Summer S’mores Kit {Hello Summer}

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  • Hey there everyone! Happy start of Summer to all of you! Talitha from Love, Pomegranate House here. I’m thrilled to be back this month and this time to be a part of this awesome Hello Summer series!

    Summer S'mores Kit

    I’ve got an awesome crafty gift to share with you today! First let me ask you a question… when you think of Summer, what comes to mind? I guarantee that in that list of things most of you thought of s’mores! I mean seriously, what is summer time without s’mores? That gooey, crumbly, delicious mess all over your face and hands?? It’s awesome. So when it comes to giving a gift either for the end of the school year or just because, why not whip up an adorable little Summer S’mores Kit!?

    Summer S'mores Kit

    They are really hard to make though. coughsarcasmcough. Here’s what you need:

    • Graham Crackers – I like to make my s’mores a little extra special so I like to use cinnamon grahams
    • Chocolate bars – consider how amazing it would be if you used Ghiradelli caramel chocolates! YUM!
    • Marshmallows – the large ones. Or even the specially made s’more-mallows.
    • Plastic Box – I got mine at Hobby Lobby
    • Tags – see below for the free download

    Summer S'mores Kit

    Now stack them all neatly in your box in pretty layers. The end. PHEW! That was hard! winks. Tie a little twine or ribbon around it to keep the lid on tight and to give it a little extra pizazz!

    You can even tie a few bamboo skewers to the box so the recipient has something to roast their marshmallows with!

    Summer S'mores Kit

    And because I’m so kind and generous {and humble! HA!} I wanted to share the labels I made for these adorable little kits! There are both round ones and rectangular ones. You can download them for free HERE.

    Come check out some other things I’ve been up to over at Love, Pomegranate House!

    Summer S'mores Kit

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    Talitha from Love Pomegranate House

    I’m Talitha from Love, Pomegranate House! I’m a Pinterest addict, bargain hunter, and a thrift store stalker. But most of all, I’m a DIY junkie. I love finding something I must have and creating it my way with my own flair. And even more, I love doing it for cheap. And by cheap I mean free… or as close to it as I can get. You’ll normally find me blogging about my adventures in DIY-ing, crafting, and making up delicious recipes for my hubby! Stop by and visit me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter!




    THANKS Talitha for sharing this fun project during our Hello Summer Event! Click HERE to see more ideas from the event.

    Hello Summer Event

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