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Erin here from Strawberry Mommycakes! I’m sharing these fun You’ve Been Boo’d FREE Printables for a fun family activity.

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I love that people have adapted the twelve days of Christmas for Halloween. Even better, you only have to do it twice (great for busy families!) If you don’t know about You’ve Been Boo’d, then I’m excited to be the first one to enlighten you. All you do is print out these printables (twice), cut them out, fill a bag with treats and attach the printables to the bag. You’ll go to two houses, ring the doorbell and leave the treats on the porch anonymously!

You've Been Boo'd Printables on


It’s so fun and a great service activity…I think even teenagers will like this! My one piece of advice is to give wrapped treats. A lot of people have food allergies and since it is anonymous, people might not want to eat something homemade from someone they don’t know. Plus, fun size candies are easier and you can wrap them up in these cute printable wrappers!

You've Been Boo'd Printables on

I made the You’ve been Boo’d card front and back…you’ll just fold it in half and use permanent double sided tape to tape the inside together. I use Scotch Brand and you can find it anywhere…it’s my new favorite crafting supply! Lucky for you, the directions are already on the printables, so that makes things easier for you.

You've Been Boo'd Printables on

I like that this comes with door hanger because a) it’s cute and b) it makes it so much easier for your “target family” to display. Since I try to make everything cohesive, I made these treat covers, too. They work on fun-sized candy bars.

You've Been Boo'd Printables on

DOWNLOAD Your Boo’d Printables

If you like these, head over to my blog for more Halloween Printables. Since it’s my favorite holiday, you have lots to choose from…but my personal favorite is my “I Scream” Cone Wrappers. Enjoy!

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2 comments on “You’ve Been Boo’d FREE Printables”

  1. These printables are so cute! You did an awesome job!


  2. here’s an idea for you to work up in your professional manner: we lived in a neighborhood where i wanted to keep the kids out of the candy but leave the bowl on the cabinet in our vestibule, with both doors open a little. this is what i did that worked well for years and years: i made a sign, about 1/2 a sheet of paper in size, with red marker that said, ‘SCREAM for service!’ with drops of blood dripping from the letters. this was stuck over the doorbell button (and visible because the light was on). then i took one pack of that fuzzy stuff they sell to make outdoor spiderwebs with and pulled it out to make a huge spiderweb that stretched all over our front porch so as to keep the kids about arms length from the door. i also included a huge red glittery spider i got at the craft store, higher than kids could reach. i was able to reach thru the web to hand out candy. our neighborhood sounded wonderful each halloween and the kids weren’t afraid. it was very easy to put up and take down. i just took in the sign and turned off the light when it was too late (or we ran out of candy or other treats). the next day the web came down in about one minute. easy-peasy and FUN!

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