Sonoran Living Segment {DIY}


Hey friends! I’ve gotten a few e-mails from readers wanting to know how I did on the show. Thank you for being so supportive, you are all SO sweet!! I think it went pretty well for my first time. I was a little nervous at first…but I think I warmed up after about 30 seconds. We were just sitting there chatting and Stephanie said “okay we’re almost on…” and I was like what?! Then a few seconds later we were really on! lol! It definitely went by a lot faster than I thought, so I didn’t get to talk about everything, but overall I think it went pretty well. Stephanie was super fun to do the show with! What a cute gal! The whole studio was awesome and it was fun to see how everything goes down. They move FAST in there… yet they always look great!


Here’s the article they published on Sanoran Living. And I’ve embedded the video, if you’d like to watch! I’m sharing how to make those DIY Apothecary Jars that have been all the craze these days! There’s so many ways to make these jars using different size vases and bases. And you can get even more creative with the fillers! So fun for the holidays!



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54 comments on “Sonoran Living Segment {DIY}”

  1. You did an awesome job! You are such a beauty!

  2. Wow! You did an awesome job! I would be so nervous if it were me! You are so cute and I love your projects! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  3. Jos @ Organized Chaos Reply

    Way to go! Looked GREAT! :-)

  4. i thought you did amazing!!!!! and you looked like a natural! the camera guys however, seemed like they were a little lost. haha!

  5. Wow you did amazing, and you looked really cute! Congrats to getting on local TV, that’s huge! I really, really love those your ideas you share on what to do with dollar store candlesticks too. You’ve totally inspired me to go do some dollar store shopping in the AM!

  6. Oh my…You are one famous chic! Enjoyed the video and I am heading to the $ store this weekend to make some of these! Very funnnnnn!!!!

  7. You did an awesome job! I would have been a nervous wreck! You are so cute and I loved your projects! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  8. Congratulations! You did such a great job. What a natural! Miss you!

  9. Yay! Thanks for posting this. You are darling :)

  10. You look awesome!!! Now I want to make those!!

  11. Where do you find your cute frames? Like the small orange frame for example?

  12. I’m so glad I was able to watch today :) You did so great. What a neat accomplishment :)

  13. You did so great! That was fun to watch!

  14. Brittany @ My Decoupaged Life Reply

    You did great! I love apothecary jars. I’m planning on doing a couple for my bathroom to hold seashells. And I agree with a previous poster, those camera guys did seem a little clueless! Haha. But you did fabulous

  15. How exciting! I’m not local, so I couldn’t watch you live, although I really wanted to. So I’m super glad that you posted that clip! You did great and I love that project. Congratulations!

  16. You are so cute! I loved the video and thought you did a fabulous job! You picked really great projects to talk about. Thanks for sharing the link!

  17. That’s so exciting! Congratulations!

  18. You did great! You’re a natural! I’m running out to the dollar store right now and buy supplies to make my own apothocary jars! LOVE THEM!

  19. I thought you did a GREAT job! I’m glad to see a fellow AZ blogger on Sonoran living. How fun! I’d love to feature this video clip on my blog and shout it out to the rest of the bloggosphere who haven’t met you yet. Would that be ok with you? email me at mrsmomomma at aol dot com – maybe I can feature you and this craft for the weekend? Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

  20. Hey there – I have been following you for awhile and never had the nerve to leave a comment…but wow on t.v and sharing the cutest halloween ideas…so impressive…it deserved having a comment left. You did a great job. Keep up the crafty on the cheap ideas coming.

    Sending hugs

  21. Great job!! I really enjoyed it. I’m so glad you showed ALL the things you can do with the apothecary jars. Halloween, Christmas, Birthday…I would have never thought to use them for birthday items. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Jam! HOLY COW! You’re such a pro! I feel so proud to be your friend!!! How exciting!

    You did AMAZING!

    xoxo, Mal

  23. Congratulations! I can’t imagine how scared you must have been but it looks great. Now your local station has an audience in the UK too!

  24. Great ideas! Can you please post a bigger picture of the gumball machine? I’m loving it. I’ve always wanted to make one of these but I love, love, love the halloween version filled with candy corn. Too cute.

  25. I love your blog! And read it daily! I think you did great on the show!! I’m going to make the birthday candle apothecary jar for my daughters first birthday!

  26. Great segment! You did a awesome job I think they should have given you way more time though. Love the ideas you shared and the free printable. Thank you so much for them. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  27. You are a PRO! So adorable. And just great tips too. Congrats!

  28. Jamielyn

    I loved your segment. I too want to head out to the dollar store to get some jars. I was wondering where you got the wood for the cupcake stand and if you could post a tutorial on how to make those. That was so cute! My daughters birthday is this week and I want to do the birthday apothecary jar. I love you blog. You are so creative!

  29. You are stinken cute!!!!
    Very cool! Great job you and the host look like you have been friends. Congrats! Love the blog!

  30. FANTASTIC job my friend!! What an opportunity!!

  31. so cute! way to go jamie!

  32. Hi Jamilyn~
    I found your blog not too long ago, and I am SO glad! You are adorable and inspiring…I already have a list of projects (including the desk make-over–wow!!).
    My question is that I have searched EVERYwhere (the very next day after watching the segment on tv) and the only place I can find the jars with lids are Michael’s for $4.99 each. I wanted to make these as gifts, and was hoping to make about twelve so I was a little heartbroken…I know sometimes things change fast, so I was wondering which dollar store and how long ago did you buy them???
    (I live in the East Valley, but I had hoped the 99cent store and DollarTree would be the same in AZ?)
    Thank you!!! I look forward to MANY more inspiring ideas from you!!! :)

    • Ah thanks so much! I found them at the dollar tree about 2 months ago. I would ask the manager about ordering them in. I had to order more from my dollar store along with the foam balls that are fun to fill them with. Hope you’re able to find them!! If they’re sold out, I know Michaels jars go 50% off every few weeks as well. They would be the perfect gifts!

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