The when, how and why I started this blog…

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  • I can still remember starting this little ol’ blog of mine. I started my blog in October of 2009. A little over two years ago. My husband had just started his first year of medical school and my son was not quite one. I remember being SO bored at night while my husband studied for hours. I have always had a passion for creating and I thought… “hmm… maybe I should start posting my crafts for others to see.” In my very first blog post I wrote “this blog is to document and hopefully give some ideas to some one else about all the adventures I encounter during a little bliss in my day called nap time.”

    Seriously I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had no idea where this blog would take me. I had NO idea how many blogs there were out there and I had absolutely no idea that you could make money blogging. Those  first few months I never really told anyone about my blog and it was more just for fun. I remember changing my backround and header a million different times. I was having so much fun with it all!


    Those first few months I had so much fun creating and sharing my ideas with about THREE of you (which was probably just my mom, best friend and maybe my sister). I really had no idea what I was doing (or getting myself into for that matter). I was just having a good time… it was fun  (still is btw :))! I realized after a few months that I had gained a few more followers. Whhhhaat?! I was shocked people would actually read my blog even though they didn’t know me. Then a few months later we did our kitchen makeover and I remember a bigger blog (wish I remember which one) featured my kitchen and my followers went from about 50 to 300 in a few weeks. I felt so much love from the blogging community. I really have met some of my greatest friends through blogging.

    I felt like I finally found my “thing.” My hobby. My passion. Growing up I always wished I had some amazing talent. So many of my friends could sing, dance and play the piano and I felt like I just wasn’t good enough at any ONE thing. I remember telling my mom one day I didn’t have any talents I could share in the talent show. I remember her telling me I had so many talents. I have always been creative even as a youg girl and my mom always recognized those talents. But still… what was I going to do… scrapbook on the stage? Oh look here’s my 10 page lay out! ha!

    So I guess what I’m try to say is blogging is my “thing.” Some people really don’t get how I could possibly dedicate so much time to my blog Or how I could take pictures of every.single.step in a project… but it’s what I do and I ENJOY it. Everyone has their thing. Their hobby. For some it’s reading, for some it’s quilting, sports or games… but this is mine. And I really enjoy it. I LOVE that I can help some of you find your creative passion. So many have e-mailed me telling me that I had inspired them to create their own blog and I love that. I feel like anyone and everyone should share their passion with others.


    The first year of blogging I blogged whenever and whatever I felt like. Sometimes I do miss those days. But since then I have turned my hobby into a business. It’s official… I Heart Nap Time is now I Heart Nap Time LLC as of this year. :)

    I started my blog on blogger ( and have since moved to word press on my own domain. Once I realized my hobby had turned into a buisness I knew it was time to make the switch. I would definitely say switching to wordpress has been a HUGE jump. I worked so hard to gain my google followers (over 6,000 of you). Google is now making google friend connect only available to google blogs, so I’ve decided to take my google friend connect down. I invite you to to follow me through feed burner or sign up for my newsletter on the side bar if you were following through google friend because you may not receive my feed after March 1st.

    Anyways… if you’re blogging for a hobby I would totally recommend staying on blogger. It’s SO much easier and it’s FREE! If you’re looking to turn your blog into a buisness I recommend *eventually* switching over to wordpress when the right time comes. It definitely hasn’t been an easy adjustment (or a cheap one) but it has been very beneficial for my blog. I will go into more details later. Side note: If you’re wanting to switch over to wordpress choose not .com and hire someone. Save your self the head ache.

     So in a nut shell, there’s the when, how and why I started this blog. With any hobby/business there needs to be balance. I have learned that trying to keep up with posts, e-mails, social media, comment moderation, ads and the actual CREATING is very time consuming. Especially since I have had 2 kids under 2 this whole time with a husband in medical school.


    I have learned to find a balance that works for me and my family… come back tomorrow and I’ll share how I find that balance. xo

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