Popsicle Match

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  • Hi everyone! I’m Kiki from Kiki and Company and I am so excited to be here for this fun summer event! My kiddos and I have been enjoying summer vacation so far and one of the reasons is we’ve had a lot of fun little games to play. Today I am showing you a quick matching game that kids of any age can play and have fun with!

    Popsicle Match game from Kiki and Company for iheartnaptime.com

    It’s filled with all kinds of popsicles..

    Popsicle Match game from Kiki and Company for iheartnaptime.com

    with fun patterns and colors to make it easy for the youngest playing.

    Popsicle Match game from Kiki and Company for iheartnaptime.com

    Making this popsicle match game is super easy.


    • Free Printables at the end of the post
    • Scissors
    • Spray Glue (or any other kind of adhesive)
    • Small popsicle sticks


    1. Download, print and cut out popsicle tops.
    2. Spray glue (or use your choice of adhesive) to cover both the backs of the popsicles. (Put one Yellow, blue and orange striped on front and a pattern on the back)
    3. Place popsicle stick on one side of the glue and place the other side of the popsicle so it matches up with the other, glue side to glue side.
    4. Repeat for each one and you are done!

    Popsicle Match game from Kiki and Company for iheartnaptime.com

    Have fun playing with your kiddos. I love having each of my 5 playing next to me. Matching is the best game because a 1 year old can play it and an 11 year old can play it and still have fun! :)

    Popsicle Match game from Kiki and Company for iheartnaptime.com

    To download these files, click on the link below:

    Summer Popsicle Match Front

    Summer Popsicle Match Back

    I hope you have the most wonderful summer!


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    DIY Summer Matching Game





    I’m Kiki, wife to superdad and mom of 5 happy amazing kids. I love creating of all kinds, but my two favorite are sewing and designing. I love sharing what I create with others hoping to inspire others to get out and make something themselves and in turn, inspiring others and myself. I love this crazy beautiful life I have and hope you will come along for the ride.You can follow Kiki and Company on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter or come visit my Shop!



    Huge THANKS to Kiki for sharing this fun matching game during our Hello Summer Event! Click HERE to see more ideas from the event.

    Hello Summer Event I Heart Naptime

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