Oreo Ice Cream Cake

16 servings

This recipe will be your favorite no-bake dessert to make during the summer. It’s easy, delicious, and such a refreshing treat when the weather is warm. If you’re a fan of classic ice cream cakes, you’ll love this Oreo version.

-Simple ingredients -Chocolaty goodness -Easy to make -Cool and creamy

Why You Will Love This Ice Cream Cake


Let's Get Started


Oreos Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches Hot Fudge Cool Whip Oreo Crumbs

Make Oreo crust


Smash Oreos and spread on the bottom of a 9×13″ pan. Drizzle butter on top, then press the mixture down into the pan to form a crust.

Ice cream sandwiches


Layer the first row of ice cream sandwiches evenly on top of the crust.

Continue to layer


Pour hot fudge on top, then add the second layer of ice cream sandwiches on top of the fudge.

Add topping


Finish the ice cream cake with whipped cream on top and garnish with Oreo crumbs.

Store in freezer


Store Oreo ice cream cake in freezer until ready to serve.

Ice Cream Cake Tips

-Line pan with parchment paper -Allow to sit outside the freezer for 10 minutes before slicing -Use a serrated knife to cut through the Oreo ice cream cake layers

This delicious Oreo ice cream cake is perfect to enjoy all summer long!