alone!

  63. DEFINITELY NOT!!! I’m saving all of Alie’s “I’m such an innocent princess” pics for future reference too! :)

  64. Those pictures are a riot!!! I think in those situations all you can do is laugh so you don’t break down and lose it with little ones! I feel your pain – you are NOT alone!

  65. LOL, what a cutie.. and he makes his own sandwiches at an early age!
    You’re not alone. I’ve had mine play slip and slide with oil, decorate a room with toothpaste, tried to recreate birth of man on my wall with markers (not), re-potting my plants into the carpet.. with 5 kids I could go on and on! I’m pregnant with my 6th now so I wonder what he’s going to be like!

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      haha yes he is definitely mr. independent! haha oh man slip and slide with oil. please say it was not inside! ah what a mess to clean up. so glad i’m not alone. :) good luck with your 6th. I’ve always wanted 6.. but we’ll just have to see. I’m thinking 4 now. :)

  66. Love this post! I laughed so hard, I had tears running. My oldest son was like that. You couldn’t leave him alone for a minute. If he was quiet, you knew something was going on. I would take 30 seconds to pee, and he’d be able to paint nail polish half way through the walls of the whole house. He was just so darn fast. Thanks for the laughs and the trip down memory lane.

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      haha anytime! ;) gosh they are fast aren’t they!! it really does only take 30 seconds. It’s like they’re plotting it on in their brain.. they when mommy runs to the bathroom BAM! lol

  67. here is the post i told you about last night…..nope youre totally not the only one!

  68. I love this post. No, you are not the only one. I have two of these!!! My twin boys are two and they are literally non-stop. We also have twins girls who are five and I always say that they were false advertising because they are so good. My husband says if the boys were first we would only have two kids. I have a feeling that when they all become teenagers that the rols will reverse.

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      oh my gosh i could not imagine two of him! you must be super mama! how fun though.. they will be best buds!

  69. OKay seriously? BEST POST i’ve seen all day! I could not stop laughing! My little girl is turning 1 year next month and i can already tell she’s going to be *my* little handful.

    Thanks for the good laugh after a long day :)

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      haha yup i knew it when he was 8 months old and started ripping toilet paper down. i hear girls are a little more calm though. good luck!!:)

  70. These pics make me laugh, I can totally relate!!

  71. Oh my gosh i am totally with you!! My son is incredibly sneaky! As soon as i saw the picture of your son going through the wallet i was like “yup it must be a boy thing!” My son will single handily destroy every room in a matter of minutes! I hope he is getting out of this phase since he will be turning 3. But Ive got another one coming that is almost walking. Its just the joys of motherhood i guess! =]

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      hahaha yup!! I have a feeling as soon as Carson outgrows this stage my little girl will be right there. I just have to remind myself I will miss this stage when they get older. :)

  72. oh my, You are sooo not alone. I have pics of both my kiddos playing in the toilet, and pics of my son when he dumped out the whole canister of sugar on the floor and was just pleased as punch when I took pics. Oh and my daughter in my make up and once she dumped a whole bag of flour on our chair in the livingroom and thought it would be fun to play in it….yup got pics of all of it…LOL Kids are hoot!

  73. This is the funniest post ever!!!!

  74. You are not the only one! Yesterday my boy filled his gumboots (rubber boots) with orange juice, well actually just one boot. Then took his orange dinosaur stamp to a picture hanging on the wall, the picture said “Keep Calm and Carry On”, good advice based on the situation I think!
    There was definitely an orange theme yesterday, it is also his favourite colour!
    Yes boys, gotta love them!

  75. I am sooo glad I found your blog. My almost 2 year old is so Naughty!!! He’s gotten the iron out of the laundry room and plugged it in and burnt his hand, drawn all over the walls and my white cabinets with crayons, permanent marker and a wood stain pen. he’s climbed on the counter gotten into the knives and murdered all the bananas, has tried to peel potatoes, Make toast (which happened yesterday I was feeding his little brother and smelled something burning and thought to myself “I’m not cooking anything?” I run into the kitchen to find him standing on his little table with a empty bread bag and flames coming up out of the toaster. Somedays I just want to weep lol.

  76. Dalys-Burundanguitas Reply

    Hi jamilyn,

    I feel very emphatic, yes I am. I have a 4 yo lil girl, and sometimes I think that I am getting crazy and crazier every day because of her “inspiration ideas” (as she says, could you believe it?)
    When she was two one day she took my lipstick and paint in the sofa, other day she took her crayons and paint all the walls of the house ALL. Well, I think all kids at some point have this kind of “creative moments”, but what can I say I love my lil girl just the way she is, with her ocurrencies, and all her stuff. I wont change a thing of her. no no no.
    kids are the best for a mom. tks for sharing your mommy issues. :)
    rgds, dalys

  77. For goodness sakes! I am just glad I am not the only one that has a precious, rambunctious little boy. Daven and Carson could be best friends destroying one space at a time. “/

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  85. Absolutely adorable. As I sit here this morning waiting for my son to arrive home from his freshmen year of college, I think back and oh, do I ever wish for those days back! Boys are very busy, but as with you, my two are only 20 months apart, so as soon as his sister could keep up with her brothers “fun”, she did too!!!! I do have some pictures also. My son is such a sweet, sweet boy, just like he was from the very beginning, but I ‘m not sure they ever out grow it completely…..Quick story, a couple of years ago, I was laying on the couch reading(a thing you can do once the kids hit their teenage years!) and I happen to fall asleep when the phone rang. I jumped up, startled that I had actually fallen asleep, and it my son on the other end, “Mom, come out on the deck”, so I do, with him still on the phone, and he says, “look over by the garage in the really tall tree”. There he was, at the age of 17, wanting me to see him repell down a huge tree. Boys will always be boys and always want their moms to see their antics. P.S. he called me from his cell phone! Enjoy, they do grow up and you will still love to hear about the silly things they do in college, but we just can’t be there to take the pictures….Oh, and don’t ask them to take pictures, they get really mad. I sent Jake a package this week for his birthday and I put dollar bills into 19 balloons for his 19th birthday and put them in a box. When he texted that he got the package and thought it was “fun”, I said please send me a picture of your pile of dollars. He did, but the caption says please take your own pictures before…..

    • LOL! Thanks so much for sharing your story. I can just picture that “please take your own pictures before…” hehe. Boys will be boys, won’t they?! And we will always worry about them. :) I really appreciate your comment. XO

  86. OMGosh, I totally thought I was the only one!!!! My toilet had to be taken off because my son flushed some toys and they got stuck causing the toilet to continually overflow! He colored on his toy box yesterday so I told him to take a baby wipe and go clean it up, about 5 minutes later he came back with a wad of used baby wipes and the empty container. He used an entire BRAND NEW container of wipes to clean up a little crayon mess. He stuck paper clips into my printer and put dirty silverware back into the silverware drawer… boys will be boys though!

  87. Oh…my goodness…He sounds just like my 3 year old…My husband had to totally replace my laptop keyboard because my son did that exact same thing….He also dumped about 5-8 cups of flour on the floor one day after I had sat down while waiting for the bread to rise…He blew the sifted powdered sugar all over him and me on day when making a pie…and one day he painted himself blue…when he was supposed to be painting on paper…And quiet is definitely a bad sign…you better run if it is quiet. Some days I remember to grab the camera, but not always….

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