Top 50+ Thanksgiving Sides

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  • Thanksgiving side dishes – These delicious dishes will steal the spotlight away from the turkey. There is truly something for everyone on this list of 50+ Thanksgiving sides. Pick a few and wow your guests this year!

    Many would argue that the array of Thanksgiving side dishes are the best part about Thanksgiving. While the appetizers, turkey, pies and other holiday desserts are delicious, it’s usually the Thanksgiving sides that are the star of the show. So many tasty options!

    collage of thanksgiving side dishes

    Best Thanksgiving sides

    Every Thanksgiving, my plate is always jam packed with Thanksgiving sides. There are so many delicious options to choose from, so why only pick a few? I love to load them all on my plate and dig in. I mean, that’s the best part about Thanksgiving, right? :)

    You’ll find all of your favorites in this amazing list of 50+ Thanksgiving side dishes. Whether it’s traditional Thanksgiving sides, easy sides, healthy sides or even slow cooker Thanksgiving sides, you’re bound to find it here!

    And although these may be the best Thanksgiving sides, that certainly doesn’t mean you can only make them in November. These dishes are delicious year-round and can serve as the perfect accompaniment to these slow cooker recipes, sheet pan dinners, and easy freezer meals.

    cheesy scalloped potatoes in a baking dish with a wooden spoon

    Traditional Thanksgiving Sides

    Sometimes the best course of action is to keep it classic. These traditional Thanksgiving dishes will be familiar to everyone, old and young alike.

    For most people, these are the best Thanksgiving sides—recipes like macaroni and cheese and stuffing will likely be the first dish to disappear. Yum!

    homemade cranberry sauce in a glass bowl with a spoon

    Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    Making a full Thanksgiving dinner is a lot of work. Why not give yourself a break by choosing simple sides? These Thanksgiving side dishes are easy to create and come together quickly.

    Don’t confuse “easy” with “lack of flavor”, however. These flavorful Thanksgiving sides are among my favorite ones—I always round out our table with at least a couple of these.

    green beans in a white bowl

    Healthy Thanksgiving Sides

    Save your calories for the important stuff—like pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream! :) These are some of the best Thanksgiving sides—all the flavor and none of the guilt. Plus, these are a good option to accommodate various diets like gluten-free or vegetarian.

    spoon full of glazed carrots

    Thanksgiving Vegetable Side Dishes

    Vegetable Thanksgiving sides will help complete your meal and add a dose of healthy to your table. You can make virtually any veggie you like with one of these clever Thanksgiving side ideas, whether you prefer them roasted, in a casserole, or covered in cheese—there’s an option for you.

    slow cooker mac and cheese with a wooden spoon

    Slow Cooker Side Dishes for Thanksgiving

    Free up your oven and use your slow cooker! These Thanksgiving recipes and sides will have every bit of flavor as their stove or oven counterpart.

    These make-ahead Thanksgiving recipes and sides are great to put together early in the morning before you start your turkey.

    Which ones of these delicious Thanksgiving side dishes will you make this year? I can’t wait to load up my plate!

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