3-Ingredient OREO Balls


These OREO balls are made with just 3 simple ingredients and are such an easy dessert recipe to make. Drizzle with chocolate or top with your favorite colored sprinkles for the perfect decorative treat!

They are so easy, decorative and are perfect for any occasion. These are a family favorite, as well as sugar cookie truffles, chocolate chip cookie dough truffles and brownie truffles.

Ingredients: – 36 OREO cookies  – cream cheese  – baking chocolate 

Instructions 1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Then crush the oreos (with filling) in a blender or food processor or place in a bag and crush with a rolling pin.

2. Mix together the oreo crumbs and cream cheese with a hand mixer. If it isn't coming together, get your hands in there and mix it up.

3. Use a small cookie scoop to scoop out the dough. Then roll into a ball with your hands and place onto the pan.

4. Freeze for 10-15 minutes or until slightly firm. You don't want them too cold.

5. Melt the chocolate and stir until smooth. Then use a fork to dip the oreo balls into the chocolate. Tap on the edge of the bowl to get the smooth finish.

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