Secret of the Wings {Real Sisterhood}


Recently I had the chance to review Disney “Secret of the Wings” on DVD. I absolutely loved it! Tinker Bell has always been my favorite character, so it was fun to see her find her sister in this movie. The bright colors and animations in this movie were fabulous!

My favorite part of the movie was when Tinker Bell and Periwinkle match up their wings, and they start to sparkle. They were SO excited to find out they had a long lost sister. From then on they were the best of friends! It was such a cute show. My kids loved it too!


Fun facts about the movie:

  • “Secret of the Wings” is the first movie in the Disney Fairies franchise to be produced in 3D.
  • Director Peggy Holmes herself has no shortage of real-life experience with sisters—she has three (and three brothers)!
  • The production enlisted the help of a noted twin-study expert. Hearing the incredible stories of long-lost twins reuniting, and viewing footage of twins meeting for the first time was extremely helpful in developing how Tinker Bell and Periwinkle meet each other.

Having a sister is the best thing in the world! I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of me and my cute little sister growing up. I loved her from the day she was born! We had so much fun together growing up.

I’m so glad I can call my sister my best friend. We have the best time together! I’m sad she doesn’t live closer. She is one of the best examples to me. Everyone who meets Michelle can’t help but love her. Her smile is contagious. She really is the happiest person I know. I have never heard her talk badly about anyone. She is always looking for the best in people and I admire that in her.

Sisterhood to me means – friendship, laughter, loyalty, sharing and trust.


What does sisterhood mean to you? Answering that question in the comments enters you for a chance to win a copy of “Secrets of the Wings”.

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127 comments on “Secret of the Wings {Real Sisterhood}”

  1. To me, sisterhood means always being there for one another, no matter the circumstances. I am the oldest of four (three girls and one boy). I know a lot about sisterhood. :)

  2. Sisterhood means you always have a dear friend to laugh with, cry with and have fun!

  3. Sisters mean someone is always there for you

    • Sisters means that you always have someone who loves you just the way you are and knows what to say when you have a bad day. It also means when growing up you can never find your clothes until your sister walks out the door in them.

  4. Sisterhood means having a best friend. I so want this movie! So fun to see you as a little girl.

  5. Having someone you can count on no matter what.

  6. If I had a sister – it means I would have someone to trust and talk to. I envy you girls with sisters.

  7. Sisterhood means knowing exactly who to call when you have had a hard day and you need to cry (and you can’t call your husband).

  8. Sisterhood means a best friend ALWAYS!

  9. Sisterhood means unconditional love! Friends may come and go, but my sister will always be my sister and best friend!

  10. A sister (to me) is one of the only people with whom has shared the largest part of your growing up. You know each other and what shaped you. You know each others secrets, strengths, and weaknesses. You share a friendship that has no equal.

  11. These fantastic pictures are showing that, the human for human,the life for life, the soul for the soul. your kids are really very lovely. I wish their good luck.

  12. Sisterhood to me means – always having someone to confide in, always having someone to complain to, and always having someone to share good news with.

  13. I would love to win this! I know it sounds silly but I love all the Tinkerbell movies. I loved Peter Pan when I was little, still love it. (When my hubby and I married we laughed so hard because between the two of us we had THREE copies of Peter Pan….) Now I love that there is something all about Tinkerbell’s escapades. I just wish I had a little girl to share it with. Although, my sweet son is still young enough to watch them with me without complaining thats is a girly movie. :)

    I tweeted about this too for a second entry!

    Or you can see it on my profile @ABowForMama

  14. Sisterhood means always having someone there when you need them. Having the ability to be yourself and share anything and everything.

    Very lucky to have an amazing little sister. ♥

  15. Sisterhood means someone you can be completely open and honest with but not fear rejection.

  16. Sisterhood is having a friend that you call yell and get mad at, then 10 minutes later go to the mall with… Love that your sister is wearing a tinkerbell shirt in the third picture!

  17. sisterhood to me means unconditional love and support from someone who truly knows the unedited me! :)

  18. I don’t have a sister of my own, but my two-year old daughter has a sister coming her way and I am so excited. Anna is a girl in the girliest way and somehow most of her friends are boys. I’m excited for these little girls to share tiaras, secrets, fights, apologies, and growing up and encouraging each other in this world together.

  19. i don’t have a sister but i have two girls of my own now and i really hope they become each other’s best friends forever. Right now they both love Tinker Bell and we can’t wait for the movie to come out in theaters :)

  20. Sisterhood means someone understanding why your Mom and Dad do the crazy things they do. ; )

  21. I just saw a commercial for this movie last night and told my husband it would be a perfect Christmas present for our daughter. She loves tinkerbell! Looks like such a cute movie. Thanks for this!

  22. A sister is the one that knows you, understands you and takes you for who you are. She’s your best friend ever.

  23. Sisterhood means an eternal bond – someone that knows you so well and will always be there for you. I always wanted a sister so I’m thankful to witness the special bond between my twin daughters. I can’t wait to watch this movie with my girls!

  24. Sisterhood means always having someone to talk to.

  25. I don’t have a sister – wish I did, but to me having a sister would like never being without a friend!

  26. We love Tink movies around here!!

  27. sisterhood means to me a lifetime friendship :)

  28. That sounds like a cute movie! My little girl would love it!

  29. Sisterhood means having one person in the world who has had your back since the day the two of you we’re born. My sister and I have been through our rough childhoods, illness, separation, divorce and raising kids. No matter what changed come our way, we call eachother first and make eachother laugh. She’s my best friend!

  30. Sisterhood is an incredible bond. I hope that my two daughters (2 years old and 2 weeks old) grow to be the best of friends!

  31. A sister loves you, even when she doesn’t like you!

  32. Sisterhood for me is complicated, and over the years has changed, and is still changing. I have one older sister and one younger sister, and a various times, they’ve been my best of friends or worst of enemies. But I love them and still consider them my best friends even if I don’t always understand them. And I love all my sisters-by-choice too.

  33. I’m the oldest of 5 kids, 4 of us are girls. We’ve only become closer as we’ve grown older and I can’t imagine my life without 3 built in best friends!

  34. Sisterhood means a lot to me. I never had a biological sister so my best friend is my sister. We have been friends for 17 years . She and I live 1800 miles away from each other and still we are able to vent our frustrations to each other, laugh, cry and still be best friends.

  35. I love having sisters! I have two and each have been my closest friends.

  36. Lovely post! Amazing giveaway. Thanks!

  37. Sisterhood is having someone who loves you regardless….

  38. I’m an only child, but for the last 25 years, my college roommate/best friend has been the sister I never had. Sisterhood to me is having someone you can share anything with, someone you can cry to or laugh with, someone who let’s you be yourself, doesn’t judge, and supports you unconditionally.

  39. Having a sister is one of the greatest gifts in the world. She will always be there for you. A shoulder to cry upon and someone to have the giggles with. Someone you can call no matter what time of day or night and on anything you need to talk about.

  40. Sisterhood is such a wonderful thing. God gave you best friends as part of your family.

  41. Cute! Can’t wait to see it….I don’t know who’s more excited, my daughter or me :)

  42. My sister and I are 8 years apart, so sisterhood to me meant always having a live doll to dress up and practice new hairstyles on. :) Also, being a military brat can be hard because you move a lot. So having always having my sister there really helped me adjust. I have two daughters that are 13 months apart and are also military brats, and one thing I try to teach them is that sisterhood means always having a best friend and never being alone.

  43. Sisterhood means always having someone who gets you.

  44. I am an only child but always wanted a sister. I think sisterhood means always having a friend and someone you can depend on, count on, and share your life’s wonderful moments with. I have two girls of my own now and delight in seeing them play together and share secrets together. It truly is a one of a kind relationship.

  45. Sisterhood means always having someone to share with. From your toys and clothes when you are young to the things that make you laugh and cry as an adult.

  46. My daughter would absolutely love this movie! To me, sisterhood means you always accept the other person, faults and all.

  47. Well, I don’t have a sister, but I have a brother, and he’s always there to listen to me when I want to complain, he’s my friend and he’s always there if I need him.

  48. Such cute pictures! SIsterhood to me means always having someone who knows my heart and who I can talk to about anything. Sometimes it’s a blood relation, and sometimes it’s just a kindred friendship. Thanks for the chance to win!

  49. Sisterhood to me is someone who knows why I’m the way I am and who I love like crazy and who can drive me absolutely crazy.

  50. Sisterhood means having someone that totally gets you and supports you no matter what.

    • Unfortunately its only a brother for me. BUT, having two little girls (5 & 3) gives me a “mom perspective”. SISTERHOOD means to me giggles, hair-pulling, bickering, kisses, cuddling, giggles, Barbies, secrets, giggles, drama, crazy cute love. Did I mention giggles??? Seeing these two makes me kind of wish I’d had a sister:)

      The girls LOVE all things Tinkerbell! Thanks for sharing.

  51. Sisterhood means always having someone to talk to about anything who will listen and not judge and give great advice.

  52. Sisterhood means laughing at your sister when noone else dares to coz it is funny, looking after them when they are heartbroken, looking after their kids no questions asked but most of all it is loving someone and expecting nothing in return. I have a really close sister but I also have 3 very good friends that I feel were meant to be my sisters in another life. We all need a sister – it what makes us feel loved (at least I do).

  53. Sisterhood means everything to me! I honestly don’t know what I would do with out my sister..She has always been there for me!

  54. Sisterhood to me means having a friend who is always there no matter what. Someone you can always talk to and who loves you no matter what.
    Tinker Bell is also my favorite by the way. I buy all of her movies for me, not for my kids (although I do let them watch them). Haha.

  55. Sisterhood means you having someone that you and they can always count on!! :)

  56. Sisterhood means always having a best friend. I don’t live near any family, and it has been priceless for me to have friends in my two sisters when I moved away from all of my friends. It also means having someone who will always be honest with you and who will always love you, no matter what.

  57. Sisterhood means true friendship. Knowing you won’t be judge, knowing they accept you for being YOU, always!

  58. Having a sister means sharing everything with them, stories, secrets, clothes, laughter. My sisters are my best friends. I can talk to them about anything and we are there for each other no matter what! I love my sisters!!

  59. My girls will have each other no matter what! Best friends for life.

  60. Sisterhood means having someone you can tell anything to. My sister is also my best friend and I can call her about anything at any time!

  61. Sisterhood means unconditional love and support :)

  62. Sisterhood is having someone you can share all your thoughts and feelings with. You know they will always love you, and you them.

  63. Sisterhood means someone who you can always count on!

  64. Always having someone to call…to celebrate or commiserate!

  65. Someone to laugh about the way mom used to dress us and do our hair before we had our say :)

  66. Sisterhood to me means always having a best friend, having someone you can call any time, day or night, and someone to be your “partner in crime”! I love my sisters and don’t know what I’d do without them!

  67. My sister and I fought like cats and dogs until I left for college. Now we are best friends. Sisterhood, to me, means that you will always have a friend that ‘has your back’. We would do anything for each other.

  68. Sisterhood is a friendship that lasts a lifetime… And more! I’ve been blessed with 3 dear sisters who mean the world to me. Even better than that, though? Watching my 3 beautiful daughters develop the sisterhood they are blessed with. Makes my heart melt! My 5-year-old, 3-years-old, and 7-month old daughters would love this movie! And I’m sure their 2-year-old brother wouldn’t mind it either :)

  69. Sisterhood means built-in bestie!! :)

  70. I retweeted @andyashleigh!

  71. Sisterhood equals Best Friends……….!!!!!!Always there when you need anything !

  72. Sisterhood means love and understand – I have three sisters – we are all different in so many ways yet we love and understand each other.

  73. Michelle Vandergrift Reply

    Sisterhood means there is always some there that has your back. A lifelong friend through it all.

  74. Sisterhood means you always have someone to cry with!

  75. It means always having someone in your corner to support you weathers
    It’s 11pm or 6am they will drop everything Ti listen. It means someone who understands you like no one else. It means LAUGHTER and silliness it means except acne and forgiveness. I have 3 sisters. My sisters are my best friends.

  76. Friendship always and unconditional love. Nothing better than having a sister!

  77. It means always having someone who has your back! :)

  78. Sisterhood means to have someone you trust and being there for you.

  79. I don’t have a sister but I have two granddaughters( sisters) and I love watching them grow to be the best of friends and look out for each other and giggle and laugh and just enjoy being together it really warms my hart:)

  80. Sisterhood means knowing that I will always have someone to make me laugh and wipe my tears when I cry.

  81. I love watching my 2 girls play together…having a sister means lots of giggles! :)

  82. Sisters to me means always having that special person in your life to share good times as well as the bad.

  83. Somebody that stands by your side no matter what and you can always count on them to have your back

  84. I would LOVE to win this for my grand-girls. Tink is their FAVORITE ! ! !

  85. Having a sister means that you have that one person who knows your ins & outs, ups & downs, crazy side and all and still loves you just as much!

  86. To me sisterhood means always having the greatest friend in the world, no mater what.

  87. Sisterhood means so much to me. I was blessed with a twin sister. We share are laughs, tears, hardships, and encourage each other. Sisters are such a blessing. I am greatful for my sisters.

  88. To me a sister is someone you can share your most secret thoughts with. Your frustrations. Your accomplishments and failures. But most of all she doesn’t judge and loves you always. To my sister… To the stars and back forever…I love you!

  89. A sister is the only person in the world that can make you so angry you want to kill her, so happy you want to laugh and so proud you want to cry

  90. Sisterhood means having a built in best friend for life who is always there no matter what. Love you sis!

  91. Sisterhood means having the security of knowing that someone always has your back!

  92. Sisterhood means always having a friend close to share everything with.

  93. What doesn’t sisterhood mean!? It means everything from friend to Your largest supporter. You may not realize it as a child, but as an adult that person is your everything & you could not live life without them.

  94. I just had my 3rd daughter this morning, and I have 2 sisters.
    I treasure the friendship I have with my sisters, and pray for that friendship for my daughters. I want them to look out for each other, and be a friend to one another always!

  95. Sisterhood means having someone who accepts you and loves you no matter what.

  96. Sisterhood means a best friend forever!

  97. I only had a brother growing up but I sur wish I would have had a sister too! I am so glad that my daughters will be able to experience that special bond!!!

  98. I don’t have a biological sister, but have many women within my circle of friends and even sisters-in-law that are always there to help and support me….and I think that is what sisterhood is all about.

  99. Sister are cool , sisters are the friends you can rely on they don’t have to blood sister they can be your best friend whom you love as a sister and is always there for you .
    I would love to win this as I have 8 grand daughters and 8 grandsons and they all love tink and the fairy friends , and yes we love peter pan also. hugs and thank you

  100. Sisterhood means being there for each other unconditionally

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  101. A sister is your first best friend, your longest best friend, and there’s nothing she can do about it! LOL

  102. Being the middle of three girls, sisters have always been near and dear to my heart! Sisterhood is being able to laugh with, cry with and simply just “get” one another! It means never being short on conversation whether silly or serious. Finally it means someone always has your back, no matter what! I am so lucky to have and love my sisters!

  103. Sisterhood means loving and being there for each other, no matter what.

  104. Sisterhood is having best friends for life. Someone you can count on always, to help, to laugh, and enjoy each other.

  105. Sister means to me that you can call them anytime and they will come if possible or just talk with you on the phone and they always tell you it straight – no BS.

  106. Sisterhood means unconditional, unwavering friendship.

  107. Sisterhood means having one person who is your best friend, knows you better than anyone, protects you when needed and always talks to you when needed. This is a bond that is unbreakable and only sisters understand. I have a sister, we live 9 hours apart but we would have each other’s backs no matter what.

  108. Sisterhood means that you always have someone to share everything with, the good, bad and really dumb :)

  109. Sisterhood is always having someone in my corner rooting for me.

  110. Having a sister means having a best friend who always has your back and who will love you regardless.

  111. I don’t have sisters of my own, but I do have twin daughters and I have seen unconditional love in them! That is what sisterhood means to me.

  112. Sisterhood is knowing that there will always be that one best friend who will always be there for you, whether your going through a hard time or you just feel down.

  113. I have a Best Friend that is as real as a sister to me,and when no one eles is there or understands she calls or takes my hand and lets me know that I am loved and guides me through the worst of times.You can’t tell everything to just anybody,but to a TRUE friend or Sister. You have to have one or the other in this life!

  114. having someone who knows you better than you know yourself

  115. Sisterhood means always having someone to call up and ask what shoes to wear with a certain outfit. My big sis always treats even my littlest problems with great seriousness.

  116. Sisterhood to me means the love and friendship I share with my 3 sisters

  117. Sisterhood is the unconditional love and support you are given by your closest friends or relatives. People who always have your back!

  118. I always wanted a sister. I don’t know if I would be different now but I think I would have learned to be more open and sharing.

  119. Sisterhood is something that makes us connected. My sisters are my very best friends. My younger sister passed away 15 yrs. ago at age 32. Her and I grew up together. We were only 13 months apart. We shared the happy as well as the hard times together. my older sister I moved by when I was 17 and there i have lived the rest of my life, by her. She has always been my biggest fan, always there for me. We share something incredibly special together. Even if you dont have a sister, women share a very special closeness because we are all daughters of God. We are all sisters trying to return to live with our Heavenly Father and His Son. We help each other in this journey as we raise each other up and rejoice in each others victories and cry with each other when we fall down. I love my sisters and my daughters are also my very best friends

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