St. Patrick’s Clover Treats

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    Talitha from Love, Pomegranate House here again!! I’m back to spread some more love with a great crafty gift that is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! For some reason, between Valentine’s Day and Easter I always seem to skip right over St. Patrick’s Day and end up scrambling for last minute ideas. I figure I’m not the only one with this problem so I decided to create and share a quick 5-minute DIY gift… St. Patrick’s Clover Treats!

    St. Patrick's Clover Treats

    St. Patrick's Clover Treats

    Another part that makes this a simple, last minute craft is that the supplies are probably all thing you already have! Yippee! Don’t you love those kind of projects!? Start by gathering your supplies:

    • Green cardstock
    • Scissors
    • Stapler
    • Gold candies
    • Cellophane or baggies {not pictured}

    St. Patrick's Clover Treats

    Begin by cutting your cardstock into equal strips. Mine were roughly 3/4-inch wide, but they can be as wide or as narrow as you want. Each clover requires 3 strips. Take those strips and cut them in half, just like shown above. I used a 8.5″x11″ piece of cardstock so after all my cutting I had 6 strips measuring 3/4-inch x 5.5-inches… but 12″x12″ cardstock will work just as well! Pair up 2 of the strips and align them. Staple one end.

    St. Patrick's Clover Treats

    Now you are going to take your stapled strips and turn them into clover leaves! Flip the un-stapled ends outward so they meet to form a heart shape, with the stapled ends forming the heart “cleavage”. Do this to all 3 sets of strips.

    St. Patrick's Clover Treats

    Join all 3 hearts together and staple roughly 1.5-inches up the base. Bend each side heart out a little to create a small crease. This will help the treat hold the clover shape.

    St. Patrick's Clover Treats

    Place 3 of your candies in each clover leaf. Slide your clover treat into a cellophane baggie and voila!! You have an adorable St. Patrick’s treat! So simple! And it only took you about 5 minutes! Are you working on St. Patrick’s Day stuff already? Or do you tend to procrastinate, like me??


    Talitha from Love Pomegranate House

    I’m Talitha from Love, Pomegranate House! I’m a Pinterest addict, bargain hunter, and a thrift store stalker. But most of all, I’m a DIY junkie. I love finding something I must have and creating it my way with my own flair. And even more, I love doing it for cheap. And by cheap I mean free… or as close to it as I can get. You’ll normally find me blogging about my adventures in DIY-ing, crafting, and making up delicious recipes for my hubby! Stop by and visit me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter!

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