What’s in my bag? +$50 Target giveaway


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Today I have a fun post for you. I always love hearing about my friends favorite products, so today I thought I’d share a few of my favorites that I use on a daily basis. Here’s what’s inside my go-bag. These are my essentials. Some of them I could live without, but I’d prefer not to. ;) And if you took a peak inside my ACTUAL bag you may just find gold fish crumbs and melted fruit snacks… but we’ll pretend that this is what my bags contents look like on a daily basis. Share your favorite go-to items in the comments below and be entered to win a $50 gift card to Target. Woo hoo!

What's in my bag (favorite essentials) + a $50 Target giveaway!


Here is a list of my favorite bag essentials (all found out the beloved Target – AKA my favorite store ever)!

1. Wallet -that’s kind of a duh one, but this turquoise one was just too cute to pass up.

2. Ice breakers gum in arctic grape -seriously try it. I love that gum!

3. Wet ones and hand sanitizer -an absolute must now that my kids are in school. I may be a hand sanitizer natzi. Watch out. ;)

4. EOS lip balm and lotion -my favorite lip balm. I secretly just love the shape and pretty colors it comes in.

5. My iPhone – another obvi one. Who’s excited for the new 6 coming out next week? ME (raising hand)!

6. Snacks -kind bars are my favorite. I like to keep fruit pouches and strips for the kids because they won’t make a mess in my purse like crackers somehow always do.

7. Secret stash of dum-dums – these are for emergency’s and work like a charm when I need to use them.

8. Pens and washi tape – always a good idea to have on hand.

9. Water bottle -another must…especially in the summer.

10. Hair bow and hair tie- for when mine or my daughters hair is getting in the way.

What's in my bag (favorite essentials) + a $50 Target giveaway!

If you’re still in the diaper bag phase make sure to check out Target’s Baby Sale going on through 9/13.


How to enter: Tell me your must have bag essentials in the widget below.
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Easy peasy. Good luck! Now I’m off to do a little shopping at Target…

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44 comments on “What’s in my bag? +$50 Target giveaway”

  1. Love hearing about what people have in their purses. I have a few of the same items!  Thanks for sharing!

  2. My essentials would include lip gloss, tissues,gum – any flavor, snack…being gluten free I have to always have one in case we cannot by somewhere I can eat,  and re list goes on…sunglasses…I love purses and bags so I love to ill tem also.

  3. My essentials would include lip gloss, tissues,gum – any flavor, snack…being gluten free I have to always have one in case we cannot by somewhere I can eat,  and re list goes on…sunglasses…I love purses and bags so I love to ill tem also.

  4. Chapstick and a pen! And sometimes sunscreen. Although I’m usually not carrying a purse when I need either of them.

    Uhh, also, your comments is autofilling with the previous person’s name, email, and website.

  5. I’ve always have a few things in my bag for me and lil girly! Wallet phone keys.. a few hair ties an extra outfit for my daughter diaper and wipes. Hand sanitizer chapstick ecos.  Wallet , phone ,keys of course and a snack or 2. Always have to be prepared! ! I love target its the best place ever!!thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

  6. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. Wallet chap stick lipstick hard candy hand sanitizer bandaid hair clip cell phone gum

  8. Love this page! :)

  9. Thanks for the giveaway! And I love that wallet!!

  10. Lip balm & gloss, wipes & hand sanitizer…for sure!!!

  11. My essentials are: Orbit Sweet Mint gum (so yummy & flavor lasts forever), Hand Sanitizer, Fine Point Sharpie & other pens, Hair elastics and bobby pins, Victoria’s Secret Shiny Kiss Lipgloss, Blistex Medicated and my handy-dandy Pink Classic Swiss Army Knife Keychain. :) (Of course, there is also random coins, coupons, receipts…etc)

  12. Some of my essentials include my nail file and my mini pocket knife that includes a pair of scissors. I am always finding uses for them!

  13. my bag is pretty basic – but must have gum or mints and lots of hair things for me and daughter :)

  14. The contents of my bag are similar but I must have tissue and mints. 

  15. Wallet, phone, lipstick, wipes, always have a ponytail holder for my girls

  16. I love this.  I love pens, wallet, gum, hair ties and lip glosses.

  17. Grape Ice Breakers are my addiction, they are always in my bag too! 

  18. I must have pens, small notebook, mints, aspirin, lip balm, wallet, and asthma inhaler.

  19. My phone and wallet are must haves! Along with some red lipstick! Other than that, my bag is such a catch-all that you can find a ton of stuff I don’t need!

  20. I must have wipes, lipgloss, Purel sanitizer, mints, tissues! 

  21. Sun glasses, tissues, mints, sanitizer,  lipgloss,  pen..hankie. 

  22. My must have in my bag would be my pin pointer for metal detecting.. I don’t live anywhere near a target so this would be a special thingy for me. Thanks for your great posts!

  23. So cute! I love all of those items… And my boys really love the Plum pouches! That wallet <3  <3  <3

  24. A small 3X5 notebook & pen… with an emergency list of phone #s in case my phone dies… some are hard to remember if you do not “dial” them often.

  25. First of all, I must have my Vera Bradley purse & inside I need my Vera Bradley wallet to match my purse! Then I need some Gold Bond Lotion, in a small tube of course, to soften my poor, rough, chapped hands. Oh, & I better not forget a few Bandaids because I seem to know how to hurt myself pretty well. Of course sometime during the day I will need my snack which is usually a Nature Valley Oatmeal Bar. They are so good! I love the maple & brown sugar flavor! Maybe a few mints in the very bottom, and that $50.00 Target Card would top it off just right!! (Hint, hint) :-) 
    Thank You for this opportunity! 

  26. I currently have diapers, wipes, a changing pad, lip gloss and a hair tie! Thanks for the give away! 

  27. First of all I need my Vera Bradley Hand Bag & my Vera Bradley wallet to match. I wish the wallet could be full of money! ;)  Next I need to have some hand lotion, something that smells really good like “Pink Chiffon” from Bath & Body. Of course I have to have some of their hand sanitizer too. I usually need to carry some Bandaids also because I am really good at hurting myself it seems. I can’t go without a snack or two, right? My favorite is a Nature Valley Oatmeal Bar, maple & brown sugar flavor and maybe some Strawberry Mentos. Of course I can’t forget my phone! I would be lost without it! The best thing to add to my bag would be a $50 Target Gift Card! Don’t you think? ;)   Thanks!

  28. Smart phone….I rely on it so much!

  29. Gum and Chapstick!

  30. My go to items are burt’s bees lip balm, arbonne lipstick, rimmel lip liner, wallet, phone, shea butter hand creme & a cleaning cloth for my glasses. :)

  31. i love this web site i really love the target give away

  32. Orbit gum, Blistex Deep Renewal w/spf15, Kleenex purse
    Pack, Goody hair bands

  33. I think you covered it. The only other thing I can think of that I have in my purse, is a couple of notecards so when I’m waiting for kids somewhere, I can write a quick note to someone. Thanks for the fun post!

  34. Nail files, hair ties, lip gloss, lotion, mints or gum, and essential oils! Thanks!

  35. My huge mom bag consists of diapers, wipes, little trucks for my sons, mints, head phones, granola bars, baby food pouches, Eco Chapstick, 5 hour energy bottle and coupons ;-) there’s probably lots more in there but that’s just sad for me to even post, lol! (not a hoarder, I swear)

  36. My must haves are “hanitizer”,  baby wipes, my handmade wallet, phone, green apple Chapstick, and ‘Bear Naked’ energy bars.   

  37. My must haves are hanitizer, wipes, cell phone, reusable water bottle, and wallet.  

  38. I have a little bit of everything in my purse too :) for example: Hair ties, trident gum, hand sanitizer, readers, tissue and of course my phone with my cartwheel app!

  39. I think I need that turquoise hand bag – LOVE!!

  40. My bag essentials include:  iPhone, keys, wallet, lip gloss, hand sani, hair ties, floss. Although I must say, I’m not using a purse most days–my diaper bag has become the new purse! Gotta love twins, I know I do! Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Lovely items, JamielynI love the iphone and the lollipops! It seems that you’re a very sweet person because you love sweet stuffs. Thanks for this post!

  42. I need to have a lip gloss, mints, a pen, wipes, a notebook, my cell phone, hand sanitizer, lotion a hair clip my keys and a wallet of course.

  43. EOS Lipbalm in Passion fruit
    , Chanel chance perfume, St. ives mini hand lotion, Headphones, tablet and some sort of KIND bar for snacks!

  44. Mint Eos lip balm and  the pink eos lotion

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