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Today I’m going to share with you how to put all your fabric scraps to good use. For this fun summer banner you will need a long 1 inch piece of fabric, doily’s and twine/string.



1. Grab your scraps (you should see me pile lol)

2. Cut (6) 1 in circles (per 1 flower) and a strip 1 in x 6 in (per 1 flag)

3. Fold circle in half like a taco

4. Then fold in corner like a pizza. Then put your needle and thread (tie knot on end of thread) through the point of the “pizza.” Then repeat 6 times to create a full flower. Secure flower with a knot.


5. Fold Doily in half and place glue in the center.

6. Glue flower to Doily.

step 3

7. For flag bunting fold 1 in strip in half.

8. Fold in half again (like a hotdog). Make a diagonal cut from folded edge to outer edge.

9. You will now have the perfect cut on both edges. :)

10. Place string and a little glue in middle of strip. Then fold over in place. 



Next space the doiley’s and flags along the twine and glue accordingly. Then enjoy your new bunting… made from all those scraps you were going to throw away! ;)


It’s also fun to stick these flag banners on lollipop sticks in a cupcake. Get creative, the possibilities are endless!

*This post was originally shared on Living With The Punks*

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16 comments on “Summer Banner”

  1. Love the colors and the doileys!! Super cute Jamielyn!

  2. Girl, could you be any more talented?!? The answer is no (in case you were wondering (c;)…I’m so glad you came and visited my teeny blog so I could find yours, it’s amazing! You are one busy lady! And I’m always glad to meet fellow AZ bloggers…my secret plan is to get enough of us together so we can have a blogger meet up like all the other fun loving bloggers! (c:

  3. I’m totally loving this!! Super super cute!! I’m itching to craft but I just moved so all my stuff is packed away and have no where (and no time) to craft :( booo

  4. that is so sweet! thanks for sharing how to make it.

  5. i HEART fruit pizza!!! I alway add brown sugar in the cream cheese mixture and holllyyyy coooowwww it is SO GOOD!! You should try it! You’d love it!

    xoxo, Mal

  6. Oh my mouth is watering these look SO good! Yum!!!

  7. I love this!!! Now to find the time!! Haha

  8. What a fun project! I love the idea of using these for cupcakes.

  9. thanks for checking out my blog! i was just looking around yours and had to tell you how delish this looks!! yummy. and your kiddos are adorable! look forward to reading more.

  10. cute ideas and tutorial for clothing and more. thanks

  11. Very summery and very cute!

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