Christmas Ribbon Ornaments {CCC}

Hi everyone!
I”m Allison and I blog over at A Glimpse Inside.

I am super excited to be here today sharing these ribbon ornaments.


Would you like to see how to make one for yourself?
Here ya go!

{ Ribbon Ornaments }

-4 inch Styrofoam ball
-Low Temp glue gun (this way it won’t melt the styrofoam)
-Good pair of scissors
-4 spools of ribbon (2 spools of the same for main ribbon and 2 different spools for accents.)
How to:

-Take the main ribbon that will cover the ball and measure out to see how much it will take to go around the ball once.
-Cut both of your main spools to length leaving a little to overlap.
– Glue one end down and pull tight around the ball. Glue other end down.
**Do not place glue along the whole ribbon. You may need to slightly adjust the ribbon in the end to fill gaps.**

-Glue 4 ribbons first in an “X” pattern.
-Then glue four more in the centers where they cross.

-Then fill in the rest of the gaps.

-When completely covered, you may need to slightly shift the ribbon to fill in any gaps.

-Next, take your first accent ribbon and pull it around the center of the ball.
-Cut to length.

-Glue down along the center of the ball.

-Cut more of the accent color to create a loop.
-Place a small dot of glue near the ends to make the loop but do not glue the ends together.

-Spread the ends of the loop and glue down to the top of the ball.
You can also use small pins if you’d like.

-Now take your third accent color and cut short strips.
-Burn the edges of the ribbon so it doesn’t fray.
-Fold in half and add a little dot of glue to hold together.
-Glue to the center bottom of the ornament.


-Continue gluing to make a small cluster of fringe at the bottom of the ornament.


-To finish, cut a short piece of ribbon and wrap the fringe at the top.


Bottom fringe complete, let’s work on the top now!


-Cut short pieces again, and glue the centers the same way as the bottom fringe.
-Glue around the top loop.



-Take a short piece and cover all the edges to give it a finished look.



And now it is all ready to hang on your tree!
You could add some fun buttons or beads to it if you like to add some more texture and if we didn’t just move and all my craft supplies weren’t still in boxes, I probably would have. So embellish to your heart’s desire!
Thanks for having me Jamielyn!!
Feel free to stop by A Glimpse Inside anytime for a visit!
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11 comments on “Christmas Ribbon Ornaments {CCC}”

  1. Very cute! I just painted a whole whack of styrofoam balls, but I’m not crazy about them any more. I’ll have to give this a go!

  2. Now that is cute!!! I always wondered how you would cover something like that and have it be all smooth. Great job!! :)

  3. oohh!! great way to use up extra holiday ribbon! thanks for the great idea! :)

  4. These are so cute. I can picture them in different colour schemes. Awesome tutorial.

  5. FOR CUTENESS. I love that it looks like a big round hot air balloon almost… SO CUTE. winks, jen

  6. Thanks for having me over to share my idea Jamielyn!

  7. Really cute! Love that it’s foam and not going to shatter when my kids inevitably tear it off the tree.

  8. Cute idea! Love the color combinations.

  9. how do i get your blogs rss feed?

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