Christmas P.J.’s to sew for baby! {CCC}

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  • Hi everyone, I am Jessica and I run a blog called Me Sew Crazy. Its my little place in the world where I get to share my passion for sewing with free tutorials, favorite features, and family moments.

    I was super excited when Jamielyn asked me to be a part of her Crazy Christmas Crafters Series, and I have the perfect gift for the new baby in your life…


    { Sew for baby }
    We’ve got a little man celebrating his first Christmas in our house, and he clearly needed some new pajamas to do it in! The Drop Bottom is fake, considering how difficult it would be changing a diaper through that thing…HA! But it still looks super cute…

    To make, you will need:
    Knit material, snap closures, sewing essentials, old pajamas for pattern size

    Let’s Get Started…

    1. Lay out your old pajamas on top of your knit fabric and cut out pattern pieces. Be sure to add your seam allowance on all sides.
    2. You will notice the back of your pajamas probably have a diamond shaped piece of material on the bottom. Be sure to cut this pattern piece out as well!
    3. You will now have this…the Front and Back main pattern piece, the sleeves, and the diamond pattern piece.
    4. Now you will need to cut 2 rectangles of fabric, the same length as your inner leg. (1) 2″ x Length, (1) 3″ x Length.

    5. You will also need to cut (1) little rectangle of fabric the same length as your shoulder seams x 3″.
    6. Lastly cut a square piece of fabric for the ‘Drop Bottom’ piece. Mine is an 8″ square.
    7. Applique if desired :)
    8. Fold the top and sides in towards the wrong side of fabric and Press. Sew around to secure.

    9. With the Drop Bottom flap upside down, pin the bottom of the flap to the Back Pattern piece – right sides together. Sew along the bottom.
    10. Flip Drop bottom piece up and Edge stitch along the bottom of the flap to secure in place.
    11. I like to add my buttons now – no need for buttonholes – just sew them right on.
    12. Take your diamond fabric piece and pin one side of the diamond, right sides together, to the inner leg seam crotch area. Sew.

    13. Taking your 3″ wide rectangle of fabric, fold in half lengthwise and Press.
    14. Pin the long raw edges to the inner leg’s raw edge of the Back Pattern Piece. Sew.
    15. Press seam in, and edge stitch to secure.
    16. You will now have something that looks like this.

    17. Now lets work with the 2″W rectangle of fabric and the Front Pattern Piece. Pin one raw edge to the inner leg seams raw edge, right sides together, and sew.
    18. Press Seam in, and Press the long raw outer edge of the rectangle of fabric 1/2″ towards the wrong side.
    19. Fold and Press down rectangle of fabric one more time to the inside leg, at the inner leg seam, enclosing all of the seams. Sew. (The rectangle of fabric is now completely on the inside, or on the wrong side, of the front pattern piece now).
    20. Take the smaller rectangle of fabric and fold in half. Pin the raw edges to the right side of one shoulder seam on the front pattern piece.

    21. Press the smaller rectangle piece upwards and Edge Stitch.
    22. Now we are going to sew the Front and Back Pattern pieces together. With right sides together, pin at one shoulder seam only (the shoulder seam without the small rectangle sewn on!).
    23. Open up the pattern – and you will now have them attached at the one shoulder only. We are going to attach Knit Bias Trim to the neckline and the open shoulder edge. My favorite tutorial for doing this can be found HERE.
    24. I used zig zag stitches for my neckline for more give.

    25. You should now have something that looks like this. Attach a snap closure to your open shoulder edges.
    26. Snap shoulder together, and with right sides together pin the sleeve to your arm opening. Sew and repeat for other side.
    27. A picture of the sleeve sewn on with the snap shoulder.
    28. I like to hem the bottom of the sleeves at this point. Press edge towards wrong side of fabric and sew.

    29. Place the front and back right sides together matching up seams. Pin and Sew the sides and under arm. Repeat for both sides.
    30. Lastly, attach your snaps to your inner leg seams. Attach one side of the snaps to the inside of the leg (wrong side of fabric). And attach the other side of the snaps to the OUTSIDE of the leg (right side of fabric).
    31. Hem the bottom of your pants, and you are finished!

    Thanks so much for having me Jamielyn! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    Our little man is getting excited :).

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