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Hello friends! I hope you are all having a fabulous New Year! As a little thank you to all of my subscribers, I created this free printable family planner for you to help keep your family organized this year. Yay!

I love a new year because it gives me a fresh start. This year one of my main goals is to stay organized. I’m hoping this family planner will help me (and you) do just that. In this planner I have included a cover sheet, 12 month calendar, Contacts, Special dates, Weekly planner, On-going to do list, cleaning list, babysitter checklist and a chore chart. If there’s anything else you’d like to see in the planner let me know in the comments.

Free printable family planner on ...includes free printables and tips to help you get organized this year!



Free printable family planner on ...includes free printables and tips to help you get organized this year!

I added the cover sheet to the front of my binder to help me remember what’s inside. Here’s a peek into the rest of my binder. I love how clean and neat it is… trust me it won’t last long! ;) You can download all of the pages, or each individually. You can also print these in black and white if you don’t have a colored printer.

Free printable family planner on ...includes free printables and tips to help you get organized this year!

Free printable family planner

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Free printable family planner on ...includes free printables and tips to help you get organized this year!

Other items to add to your binder (optional)

I will also be adding these items to my binder in the case of an emergency. A friend at church recommended doing these things below and I think it is a great idea to have everything in one spot so you can reach for your binder in the case of an emergency.

  • Cash -place inside of a sheet protector
  • Documents- copies of birth certificates, social security cards, and other important documents
  • Home inventory- take pictures of your most valuable items in case you need to ever make an insurance claim
  • Computer files -back up your photos and place in a CD to place in your binder.


Free printable family planner on ...includes free printables and tips to help you get organized this year!

Enjoy your free downloads!

Are you ready to get organized this year?

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256 comments on “Free printable family planner”

  1. HI! I am loving your family planner and having trouble trying to download it! Any tips please?

  2. This is awesome! Thanks so much for helping me to get organized this year.

  3. Thanks for a GREAT post! I downloaded the full planner already! My favorite parts are the weekly planner and the to-do list. Love the colors. Thanks so much for helping keep me organized this year!

  4. Fabulous!! Thank you, thank you! Just downloaded everything and am printing away. So perfect and exactly what my little fam needs to stay organized! Blessings!

  5. Thank you! XXOO

  6. Your site is inspriing me.. I need this special boost to get organized and to live my life fully, and stop wasting time….I used tob e a lsit keeper in my vocation but retirement has rjuined me…. dont get me wrong… Ilove it… hahahaha, but I am wasting too much time…. thanks… yhour organizers look great!

  7. I subscribed and confirmed my email but can’t see any way to download.

    • It should have sent you an email with a password and a link. Make sure to check your spam folder as well. Let me know if you still didn’t receive the email! :)

  8. you always share the BEST printables – thanks so much for this!

  9. Where did you get the font you used for the words “family planner?” and “Get organized this year” I’ve been looking for that font everywhere!

  10. oops, I was trying to find the download for the great looking planner I have signed up and comeback went on facebook but where do I get them to download? Thanks just an old gal

    • Hi Judy! Did you subscribe to our monthly newsletter? If you just enter your name and email, it will send you an email with a password and a link and the planner will be available to you! :)

  11. Thanks You. ^^

  12. Love your free printables! I’m putting together my planner for the year and I like your ideas for keeping cash and an inventory list in there as well. Would you mind sharing the font you used? I was thinking of typing up our inventory list and I’d love it to match the rest of the planner.

  13. Love these & the calendars— thank you!

  14. merci …. même si pour le moment je ne suis toujours pas parvenue a télécharger hihhi j’espère y arriver !

  15. Thanks for this, my family really needs this. My mum has been going crazy because we don’t have a planner of things to do at home, it will be very useful!


  16. Can’t figure out how to download the planner. I provided my name and email, went to my email and clicked on the link. It just brings me back to the website. Your instructions said to enter a password. I wasn’t given a password to enter and I didn’t see a place to enter a password anyway. Please help.

  17. I’m already subscribed but didn’t see the link for these. How can I have it sent again? Thanks!

  18. I received my link but no password nor a place to enter it…

    • Hi Mario. You should first receive a confirmation email for subscribing with a link to confirm and then you will receive another email with the password and link with the planner!


  20. Hello, I am also having trouble. I cannot seem to locate the link for the download. I can’t wait to start!

    • Hi Velvet! You have to enter your name and email to subscribe and then a confirmation email will be sent to you for you to accept and it will send you a password and link for the planner! :)

  21. Thank you!

  22. Many thanks for sharing that lovely planner!

  23. I LOVE these, but I’m also having trouble accessing them. I subscribed, but I didn’t get the email with the link. I checked my spam, and it isn’t there either. Thank you so much!

  24. Thank you so much for sharing! I love it! You are so talented!!! I’ve been trying to organize all of our accounts and passwords(airline mileage #s, library, school parent portal, netflix, internet log in, etc.) on one sheet. Do you have anything like that by chance? Thank you in advance!

  25. Do you have a “list of important numbers” sheet by chance?

  26. Hi Jamielyn I liked your family planner idea is there anyway it will be available for other softwares? It wouldn’t let me download it because it’s only for Windows.

    • Hi! It should be available for all softwares, we created it on a Mac and saved it as JPG. Maybe try using a different browser or clearing you cookies. If you are still having trouble, you can send me an email!

  27. So cute! Thank you so much! Can I ask what kind of software you use to make these? There are a few pages I need that I would like to try to create my own.

    • Hi Hannah! We used Photoshop to create this printables! Let us know if there are any printables you want and we can consider making them for our next newsletter. :)

  28. Thank u for all of the free printables!

  29. HI! I have subscribed and I have not received the second email yet? I tried to subscribe again and it said I was already a user….Help please :( PS Its not in my spam either.

  30. Thank you SO much for putting this together! I love it and I’m so very happy I found you when searching for a monthly calendar! One other page idea is one totally dedicated to weekly meal planning including a place to list ingredients needed…I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone to make a meal from my ‘plan’ and realize I’m one ingredient short. Arrrgh! Lol!

    • I am so glad you like it Donna!! It has definitely helped me get organized this year! Haha, that has happened to me several times as well so that was a main reason I added it! :)

  31. I simply loooove your site!!! I can´t wait every night to see what´s new. I would love to download this planner but the mail I got only redirects here, I already sign in again here, could you help me! Thanks in advance!!

  32. Thank you! These are wonderful and I love the colors. Have you considered doing a grocery list in the same style? Sure would love to have that! Maybe one with pre-done commonly purchased items but space to add more in each category?? Thanks again!

  33. Many thanks for these free printables! I also share the “get organized” goal this year (every year, not kidding!). I don’t mean to sound greedy/ungrateful, but is there any chance you would consider creating a 12 month planner printable (that allows you to jot down goals for each month), and a monthly planner printable (to help drill down into what needs to be accomplished each week to meet the monthly goals)? The weekly planner printable is great…I’m just trying to break down my high level goals for the year into monthly, weekly, and daily goals, and I love the layout you’ve created!

  34. Like your idea and I think this is a planner I can actually use and keep up to date. Thank you so very much for your hard work and offering this to us.

  35. I love this! Thanks for the freebie. I’m adding a workout schedule to my binder, a grocery list for monthly shopping and weekly shopping, and a bi weekly meal planning page with recipes attached.

  36. Thank you so much for this! We have a new nanny that just started and I printed out this family binder to help us all stay in sync. You are awesome!

  37. Sorry, but I can’t seem to figure this out. It’s not letting me subscribe via the linked button. :/

    • Hi Kerry! Normally this is how it goes: 1. Enter your name and email. 2. A confirmation email will be sent that you need to confirm. 3. Another email will be sent that has the free printable. If you are still having troubles, go ahead and send me an email at :)

  38. Hope to receive this planner!

  39. Love the planner!!

  40. What a lovely family planner! Thanks so much for sharing.

  41. I have subscribed and joined and never did receive my free printable download and it has been 24 hrs.

    • Hi Dawn! After you subscribed, it should send you a confirmation email, then you need to confirm, and then another email will come with the printables! If you are still having troubles, go ahead and send me an email at and I can try and send you the printables! :)

  42. Mary Ellen Bibeau Reply

    I am looking forward to downloading my set. Thank you

  43. I haven’t received my email and the site says I am already a member when will this show up in my inbox? I have checked my spam folder too any ideas.

  44. COOL! I’ve just printed this sweet-useful planner! Thank you for sharing and I’m waiting for the next nice-concept planner ;)

  45. i want in ;)

  46. I never received an e-mail with a password to download the free printable family planner and would so love to be able to do it. I enjoy all your posts on Pinterest. Could you please add me to your list?

  47. I can’t seem to get it to download. I’ve waited hours. :(
    Can you please help me? It looks so wonderful to use!

  48. i can’t seem to download it. help please

    • Hi Tessa! Did you subscribe and then confirm the email that comes? You should receive an email with the download after you do that! If you are still having troubles, go ahead and send me an email! :)

  49. i have problems downloading them too :( don’t like downloading programs i dont now is there any other way

    • Hi Lourdes! You need to subscribe to my page to get the family planner. It will then send you a confirmation email. Once you have confirmed, it will send you the family planner in an email! It shouldn’t make you download anything weird! :)

  50. I cant seem to download Ive recieved the email to confirm && also an email with the link to this one again to download but I cant find any way to download this

  51. Dear Jamielyn, congrats for this beautiful planner and thanks for your generosity. I’ve subscribed and entered the password, but still have problems in download it. Can you help me, please!

  52. I love this idea!

  53. Heyy (: i love this idea. I’ve subscribed and confirmed but was not sent a password.. Ive tried to re-subscribe but it will not allow me to because I’ve already subscribed.. Could you help me?

  54. I can not download the family planner. I did subscribe and clicked on the email that was sent to my email. Any thought?

  55. I love your family planner….was wondering how to get it to print pages for a filofax binder?

    • Hi Linda! I’m not sure how to get these pages to print for a filofax binder! The only thing I can think of is to change your settings when you print so that it prints at a certain size! Hope that helps!

  56. Hi there! I subscribed but never got an email. Can you help please? Thanks so much!

  57. You made my day .Let’s see…my week or month or even my year :-) Thanks a million! Jamielyn

  58. Love your binder!! What software are they created in? Is there any way to get the binder printables in an editable format so I can fill in blanks on my computer instead of handwritten? I want to laminate and then use dry erase markers on them. Thanks!

  59. I love the family planner. Will you be adding things for 2015 ? Also, did you make this on word or do you have a special program? There is no way I could do this myself. Lol thank you

  60. hi, i’d like to download your family planner.. thank you :*

  61. Hi! I love your family planner I have been looking for something like this for a while now :) but I’m unable to download it I have already signed up and confirmed my email. Any thing I’m doing wrong??

  62. I subscribed, but where is the link to download this? :/

  63. Tonya Robertson Reply

    Being organized is a pet peeve of mine it’s nothing like being organized please continue

  64. Hi, I have subscribed, but not received god confirm link. Pls help

  65. It’s not showing me the download button for the free printables. I would like to print them for next year.

    • Hi Vanessa! This printable is for all of my subscribers! You can subscribe and it will send you an email. Then confirm the email and it will send you another email with the free printable! :)

  66. Hey there! So glad I stumbled upon your site, I have just begun reading through! I have subscribed, but I’m having a problem being able to access this printable. Can you offer any help? Thank you so much!

    • Hi Brittney! After you subscribe it should send you an email that you need to confirm and then it will send you another email with the printable! If you are still having troubles, you can email me and I can try and send it to you! :)

  67. Thank you so much for sharing these printables! They made making our Family Binder so much easier :)

    Here’s my post with the final product if you’d like to take a peek and tell me what you think:


  68. Merci pour ces imprimables, ils sont beaux et pratiques, tout ce qu’il faut pour organiser nos journées facilement et agréablement.

  69. Hi Jamielyn,
    I’m just in love with your printables, but I’m having trouble downloading them even after I’ve subscribed and received the email with the password and link. Somehow I keep getting this page not found message. Could you help me please? 

  70. Hi there!  Absolutely love your site.  I’m having problems with this download.  In my confimation email, I am sent a link with a password, but the link isn’t working?  I’m able to access other printables, just this one doesn’t work?
    Thanks so much for all the inspiring ideas!


  71. Hi, Jamielyn! This planner looks fantastic, and I would love to use it, but when I click on the link in the second email it says that the page can’t be found. Any suggestions???

  72. Hi, Jamielyn! I signed up, got the 2 emails, but when I clicked the link, it said “Page not Found.” Any suggestions?

  73. I signed up and then received the email for the free printables and I clicked the link and it said ‘page not found’?


  74. Trying to access the free pintables with the link and password you emailed. It’s saying that it does not exist. I really want to print the family planner. Please help.

  75. Hello,
    My name is Julia, I´m from Argentina.. I have just found this free printables by pinterest… I already made the suscription but I can´t download these files, can you please help me?
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards,

  76. Love the simplistic and elegant design of family planner! Thank you.

  77. Hello, my english is nog good, but i want to ask for send me please de familyplanner.
    I live in Belgium en i love your blog.

  78. What a cute idea…would love to use it to get more organized!  Thanks! :) 

  79. I’ve subscribed but I don’t know what I have to do to download the planner.. Can you help me, please?

    • Hi Maria! Once you subscribe it should send you a confirmation email, then you need to confirm and it will send you another email with the link of the free printable family planner. :)

  80. How do i print the family planner pages?

    • Hi Kayla! You need to subscribe and it will send you a confirmation email, then click the confirmation link and it will send you an email with the free printable planner! :)

  81. Me gustaría recibir sus archivos, gracias

  82. Hi, i subscribed and got the email, however when i click on the linka dn type the password it wont go to the page. it loads forever and than take me to enter the password page again. can you please help?

  83. Thank you for sharing.

  84. how do I print these wonderful ideas?? I have looked everywhere and I still can’t find it

  85. I love the look of your printables! I too am on a quest to be better organized to be a better wife and mother. When trying to confirm my subscription to your wonderful site, the confirmation email never arrives. If you could give me some assistance, I would be grateful.

  86. Marjorie Campbell Reply

    Hi! I just signed up to receive your monthly newsletters, and I think I accidentally deleted  the subscription e-mail confirmation. Could you please resend that to me? I would love to be able to use some of your family planner pages. Thank you for posting them!


  87. Great info!

  88. Christina Nogales Reply

    How can I print out the family planner?

  89. I subscribed and I can’t print any of the downloads. Is there a trick to printing?

    • Hi Celina! Once you subscribe it should send you a confirmation email. Then you click the link in the email and it will email you another link with the family planner free printable! :)

  90. Hi, I just subscribed and received email with confirmation link. I did not receive any login or password info and am unable to access any of your awesome resources! Can you please help? Thanks

  91. this is the 2014 version correct? I just subscribed and am wanting to get together my 2015 planner, trying to get in the habit of using a planner more this year. Thanks. 

  92. Charlotte Pierrat Reply

    There isn’t the cover photo !!!

  93. I like your 2015 family planner, but I LOVE the pattern on the 2014 family planner.  How do I change the 2014 calendar pages to reflect the 2015 dates?

  94. Love It!!

  95. Beautiful work. I would love a Reading Log that would match the On-going To Do list!

  96. Hallo,
    I cann´t find the download (family planer)
    Could you help me?

  97. I need this organization! Thank you:)

  98. Starting school and work again in a new state tying to get as organized as possible.

  99. These printable downloads will help my girls stay organized I am hoping.

  100. pretty cool planner thanks for sharing 

  101. I love it!

  102. im trying to get organized

  103. Please send me link to print.
    Great idea, love it 

  104. I too am having difficulty downloading after subscribing.

  105. Sorry I guess I’m a bit impatient. Thank you.

  106. Would love the link!

  107. I love your blog! I’m just finding may way to my voice and niche in the blogging community (I literally JUST started) but when I found this I thought. . .how great! I shared your link to the free printables on my facebook page. EVERYONE needs help staying organized and you’ve made it so neat, tidy and EASY to have a hardcopy at their fingertips. Thank you! (I realize it is March already. . .but new years resolutions are like weight loss goals. . .start again on Monday or in this case. . .Thursday!) Thanks again :)

  108. Please want printable family planner

  109. bonnie Lofthouse Reply

    im just looking to get more organized around the home.

  110. can you please send me the link

  111. I tried to download the family planner, said that I was already a member, but I have never received anything so that I could download this free printable.  Looks like others are having the same trouble, are we missing something?

  112. Hi,

    I have been trying to download the family planner printables, and there are no live links. I subscribed and then followed the link from my email, I clicked on the pictures themselves, I tried subscribing a second time, nothing works. What am I missing?

    • Hi Becki! I am sorry you are having trouble downloading the family planner. Normally once someone subscribes, they will receive a confirmation email, then another email with a link to the printables to download. If you are still having difficulty, you can send me an email at I can try and send them to you! :)

  113. My first endeavor with a planner, are you open to questions?

  114. I love it

  115. Jamielyn
    How long does it usually take to receive the download. I think I have bombarded you with my information. Forgive me please!

    Nancy Tucker

  116. Hi Jamielyn, thanks for the awesome website…enjoy all of it…I can’t get the “last years planner” to print…I have subscribed twice I think…it just won’t print.  I think it is a very nice one and I can really make use of it…please let me know what else I can do.  Thank you for offering it and just letting you know I like the recipes too!!! Thanks, Happy Memorial Day….

    • Hi Lin! Once you subscribe it will send you an email with the link to the printables. Then save them to your desktop and print each one separately! Hope that helps! :)

  117. I love your free printables they are so chic. i can’t wait for next years designs :)

  118. Panayotta Roberts Reply

    I have subscribed to the newsletter with no response, nothing in my spam either.

  119. i accidently deleted my email with the  link on it how can i get u to send me another email with the link please

    sarah hall

  120. Thank you so much for the free download~

  121. Antoinette Mittelsteadt Reply

    I couldn’t print the organizer that is on your website.  Can you help me?

    Thank you,

    Antoinette Mittelsteadt

    • Hi Antoinette! Once you subscribe, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Then once you confirm you will receive another email with a link to the free printables! :)

  122. Melissa Hoaglund Reply

    Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas and hard work!

  123. plecy plantilla Reply

    hi! there’s trouble with subscribing. mailing list is not active. can you help me? thank you

  124. I’m in charge of our family reunion and I think the ideas, lessons and inspirations are excellent.

  125. yes i love

  126. Hi I’ve registered but there is no where I can download the family planner.  Could you please send it to me.


  127. I get an e-mail, but when I click on the link just a window opens and I can´t download anything. Could you please tell me how to make it rightor just send it to me?

  128. how do you get the planner

  129. HI! I am loving your family planner and having trouble trying to download it! Any tips please?

  130. Love this site!

  131. Great ideas!!

  132. this is helpful thanks 

  133. i love it! thanks

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  135. Yes..i subscribed, i get email and password ..still not working

  136. I’m loving this site.. Thank you for your hard work! 

  137. I cannot access the family binder! I submitted my subscription info and got a link to a page with 2015 and 2014 binders…

  138. Do you have an updated planner for 2017? Thanks

  139. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and hard work!

    Jilly oxo

  140. excited to get organized

  141. Beautiful work!

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