How to to make a tutu -Girls tutu tutorial


How to to make a tutu in just a few easy steps! This will take you no time at all and is very inexpensive to make.

DIY tutu tutorial -so easy to make!

{ Tu tu tutorial }


DIY tutu tutorial -so easy to make!

These tu-tu’s have to be one of the easiest things to make, and they always turn out SUPER cute! You can get creative by mixing colors and ribbons.

Every girl deserves a party skirt!


  • 1/2 inch elastic band
  • 1-2 rolls of tulle
  • ribbon (optional
  • sewing machine or sew glue

Want learn how to make a tu-tu? Let me show you how, it’s simple.

how to make a tu-tu with elastic

First you’ll need to start out with an elastic band (1/2 in – 1 in works best). These come in packs at Jo-Ann’s for about $2. Measure your child’s waist and cut the piece of elastic 1 in bigger. Then you will sew the ends together.

how to make a tu-tu skirt

Next you’ll cut your tulle (use the kind on spools-found mine at HL). I cut mine 18 inches for a 3 month old. Decide how long or short you want yours and measure accordingly.

how to make a tu-tu

Next you’ll tie a double knot around the elastic. I did a pattern of white-pink-white polka dot- pink – white and so on until I got all the way around. You can get creative here and do as many colors as you’d like…however I prefer to stick to 2-3 colors. Also make sure to slide the knots real close together to get the puffy tu-tu.

making a tu-tu

I wanted to add just a little bit of ribbon, so I tied a thin piece of ribbon next to the polka dot tulle. So it ended up being about a 5-1 ratio or tulle to ribbon. Again get creative here. Big fat ribbon looks super cute as well.

That’s all! Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!?

Miss Emmalyn looooved her new tu-tu.

baby tu-tu

Gosh I love this little girl.

how to make a tu-tu skirt

Look how happy she is. She loves it as much as  I do.

Now she’s all ready for our Valentines Day Party!

This is the perfect Party Tu-Tu for any occasion.

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74 comments on “How to to make a tutu -Girls tutu tutorial”

  1. A Pretty Life in the Suburbs Reply

    So cute! Great tutorial – now if only I had a baby girl to make this for! I don't think my baby boy would appreciate it!

  2. Yeah, pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  3. Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants Reply

    If that isn't the most perfect Valentine, I don't know what is!!! Adorable. I love the shirt, did you make that too?

  4. So cute! I love it!

  5. David and Haylee Skaggs Reply

    So cute, I love the shirt! Did you make it, or where did you get it?!

  6. Adorable – and makes my heart smile! And the tu-tu is cute too.
    Thanks for sharing, even my 9 year old might like one of these and tulle is on sale at our HL this week.

  7. She is SO cute and I love the pink elephant shirt! Adorable!

  8. LOVE THE TUTU! what a sweet hunny bunches of love! Oh' I love chubby sweet babies. She is gorg. winks-jen

  9. Oh so sweet! I can't wait to make one for my little fancy pants. Darling baby! Thanks for the tutorial.

  10. Did you make the hairbow? I never know how to make anything, so I really appreciate easy tutorials like these!

  11. This is so super cute! Thanks for sharing the tutorial, now I only need a cute baby girl to make one for :)

  12. she is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!

  13. OK I love the tutu and have made plenty but more so I LOBE the matching hair band. It really just put the final touches on the whole cute babhy…and her outfit.

    I would love to know how you made that?


  14. I am another vote for a tutorial on the hairbow. I tried to do something like that, but it came out awful!

    I love the tutu! That is exactly how I would do it too. Your model is absolutely adorable!

  15. Life In The Thrifty Lane Reply

    She is so cute!!!

  16. Ohhh my goodness. Don't you just love to dress her! My daughter is 12 now but I sure did enjoy the days where I could dress them in anything and they didn't complain. Enjoy it. They grow up too fast! TFS. Bug Hugs.

  17. This looks super easy to try! Whee! Thank you so much for sharing. She looks ADORABLE!!

  18. Oh my goodness this is sooo cute! You can bet if I had someone to make this for I would!!

  19. very cute!! i will be making one for ellie:)

  20. Thank you so much for all of these great ideas. I LOVE this so much that I'm going to the store to get the materials so I can make one for the new beautiful baby girl born to a young lady from church this week! Thanks to Shileen for letting me know about your blog. If only I could adopt a baby girl too so I could make one for my own daughter. Of course, I do have a 16 year old dancing daughter…

  21. O my goodness how adorable is she! Love the tu tu, it looks like such a simple one to do! Thank you for sharing!

  22. I added ribbon to a tutu I made today after seeing this post! It turned out really great. I love the way the ribbon looks. I linked to this post in my blog post – hope you'll stop by!

  23. While My Sailors Aweigh Reply

    … and all this time I thought my babies were the cutest babies in the world!! Super cute tutu and one beautiful little baby!!

  24. Awwwww!! So cute. Thanks so much for the tutorial!! :-)

  25. Oh my goodness~~so cute!! this baby girl looks so much my Paige when she was little~~~now she is 16! Time has just flown by..loved the post :))

    Happy Valentine's Day~~

    stopping by via under the table & day dreaming~~
    nice to meet you!

    Kay Ellen

  26. She is so cute! Look at that cute baby smile! What a cute tutu for a cute baby!

  27. love the tutu and the colors you choose but sorry that little baby and her delicious smile is even more adorable than the tutu

  28. Where did you get the polka dot tulle? It makes it extra cute!

  29. Thank you SO much for posting this. I was able to make my first tu-tu for a friend's baby and had a blast doing it. I didn't realize it would be so easy! Thanks again!

  30. This is absolutely beautiful! I'm going to try to make one today :) Is there a tutorial for the headband?

  31. Absolutely precious! I just saw a tu tu on my gg-niece for her first b-day….it was soooo cute! Unfortunately, she's the only baby girl I know right now. I'm trying to think of which little boy I might try to put this on out of desperation just so I can make one!! LOL File this under gift ideas for little girls cause they would love this for their event and for dress-up later. I agree, we need the tut for the hair bow! And, make a matching bow for those granny slippers for their precious little toes. Awwwww, I want a little girl!!!! I'm g-g-ma age :(

  32. You make it look so easy! How much tulle do you think I will need to make these for me, my daughter (2 years-old), and nieces (6 years-old)? Making them for a race!

  33. This is fantastic! Thank you!!

  34. How do you make the headband? love it also i am going to make both, tutu and headband for my great niece and one for a friend both babies are only month old. Thank you so much!! Sherry

    • I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes Reply

      Thanks! For the headband I just cut the tulle down to about 11/2 in by 16 in. I ruffled the tulle and then rolled it up like a flower. You could use sew or hot glue. That’s all. I keep meaning to post a tutorial for this. I will very soon. :)

  35. Precious. Enough said. Thanks for sharing.

  36. I love the added whimsy that the polkadot tulle gives the tutu, and the adorable matching headband! Simply adorable!!

  37. I love this! And that adorable baby, of course. She is such a doll! Maybe next time I’ll get my girl. . .

  38. So cute!! :D thumbs up!
    happy crafting,

  39. I am not seeing the instructions for how to cut the tulle.
    What is the shape??
    Have all the materials I need, have been looking for the pattern and this is perfect.
    Also, do you have more detailed instructions on actually tying the knots?

    • Hey Martha! I used the tulle that is found on spools from Hobby Lobby. It’s already pre-cut 6 in. Make it SO much easier. As far as tying the knots… it really is just a simple double knot around the elastic. Then I pulled the knot to the bottom of the elastic. Hope that helps! Have a good weekend.

      • Hi there!! I love the tutu tutorial …really the whole outfit. Would you mind telling me where you got her onsie and leggings? Thanks!!

  40. And that adorable baby, of course. Thanks Jenn!! Making them for a race! This looks super easy to try!

  41. I would love to know, how you made the hairbow.

  42. Is there a way I can just buy this? Let me know my email address is

  43. Stephanie Daniel Reply

    Is there anyway we can buy this? Let me know

  44. I love everything you have, but I’d really like to know where you got her outfit (leggings and onsie)??
    Thank you,
    Kathy :)

  45. Eliziane Kennett Reply

    Beatiful !!!!!
    I would love to get some tips on how to make that party hat …
    Thank You

  46. I have been looking for a tutu tutorial for a while and I couldn’t have found an easier one. The headband is so adorable too. I can’t wait to make this for my grand daughter. Thank you so much for sharing. BTW, I follow you on Pinterest and subscribe to your e-mail. Oh, The sweet ,beautiful baby is awesome!

  47. More easy Impossible!!!!

  48. Gee, I wish I had visited your site 2 weeks ago when I was looking for an easy way to do a tutu to go over a little girl’s special occasion dress that she was to wear to her grandmother’s wedding. I will be using your idea from now on. I think that my own granddaughters might enjoy a tutu or two. The possibilities are endless for colors (limited only by the colors of tulle and ribbon) you can find. Easter is almost here, I’d better get started. Thanks again for the tutorial!!

  49. Oh! This is soooo adorable. I would have never thought of it, but it is beyond cute. I can see someone making it for special occasions, or even getting the baby’s picture taken in it.

  50. Adorable. I’ve been making tutus for my little girl, but am having a hard time finding the dotted tulle. Can I ask where you got yours? Thank you!

  51. Love this!!! I was wondering if you did a tutorial on the matching headband ?? IF not, is it something you could do in the future???


  52. This is an adorable tutu. I am trying to make this for my daughter but I can not find the white tulle with white polka dots fabric. Where did you find yours? Thank you for your help!!

  53. Love the tutu

  54. Oh my. Is this baby cute or what! Happy baby. Cute tutu.

  55. hi, i plan to make one for my daughter too. ;-) Thanks for the tutorial. Your baby is just too cute

  56. Do you have directions for the matching headband?

  57. Hi , I love the tutu, where can I buy the white small polka dot tulle?

  58. Your daughter is ADORABLE!!! I see that she’s older now but I’m sure she’s just as cute. 

  59. Hi.So happy to find your blog on Pinterest. I so heart this project so I included it on my round-up post about sewing projects you can make for your daughters. You can see the post here,

    Please let me know if I missed something about your blog and do let me know if you want to change or add anything.


    P.s. I’m a new fan ;)

  60. Found this on Pinterest, such a cute little girl. Love the pattern , thanks

  61. Jamielyn Nye, How Miss Emmalyn is doing these days? You truly created a masterpiece with polka dot tulle, ribbon, pink and white color combination and hair band. I can’t take my eyeballs off this fantastic post.


  62. I know this is an old posting but, I just had to say thanks for the cute tutorial. Your baby is so adorable!

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