Road Trip Games + Mom’s Car Kit

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    Road trip games + Mom’s car kit …the ultimate guide to helping you be prepared for your next road trip with kids.

    Going on road trips is one of my favorite things to do. If I could travel somewhere new with my family every month I totally would. Recently we traveled to VA beach to visit my husbands family and had such a blast there. It was about an 11 hour drive, so with 3 young kids I had to come up with lots of road trip games and the ultimate mom car kit.

    Today I am partnering with OFF!® because personal repellents are among the essentials in my car kit. There’s nothing that can ruin a vacation more than being bit by a dozen mosquitoes! Am I right? ;)

    I think the ultimate key to a successful road trip is to be prepared. Here are 3 things we do to try and make sure we are covered.Fun road trip game ideas + 7 FREE printable kids worksheets

    Road trip games

    One of my kids’ favorite things to do on road trips is to make up different games or play some of the classics. Here are a few of my family’s favorites:

    • I spy with my little eye something that is ___ (then you name a color and everyone guesses)
    • The license plate game …basically all you do is have each person participating write down as many different states that they can. Whoever sees the most states wins!
    • 21 questions – guess what a person is thinking in less than 21 questions.
    • The counting game – see how high you can collectively count as a group, one person each taking a turn.
    • The alphabet game- try to go through the whole alphabet by finding letters on signs
    • Battle of the bands- singing your favorite songs and matching the lyrics

    Kids’ Activity Worksheets

    I also love to bring along a binder for each kid with coloring pages and activity worksheets. I have these fun sheets available to you for your next trip! These would even be good to have on hand for the next time your kids tell your they’re bored this summer too. ;)

      • summer word explorer
      • summer sudoku
      • tic tac toe
      • connect the dots
      • hang man
      • reading chart
      • draw & write sheet
      • summer fun list
      • sort the words
      • keen eye



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    FREE PRINTABLE kids' worksheets ...perfect for putting in a binder for road trips!

    Road trip car kit

    One thing I love to keep in the car for road trips is a dedicated “car kit.” I don’t know about you, but when our van is packed, it is packed to the brim. So if someone needs something out of their suit case it’s going to be a process to find it. So recently I have started putting all our essentials and things we might need into this kit that is easily accessible. Here’s a few things we keep inside:

    • Towel or blanket
    • Paper towels
    • Baby wipes
    • Hand sanitizer
    • OFF!® personal repellent
    • Grocery sack or trash bag
    • First aid kit
    • Extra diapers (if traveling with a baby)
    • Flash light
    • Extra water bottles
    • Extra change of clothes


    DIY car kit ...this list will definitely come in hand for our next road trip! I’ve always got my sunscreen and OFF!® personal insect repellent in my kit for whenever we make a spontaneous stop outdoors. I am ALL about protecting my family and myself from mosquito bites. I know it’s sometimes feels like one extra step in our busy lives, but it is totally worth the one extra step it in my opinion. I swear if I don’t apply insect repellent to myself and kids before going on walks we would get eaten alive. There’s nothing I hate worse than being bitten by mosquitoes.

    I still remember visiting Bear Lake as a little girl and not wearing any insect repellent. My mom literally counted 100 mosquito bites and I remember my whole body feeling like it was on fire. My mom told me I must have really sweet blood and I’ve worn OFF!® personal repellent spray ever since! 

    Heading on a road trip? Make sure to create the ultimate car kit with #OffAlwaysOn #ad

    I’d love to hear what tips you have on road trips. What are your favorite road trip games?

    This post was brought to you by OFF!®, a brand I trust. Thanks for supporting the brands that support I Heart Naptime. Check out their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more ideas.

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