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Hey there!  Welcome to the Sundae Scoop link party! As I was setting up today’s link party I realized I have hosted over 100 link parties. Craziness! Where does the time fly?! Are you guys still enjoying the Sundae Scoop link party? I was thinking about turning it into a monthly party… but I’m still deciding. What do you think? I’d love your thoughts. :)

I can’t wait to see all of the fun stuff you guys have been up to this week. Hope you all have are having a fabulous summer!

This weeks top posts:

Green chile enchiladas 

Soap boat races


The candy Kabob

Delicious and easy pasta salad

Check out last weeks top 20 to see if you were featured.

Now let’s get this party started! :) Remember…

      • Please grab a button below, or have a link back to my blog.  Also, comment on at least TWO links from the party! Have fun and meet some new blog friends! {hugs}
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38 comments on “Sundae Scoop Link Party”

  1. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful Sunday : )

  3. Thanks for hosting the linkup – Hope you are having an Awesome weekend!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting the Sundae Scoop Party. I love your blog. Have a delightful weekend!
    Blessings, Nici

  5. Thanks for hosting, Jamielyn! I like having your party weekly, but I know it is a lot of work for you. I would completely understand if you moved it to weekly…but you have one vote for weekly. <3 Have a good one!

  6. I love this party being a weekly party because it means we get to see fun new projects and ideas more often! But I also know it’s probably a lot of work for you. I’d definitely still link up and check out everyone’s ideas if it were only once a month, but you get so many links each week I think you’d end up with thousands per month! :-)

  7. Thanks so much for hosting and thanks for featuring my rosette pillow case in the top 20! Have a great week!

  8. thanks so much for the party Jamielyn!

    rae gun ramblings

  9. I vote for weekly parties! Thanks for giving us the chance to share and be inspired! :0)

  10. Thank you for hosting. Wishing you a grand Sunday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  11. Thanks for hosting! Have a great weekend! And everytime I come here your colors make me happy!

  12. Thanks for hosting Jamielyn! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!

  13. Your party is one of my absolute favorite- it consistently brings great traffic to my blog. Thank you for that! I’d love to see it continue weekly- I’m afraid I’d forget which Saturday of the month it would go up. But like others have said, and since I host one too, I know it takes up precious time, so ultimately whatever you decide will be a great decision!!! xoxo, Rach

    • Thanks for your comment! Glad to know you’ve seen some consistent traffic from linking up. Hope you’re doing good! I may be coming to Ohio next month, so I’ll be calling you! ;) XO

  14. Hi Jamielyn, I love your Sundae Scoop link party. I think it’s one one the best for sure. I’d love it if you continue to have them weekly, but I understand if you want to cut back to once a month.

    Thanks for hosting!

    I’ve shared my Summer Vegetable Tart Recipe.

    I hope you’re having a great weekend!

    Melissa @ The Alchemist

  15. Thanks for hosting :) I always enjoy a link party for ideas, inspiration and just to gape in awe at the creative blogs that I might otherwise miss!

    I host my own link party weekly, but having just started, I only get a few links…you get hundreds which is awesomesauce, but must take up a lot of time to go through as well!

    What ever you decide on the frequency of your parties, I am sure you’ll have 100% support!

    Have a great Sunday!

  16. Thanks so much for hosting! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  17. First time here and cute party. Thanks for hosting!

  18. Happy 100 par-taaay! I love the weekly party but would be happy to pop by once a month as well! Thank you so much for being the hostess with the mostest!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  19. Love the candy kabob! Never seen one of those before.
    Thanks for hosting the link-up!

  20. I love linking up here every week, so thank you very much for all the work you put into it!

  21. Thank you so much for hosting another fabulous party, Jamielyn! :)
    I vote for weekly! I tend to not attend monthly parties because it’s so hard to remember which party was on which day of the month.
    I totally understand how time consuming hosting a party can be, though.. So, I would understand if you want to make it a monthly event. :)
    XO! Vanessa

  22. Thanks for hosting! I am also hosting a recipe link-up if you are interested :)

  23. Thanks for hosting! Have a great day! :)

  24. First time linking up! So many great ideas here. I think I better show up on time next weekend… Please keep it weekly, monthly parties are difficult to keep track of and they get buried during the month.
    thanks for hosting! Have a great Sunday!

  25. Thanks for hosting!

  26. That’s alot off partying you do..LOL,,,Thank you so much for hosting another fabulous party, Jamielyn! :) I vote for weekly! Love coming over and partying with you and there are so few good parties on Sunday.. But, as always, I encourage everyone to do what they are comfortable with.
    Hugs and Many Blessings

  27. Thanks so much for hosting this great party! Have a great week!

  28. Hey Jamielyn! Thanks for a great party! I love your weekly parties, but I know they’re a lot of work, so that’s your call. Thanks for all you do! Have a great week! :)

  29. Hi! I love your blog and your link party, thanks for hosting! I would love it if you would join me for my very first link party at

  30. I love coming to this party weekly to not only post but to check out all the inspiration! Thanks for hosting. :)

  31. Hi, Jamielyn,
    I am first time here. Amazing link up party. Thanks for hosting, will stop by again, have to do some reading now. ;) Have a great day!

  32. Thanks for hosting! :)

    xo-Kimberly {allons-y kimberly}

  33. Let’s get party so happy, happy. Thank you for hosting.

  34. Thanks for hosting this link party. I was recommended to join so here I am with my first submission.

    Thanks again.

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