Felt Rolled flowers … {and unfinished wreath}



Soo I posted this picture (from instagram) on facebook last week and have gotten several requests for the rolled flowers tutorial.

That was going to be a wreath for Christmas with felt poinsettias added on, but I didn’t get around to finishing it. Oh well…maybe next year! ;)


These felt rolled flowers are so simple to make! There are so many fun colors to choose from as well. Trust me … you’ll be addicted!



1. Cut out your circles. The bigger the circle…. the bigger the flower. Just experiment with sizes.

2. Start cutting a swirl (at an angle) all the way to the center of the circle.

3. Once you have your swirly {yes swirly} grab the very center and start rolling in the flower, gluing as you go. Watch out for your fingers! ;)

4. I usually add leaves with these flowers as well. Cut out a leaf shape, pinch the center and thread a knot through.

That’s all! These are so simple to make. However if you’re thinking about covering a whole wreath with them, it’s going to take you awhile. Fair warning! ;)

Much simpler to add them to a gift or headband! :)

If you’re looking for more felt accessories…

Felt bow tutorial

Spring Felt Flower

Thanks for reading! Have a good night! xo

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9 comments on “Felt Rolled flowers … {and unfinished wreath}”

  1. I have attempted to make felt flowers before and they just didn’t turn out right. But seeing this, I think its a sign so I’m going to try it again.

  2. I love making these flowers!! They are so easy, but yes, can get kinda boring after you’ve rolled 100 of them!! LOL! But in the end it will be a beautiful wreath!!!

    Love your projects!!

  3. I love it! Where do you find felt for these projects? i have a hard time finding nice felt that looks and cuts really good.

  4. Gorgeous! So I assume for bigger flowers, you do bigger circles. How large a circle are your larger flowers?

  5. Such cute ideas….and I know “cute counts!”

  6. Love the little wrapped box! :)

  7. I tried making the rolled roses and they are super easy and cute! I’m going to out them on my valentines day goodies I’m giving out!

  8. Thanks for all the amazing headpiece ideas. I have a little girl too and can’t wait to make some for her!.

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