We’re moving across the country!


After months and months of waiting… we finally found out that my husband has been accepted into a surgery residency in OHIO!! We will be moving across the country (AZ-OH) at the end of May. You may remember when I wrote about the hardest months of my life, while my husband was away doing audition rotations. It was so hard to have him gone, but I’m so grateful that the time away paid off and we got a spot. WAHOO! It is extremely difficult to get into an ortho program. I’m so proud of him!

We will be leaving all of our family and friends in AZ (sad face) but are super excited for this new adventure! I have to say I am not too thrilled for the winters… but the kids are going to love living in the snow. I can just picture myself that first winter driving SUPER slow in the snow. Lol! I have been browsing houses online and they are all gorgeous!! They have so much character. The streets are lined with trees, which is something you don’t see in Arizona! I cannot wait to see more of the area. My husband and I will be flying out this Spring to look for a place to live.


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Leave a comment on this blog post telling us which apartment home from Apartments.com you would choose if you were moving. Include a link to the apartments.com page in your comment.

I better go start organzing things. Time to start slowly packing things away. Have a great day!


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60 comments on “We’re moving across the country!”

  1. OMGOSH! WHAT PART? I live in Cincinnati! it;s a great place to raise a family. winters do suck but the spring summer and fall well make up for it! so exciting.

    • We live in Loveland, OH… it is a great place to raise a family. Two weeks in the spring of perfect weather and two in the fall. Otherwise, cloudy in the winter or hot in the summer… but EVERY area has its pluses and minuses. So much to do here. My hubby is at UC med center. Great hospital, especially Children’s. Good luck!

    • We’ll be moving to Northern Ohio. So glad to hear it’s a great place to raise a family. I’m excited for the seasons too! :)

      • Hey! I live in N.Ohio! That would be crazy if you were moving to my town! I hope you enjoy whatever area you choose to live in…I don’t want to name the different cities, but you could always email me if you need any help finding a place or wondering whats a good/bad area!

        You’ll be lucky to miss the snow when you come here, it should be completely over by now. Its just been cold with flurries lately, nothing actually accumulating.

    • So fun you’re there too! I’ve been hearing great things about it. Yay!

  2. I would totally check out the Colonial Grand at Madison if we were moving

  3. That’s awesome! We live about an hour south of Cleveland, and I think you’ll really like it here. Oh, and if it’s Cleveland clinic he got into, double congratulations! One of the best in the county. If you ever have questions about the area, I’d be glad to help!

  4. Marquis At Sugarland. http://www.apartments.com/Texas/Sugar-Land/Marquis-At-Sugarland/864212?searchCriteria=YU9vEihJOlGV2LsN0gzDOUwiNJJGA2mwggtESyiJ3J8zYweNuTcIyH9-|1zYEIltA83SpzgIoIRMJnIBmnv0aXYvWqSvjUzj4hPTDp/fAOcMxBVuVnPNzIj/gqPmVw5qe4GW3A4jwoLSXpwjClQHwC5wKtZxCCdGabiMN6uIumhwrEkGIydMSebNwfdFUC7Avs39EfL7/Q5SgyBekgD3hBFpq3tAhIgVv1k2LxandgcKusmQI0WaDcQHKr/UjfAre0r7kXpXru/0bI49wCHodeLU4unWGCkhW&sid=f23d4cf0-f243-4560-aa3c-8fe2dd3bcde7&stype=CityStateOrZip&frontdoor=izea&partner=izea&match=4

  5. Ohio isn’t so bad! Though the cold will seem REALLY cold coming from Arizona!

  6. I like this one–-http://www.apartments.com/North-Carolina/Apex/Colonial-Village-at-Beaver-Creek/846082

  7. We used Apartments.com seven years ago when we were looking for a place to interim before our house was ready. It’s still my dream to live away from here in Monterey, CA. On a quick search of what our family would need the house here would do: http://www.apartments.com/Newspaper-Classified/salinas/246190?searchCriteria=d6sdRj0NIxTm9znDXvKbVEp5mfBdSJ/Qi3fbKL6ttGlKRw5AFlU9wU-|t0vUuPimM23b1N08NG58v8JSUg8tuYoKT9UxgDUR1WwinrcgRsflJCWoxfJiMydhC5O5RdCQbokFVR1cA3ZNszqAfdw-|LgOKYGY/cEq4zh9I7wrEsVTAPsd6lZVRNzm1n50jnW4ydZBGkUPp3cjg/-|NQg7/0I/Wx9tZq0RcUIHxxtClH7pYY=&sid=876b23e7-8a9b-4ca3-9f8c-5c9e8775a7b6&stype=CityStateOrZip&frontdoor=izea&partner=izea&match=2

  8. I really like these: http://www.apartments.com/Florida/Kissimmee/Cane-Island/420469?searchCriteria=KOBjqNuM/8gZiAZMpcAisTZm/tULEijt9r-|JwB04qp1Vqb/Iq5NjC9qvJK4noz0jVP0UKNhfvfYudh/O4soY-|D/KPwbqc9gmc6LiNswGe-|nLleriqaXICM9Bey1pVac0lMQvtyeOAnbMRVYURVgmHDiyqBezbNJXQkuYPiEp7KgL9tQIPx9XdD64qGbh52I0qF8ZfHqzi18=&sid=08d2f4eb-517b-4cef-9be8-567a47440f6e&stype=CityStateOrZip&frontdoor=izea&partner=izea&match=4&isFCL=true#media-photos

  9. Congratulations!! That’s so exciting. It will be an adventure!!

  10. Yea! I was thinking about how match day was coming up already. Congratulations! Are you going to Columbus? (We’re in Ann Arbor for peds residency). We have to do another match later this year for fellowship. I like living in the midwest, we’ll try to stay somewhere around here for fellowship. You’ll get used to the snow, and I’m sure you’ll make friends quickly! Everyone is friendly in the midwest :)

  11. Since we’re wishing, I’ll go with this one!


    Good luck with the move! And the packing!

  12. My husband and I are actually in the process of moving to Atlanta and we love Apartments.com! I’m posting a dream apartment listing.. no way can we afford to live here! Thanks for the opportunity this could buy us some packing supplies!! http://www.apartments.com/Georgia/Atlanta/77-12th/888072?searchCriteria=SDL5yXelFQ3h23NRNBG6v2wJSDgkHkvryCPb4as457Xr5FCBY5imNvaoKZd9X7UrluoVKyf1b4CuMvUKr792/VQlVNgRFXRt3AcauE8aKDPUp1gjzMWK4Q4wY2wt2MeoGjtVxS8JTeBZPFKBQiBTdL7PzC/r860VV813f9huwWtu4IyQD2M7VC50Dz5Zerq4-|4Nqa1nKwOX/8pO5bBQVbA==&sid=2dbb22ba-6ae8-4269-b065-e8c339d5e1c4&stype=CityStateOrZip&frontdoor=izea&partner=izea&match=4

  13. OHIO! you going to be a blessing to that state! you are so cute! so excited for you and your families up coming adventure!

  14. I have lived in OH my entire life- I promise it has its perks! We live between Dayton and Cincinnati now. Best wishes!!

  15. Congratulations on your move Jamie. It depends on which part of Ohio you’re moving to as far as the snow goes. We live just East of Columbus and rarely get enough for the kids to sled ride.

  16. Welcome, in advance! I moved to Ohio about 5 years ago- it’s a great place to raise a family and we have some of the best medical facilities around! And yes, the winters can be tough- but you’ll get used to it! I’ve lived in snowy climates my whole life and I still drive slow in the snow :) Good luck apartment hunting- my husband is a realtor in the Dayton area, so feel free to drop me an e-mail if you want more info! Good luck on your move!

  17. So glad I never had to live in an apartment. I’ve moved all over because of my husbands job.. and I left my whole family, all of my friends, and had no kids or pets to keep me company while my husband was at work or away on week long business trips.. it was no fun. We’ve lived in IL, IA, FL, WY and we were blessed to get lucky enough to move home (WA) finally. I’ve never had to live in an apartment (since i’ve been married) and I’m not quite sure how I would ever make that work now.. but if i absolutely had to move to an apartment it would be these: http://www.apartments.com/Washington/Vancouver/Springfield-Meadows/837450?searchCriteria=HdpRje6DmugkcWWevlmdxneNVwjtlmCBc6fHd2H8uoAi/Be6bHuE/40pISTpZsp0ib5ZAa3MMkyrwXwzfMBBBk-|GpNOv9ZK0mfVLWt9Ilonz6wSn/zxoHSFXGZKT7N2a4rhijt211lPyB4SlhhypqWe1mX76L0b4ECr8FRJG8sXdlpPVtpWLMLZEterZi9qc&sid=b38b08e1-475b-449f-9d3f-d6d177f15078&stype=CityStateOrZip&frontdoor=izea&partner=izea&match=4

    Best of luck with the move.. I hope you guys find a house in time. :)

  18. Welcome to Ohio! We moved away and then came back because we missed it so much! We live in the Columbus area, and I truly think it’s a great place to live and raise a family. Please let me know if you have any questions about the state! I would be glad to help!

    And I really like this apartment…


  19. Where in OH are you going? I’m originally from Perrysburg, which is just south of Toledo. its a great place to grow up. I live in Fla now and really miss is a lot.

    • So glad to hear you enjoyed it there. Thanks for your comment!

      • That’s awesome! I’m so jealous of you. Tons of parks, one of the best school systems in the country…. It was also named Family Circles nest small towns or something like that. You would really love it there, and I would love to read about it on your blog. ;)

      • Oh, and PS…. People from OH are extremely proud, if you couldn’t tell

  20. Put the Hocking Hills in SE Ohio on your “To Do” list. They are in my county (Hocking) and they are AMAZING!!! Lake Erie is also fun. You have big amusement parks on either end of the state here, too! What’s not to love about Ohio!!

  21. Congrats! If you are coming to Cleveland and want to learn about the various neighborhoods I would be happy to chat with you. We live in Cleveland Heights, just east of the city and near the clinic and UH. My husband works downtown and I work out in an eastern suburb. Ohio can be cold, but with the correct winter gear it can be lovely! There is so much to do in Ohio (and Cleveland has a ton of hidden gems!). We live in an almost 100 year old home with a wonderfully walkable neighborhood! I am out walking a ton right now because I am training for the Komen 3day 60 miles breast cancer walk.

  22. So exciting! I live in a suburb of Cleveland! Where are you guys headed to? If it happens to be Cleveland get in touch with me! I have 3 little kids and we can get together!

  23. I was born in Ohio – approx. 20 miles north of Cincinnati. Where are you moving to? I moved to Tennessee 23 years ago but still make it back “home” twice a year. Lots of beautiful early 1900s homes.
    Here is the link to the apartment that I “want” located in Maine!

  24. Best of luck!!! http://m.apartments.com/Ohio/Columbus/The-Charleston/72008/floorplans?SearchCriteria=uyzj7F44jwBia-|Sngf8dwHKIlvtppTLMdTONNBURaSuPBW3694nvHkzO3IsBZpJgBL2O/4gccmGhwp8/p3FbE7dXtC0-|cMJLMuLoyLZf7nHdxq3axFgFoW0d5wfP6VUyCByIIu7VnFOxs6Q1yZqaSJK/-|dW6O0XvYjwB/8gpWO/xYqjLy4XBq9qCVI-|sZaQuCEHlc/PcMS78Fw-|N1LyiJR1Y64pikyxcFuIiBiyut5YcSbg11o1kN8pY/OrZbcAh4IjgX8VWx7PzA-|ivXTKhlLpUVMd82IJsDA96AELqvvowKQgHDoZ6ihFuT7ZPPHzWHTg3XDaGcgvGxvVY-|Zgl/5uT2pwt8V8jWmyU/6j4VKGXRb5bxw1jIExTWB3REECn&pgfrm=searchresultslist

  25. This one looks fun:

  26. Just saw on your FB page that you were asking about movers and realized I must have missed the whole “I’m moving to OH post”! lol When I first got married I relocated a few hours from all of my family and friends and it was such a fun experience for me. Here I am 10+ years later and I’m still loving where I live. :) One thing about being a blogger is that you are never alone. I’m sure you have some amazing readers in OH who are just itching to meet you in real life. Best of luck with everything! :)

  27. Thanks for sharing your own life experience with us .

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