Who I Am… and a NEW blog series!

So after much thought I’m excited to announce something NEW and excited for I {heart} Nap Time. I’ve decided to start doing a small blog series at the end of each month. I’m really excited about this and have some really cool series in the works! Each series will be 3-5 days and cover some of the topics I had requests for in a recent survey. The #1 repsonse I got was you guys wanting to hear about my blog story. So that will be the series for this month and next month we’ll move into photography.
For this first post I thought I’d share just a little about who I am. Through out the week you can expect to learn more about the topics listed below…
  • My weekly schedule and how I keep balanced
  • When, why and how I started my blog
  • A few blogging secrets
  • How I monetize my blog
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I am born on Leap Year.
I am married to my best friend who totally brings out the best in me. I am the mom who’s always running late, and he’s the dad gathering the kids and their sippy cups, snacks and diapers. True story—I am Lucky!
I am completely in love with my 2 little chubbies. Being a mom is definitely one of the hardest jobs, but it is so much more fun than I had ever imagined. They always know how to brighten my day.
I am not a morning person. I’d sleep in till 10 if my children would let me.
I am a creator.  l love to imagine the possibilities from creating.
I am addicted to chocolate. I can’t live a day without it…my 2 year old wont let me! ;)
I am a texter.  I love having a long chat with my mom or an old friend, but for the little things I like to text.
I  am a baker. I may not be the best one out there, but I love to bake. Mainly so I can eat all the cookies!
I am driven. When I set a goal I work hard and try really hard to achieve that goal.  My parents are great examples of this.
I am Hobby Lobby’s #1 Customer. It’s true, they know me by name.
I am a creative blogger. I love to create and share those ideas with you!
I am a hair stylist. I love being able to make someone feel beautiful again.
I am a girly girl. I love pink, cute shoes, big flowers and lipstick. However most days you can find me in jeans and flip flops with my hair pulled back.
I am a little OCD. If my husband kills a bug with his shoe, I spray it with Lysol.
I am a photographer. Okay not a real one… but I wish I was. I love to capture the little things in life because I know one day my kids won’t be so little.
I am a believer in miracles.
I am a mom and wife first.
I am a dreamer. I love to dream BIG!
I am a Mormon.
I am striving daily to become a more loving wife, to be a more patient mother and to be a better friend.
A few of my favorites things… a new pair of jeans, getting packages in the mail, giggling children, cute shoes, hair spray, modern family, chips and salsa, chocolate, my babies chubby toes. I love planners, my iphone, craft nights and date nights, back rubs, getting my hair done and new dishes.
My not so favorite things… Sea food, laundry/ironing , being disorganized, when my hubs has to work long hours and screaming children.
So there’s me in a nut shell…eh…how about a hershey wrapper? ;)
Come back tomorrow for part TWO of this series! See you then! xo
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Jamielyn Nye

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Creative director and founder of I Heart Naptime. Jamielyn aspires to reach women, get their creative juices flowing, and to genuinely inspire. When she’s not creating, Jamielyn loves to chase her three little monkeys and snuggle up on the couch with her man.

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21 comments on “Who I Am… and a NEW blog series!”

  1. Oh YEA I am so excited for this series :) I’m looking forward to learning more. I’m always finding myself in awe of how you have not one but TWO babies to care for, keep up this amazing blog, do hair, and keep a house going all while your husband is in med school. My husband’s currently in his intern year in peds & I don’t even have any kids & some days it’s just HARD. I wish I could see him more, like couples where they both work “normal” hours. But, we’re powering through, and so are you! I look at you & think if she can do it with two kids, I can do it with none. :-) Thanks for the daily pick-me-up that you don’t even know you’re giving me!

  2. Looking forward to the rest of this series. Really interesting x

  3. Thanks for sharing all that stuff about you Jamielyn! I am excited about this new blog series. It will be fun getting to know you:)

  4. So fun to read these little details of your life! It is wonderful to see a young mom so in love with her family! And I really had to laugh about the Lysol-on-shoe part. :-)

  5. I’m looking forward to this series! Great idea!

  6. I’m looking forward to reading the series!


  7. Love “getting to know” you. Great idea!

  8. Love this post! We have a lot in common!~

  9. I love these sorts of posts!! It is so fun ‘getting to know’ everyone. I am looking forward to the other posts you have planned this week.


  10. Love this! More bloggers need to do “get to know me” posts.

  11. Janette Johanson Reply

    Always enjoy posts like this… you can always feel a connection through blog friends when you find things in common! I’m a tad OCD as well and I’m thrilled to meet another Hobby Lobby junkie! :)

  12. Mallory Nikolaus Reply

    You forgot “I am.. the bomb.com!”

    Love ya girl! Love this series!

  13. Jamielyn,

    If you are addicted to chocolate I want to know if you have tried Doves dark chocolate? It is my favorite!!! Have you ever tried any European chocolates? They make Hershey’s taste like it was scraped out of a mud hole. And I like Hershey’s; it just doesn’t sound like it. I love your blog and read it nearly everyday. Too funny that the people at Hobby Lobby know you by name – when we lived in Cheyenne (we were a military family) I always knew it was time to move when store workers knew my name also. Keep up the good work.


  14. LOVE—thanks for sharing. One of the reasons that I enjoy reading your blog is because of your authenticity. Thanks for ‘keeping it real’ =) and I’m super excited to hear about how you ‘grew’ your blog. I have SUCH the itch….and so many ideas but NO CLUE where to go!

  15. Nice to “meet” you! :)

  16. What a fun series, Jamielyn!

    What a cool birthday! Leap year! How old does that make you? ;)

    I’m excited to see you this weekend! :)

  17. haha I agree. Chocolate wrappers are way better than nutshells. :) I love this idea for your series! I’m excited. And I just want to say you are beautiful and your “chubbies” are so chubby and adorable.

  18. I loved hearing all of these things – most of which I would have guessed about you – just from your blogs! You are a beautiful person I can tell and I am happy you are proud to be a mormon – me too.

  19. Oh, this is why I love your blog so much. I was even telling my Mom last night on our way to Hobby Lobby (lol) that I feel like I have more “blogger” friends than I do “real life friends”. I was telling her how precious this blog is and how you actually emailed me back when I needed help the other day. Just an everyday Mommy&Wife + all those wonderful things above. Keep up your awesomeness…your star is shinning! :D Love, Stepha

  20. What a fun post… I loved getting to know you! :) I especially love the definitive nature of each of your comments. You know who you are and are proud to say it. I love that!

  21. are you my SISTER?! Hahaha, we’d make good friends! Lots in common, except one thing…and you’ll love it because I would always let you have my chocolate, LOL!

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