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Pocket Hand Warmers by Stef from Girl. Inspired. for I Heart Naptime
DIY pocket hand warmers on iheartnaptime.com ...these would make a great handmade gift!

It’s great to be able to sew up some simple, yet functional gifts for friends and family!  The winter season calls for gifts that keep us cozy and warm and these pocket hand warmers are just the thing to pop into stockings this year.  Make these with flannel, recycled sweaters, or fleece and you’ll have just the thing to make trips out in the cold just a tad more inviting!

DIY pocket hand warmers on iheartnaptime.com ...these would make a great handmade gift!


fabric pieces – each pair of hand warmers requires four 4 1/2″ squares of fabric
sheet of paper for making a funnel
rice or ceramic pie weights
embroidery floss and needle


DIY pocket hand warmers on iheartnaptime.com ...these would make a great handmade gift!

Step 1:  Cut four pieces of fabric into 4 1/2″ squares.  Match right sides together and sew 1/4″ from the edge around each set of two squares.  Leave a 1″ opening in the side of each square for turning and filling.  Clip corners.

DIY pocket hand warmers on iheartnaptime.com ...these would make a great handmade gift!

Step 2:  Turn each square right side out, gently pushing out the corners with a chopstick.  Form a cone with a 1/2″ opening in the tip from your piece of paper – use tape to secure the cone in its shape.  Fill 2/3-3/4 full with rice.  You can also use ceramic pie weights (although they can be pricey), particularly if you’re using a sweater material with a looser weave.

DIY pocket hand warmers on iheartnaptime.com ...these would make a great handmade gift!

Step 3:  Hand stitch the opening closed (click here for detailed hand sewing instructions).

Pocket-Hand-Warmers on iheartnaptime.com

Step 4:  Use embroidery floss to stitch a decorative blanket stitch around the perimeter of each square.  Begin by poking your needle with knotted end into the top seam along the edge of the square.  Poke it back out about 1/4″ from the edge on the “back side” of the square.  Now, bring the needle back around to the front side of the square and poke it straight through from front to back.

Pocket-Hand-Warmers on iheartnaptime.com

Step 5:  Pull the floss most of the way through the back.  Before pulling it tight, notice the loop of thread.

Pocket-Hand-Warmers on iheartnaptime.com

Step 6:  Pull the needle through the loop from back to front and pull tight.

Pocket-Hand-Warmers on iheartnaptime.com

Step 7:  Continue stitching front to back and pulling the thread through the loop on each stitch.  You’ll notice the running stitch which should be placed along the seam edge of the square and then each front to back stitch.  Try to keep the stitches evenly spaced for best results.

DIY pocket hand warmers on iheartnaptime.com ...these would make a great handmade gift!


And you’re done!  Wrap a pair up with a little instructional note.  To use, just pop the hand warmers in the microwave for a couple minutes and they’re ready to stick in your pockets for lasting warmth out in the cold!!

Thanks, friends!  Stay warm and have a wonderful holiday season!!  I’d love to see you over at Girl. Inspired for more cozy holiday ideas:

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16 comments on “Pocket Hand Warmers”

  1. I need to make some of these! My hands are always freezing in the winter!

  2. It’s like you read my mind – I was just wondering if this would be possible for my little ones. Their hands are often cold but they don’t want to wear mittens!

  3. Can’t wait to try this!  Gonna make this for my hunting hubby. He’ll love it :)

  4. that’s so nice. I really like this. thank you for sharing

  5. Hello! Just a quick note that I pinned this page ages ago and even bought the fabric to make them! I absolutely loved the fabric you chose! They are finally in the process! I wrote about them at: https://faithtrustandbreastcancer.blogspot.com/2016/10/philippians-122-hand-warmers.html and linked right back to you! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Can you tell me where you bought this fabric? I know it was posted a while ago but if you remember I’d like to see if I can still find it! Thanks!

    • I don’t recall the name of the fabric nor who made it, but I buy most of my thick flannel from local quilt shops or on online quilt shops. Robert Kaufman makes some very delicious, amazingly soft flannels. Big box craft stores usually carry some flannels, too, just not as luxurious as what you’ll find in a quilt store. Happy making!

  7. Hi, Stefanie.

    I am a librarian at a public library and wondered if I could use your pocket hand warmers image for an adult program? I would use it for posters around the library and social media posts about the program.

    Thanks, Krystal.

  8. Inside have 6 pair or 5 pair? it stated 6 pair on your product title but faq told 5 pair? tq

  9. Would like to try making these as they sound like a good gift. About how many uses do you get out of the hand warmers? 

  10. How long do they stay warm for??

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