Puffy Heart Tags

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  • Created by Krisha of Jacks & Kate for I Heart Nap Time.

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m in crunch mode at my house. I don’t know why, but this holiday sneaks up on me every year. My kids and I have been busy making Valentines and these fun puffy heart tags.
    puffy heart tags
    puffy heart tags


    Brown kraft paper
    Scrap fabric
    Glue stick
    Sewing machine

    This is a super fun craft to do with your kids. They can do everything, but will most likely need an adult to help with the sewing. My youngest still needed some help with cutting, but otherwise an easy craft for them.

    First, cut 5 rectangles of kraft paper. I love to use the packing paper that comes in all my deliveries. I actually refer to it as, “paper gold” around here, because it’s that awesome! Next, glue three pieces of the kraft paper together. Then, draw a heart in the middle and cut out.

    Puffy heart tags
    Glue a piece of the scrap fabric to the back of your cut out. Then, glue the remaining two kraft paper rectangles together and place on top of the glued down fabric. Next, sew around the heart, leaving a small opening for stuffing.

    puffy heart tags
    Now, you can puff up your heart by adding some Poly-fil a little at a time, until it’s puffy enough for you.
    puffy heart tags
    Once you’re happy with the stuffing, sew the opening close. Now, draw another heart approximately 1 inch from the puffy heart. Sew along the newly drawn heart and then cut out
    Puffy heart tags
    Punch a hole and add some twine for hanging. Add a special message on the back (This was an afterthought. It, would be much easier to write a message before stuffing the heart).

    Puffy heart tags


    puffy heart tags
    These puffy heart tags would be great to tie on to a gift or just to give to that someone special this year!

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    KrishaHi, I’m Krisha from Jacks & Kate! I’m a stay at home Mom to three kids Jackson 4 {Jacks}, Savannah Kate 3 {Kate}, and Annabelle Louise 1 {Annie or Lulu}. As you might imagine, things can get a little crazy. I sew to keep myself sane! The funny thing is, I used to not like sewing. Even funnier, I still don’t like it all that much. I do however, LOVE creating and designing. That’s where the real fun happens!!

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