Watermelon Baby Bib


Watermelon Baby Bib by Made to be a Momma for I Heart Naptime.
Watermelon Bib

This watermelon baby bib is just perfect for the summer season that is on it’s way! Now that I am expecting baby number three I have dreams of having a little baby girl. It’s about time this momma of two boys has a member on team pink! :)  I would love to fill a room with pink, sparkles and other girly elements.  Until I found out the gender in July I just enjoy making girly things for my friends who do have daughters and this watermelon bib is a huge hit.  I promise, this bib comes together super quickly and is perfect as a gift for your friends with little girls.

Watermelon Baby Bib




1/4 yard of pink or red fabric

1/4 yard of green fabric

black felt

Watermelon Bib Instructions


I freehanded a bib pattern for myself but if you look on Pinterest there are a ton of free templates you can download as a starting point. Some patterns use velcro, some tie in a knot, some just pull over the babies head.  The options are endless.  Once I cut out all the pieces I needed, which were two main pieces and one green strip for the “rind” of the watermelon and my black seeds, I assembled my watermelon bib.

Lay your green “rind” on top of the bottom of your bib.  Zig zag or straight stitch your “rind” to the bib.  I suggest using a zig zag stitch if you think you will be washing the bib multiple times.

zig zag stitch

Place the remaining main piece of fabric on top of your watermelon bib. Make sure the pretty sides are facing each other. Sew all the way around the bib leaving a small 3 in. – 5 in. gap at the bottom for turning.

right sides together

Once you turn your bib right side out you can either hot glue or sew the opening closed.  I hot glued my seeds in the middle of the bib.  Feel free to add more seeds and make it look just the way you want it to.  Watermelon bibs and lace bonnets are what summers are made of right? :)

Watermelon Seeds


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  1. This is darling! I am always looking for gift ideas for baby showers so this will be perfect.

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